7 Days To Die — UI MOD — Simple & Easy — Alpha 16 / A16 ~ UPDATED! 7DTD

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7DTD UI mod that will add: food, water, temperature, & toolbelt numbers onto your UI for easy gameplay.

This mod requires that you modify only one file, keeping it simple and to the point to prevent array errors. Works in single player games as well as server/multiplayer games. Some multiplayer games may not show the mod (it will rather show the default UI).

Download A16:

Download A15 :

Download A14:


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комментария 43

  1. Bad Wolf Plays:

    I wish this still worked.

  2. Vladut Mihai:

    Cum fac rost de hud-ul tau?

  3. Ash:

    works great thanks! still rocking Ver. 14.7, tried updating to 15.1 and encountered serous errors as in the game wont launc. Will try Ver. 15

  4. FluffyPlays22:

    so good so simple 😀

  5. Anubis Silverwolf:

    thank you for such a simple video

  6. Waffen:

    You are a life saver 🙂 thx

  7. Steve Reinhart:

    Nicely done, thank you!

  8. RusoGTR:

    I will try this tonight. Thank you. I’m new to 7DtD and this will be very helpful! 🙂

  9. Peter Kayrooz:

    The file has been deleted from tinyupload.com. Could you please advise how to obtain it Heather.

    • SmartyPantsGamerMom:

      I have new download links in the description. I had to switch to hosting them on Google Drive due to problems with tinyupload.

  10. ChaosTheory337:

    Great work on the mod! Is there any chance you could do a video on how you made it? I’m messing around with the UI and I’m trying to figure out how to change the colors of the stat bars or add a symbol with a percent instead of a bar, just wondering what all can be done and how.

  11. dobman001:

    Thank you!!!

  12. Lukester:


  13. Waterbubble:

    This is awesome. 🙂 But can you make them smaller? 😀
    I can’t see my outside temp, did you take it away?

  14. Prophet SiNNeR:

    Спасибо! Помог!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Steev2:

    How can i get it to not show a default UI on the server

    • SmartyPantsGamerMom:

      That I am not sure about, if anyone else knows I’d love to hear how it can (or cannot) be fixed. When I play 7DTD it’s always a game hosted from my own PC with my husband and this mod has no issues running for either of us. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the «commercially» hosted servers or what, but I’ve noticed as well that this mod doesn’t seem to work with most servers I’ve randomly logged into. 🙁 If I have time I will see if I can ferret out an answer on Google.

  16. Joshua Royalty:

    FYI: the Outside temp display has a typo

    It should be ‘maptemperature’, instead it is ‘mapTemperature’.

  17. damnibroc31:

    Wow thanks. I love how easy this was to do.

  18. Mostly Dice:

    Can’t download, Chrome blocks stating the file is malicious.

    • SmartyPantsGamerMom:

      Here, try this out and see if it works. I moved the file to Google Drive as I suspect the host for the file is likely flagged by chrome: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6OUexahvH-SMXZ4Q2xTSm1tazg At the top right there should be an option to download the file.

    • SmartyPantsGamerMom:

      Just tried it out. Indeed chrome is giving me a warning saying it’s malicious for me as well. Go to chrome settings and uncheck the phishing and malware protection under the privacy section then try again. If you have concerns you can scan the file with your anti-virus software before using it. Leave it to big co-ops to mark a simple file as dangerous…. lol Let me know if you still have problems. I can’t help but wonder if tinyupload.com where I’m hosting the file at has been flagged by google. If that’s the case I likely need to find an alternative way to host the file.

  19. dewald van Tonder:

    thank you so much!!! all the other vids are 30 mints explaining to much and all i want is the ui to stay! so thankfull i would kiss you if i could. thumbs up

    • SmartyPantsGamerMom:

      +dewald van Tonder Glad to help. Just to let you know, I’ve updated the file, it should be working properly with 14.6 now.

  20. Erkusandor:

    Is there an update for 14.6? Doesn’t work anymore 🙁

    • SmartyPantsGamerMom:

      +Erkusandor I agree. I’m very surprised that they’ve «simplified» the UI to the degree it is. I guess the way I see it is if it’s something that needs to be monitored because it can kill you fairly quickly it should be on the UI. I really don’t think the setup I’ve created makes the UI too messy. It’s the essentials without going overboard. I tried UI mods from others and all of them caused errors of some sort because they were modding unnecessary things so I made this one out of pure frustration.

      I myself played for the first time in a while last night with my new video card and am blown away by the graphics of this game that I’ve been missing this whole time! It was incredible fun and worth the wait for me. It is a game that I’ve played regularly since I bought it, so as long as nothing else shits out on me on my PC I will be keeping up with this UI mod and any updates the pimps pimp out. If you notice that there’s a future update that makes this mod cause errors and I’ve not fixed it, feel free to give me a shout.

    • Erkusandor:

      +SmartyPantsGamerMom Great! I didn’t play it without that mod, it’s just no fun when you have to open the inventory every 60 seconds to check if your core temp is rising or falling or if the evironment is chilly or hot… And the hunger and thirst meters are helpful too 😀

    • SmartyPantsGamerMom:

      +Erkusandor Sorry for the delay, long story short, I had to replace my video card and mobo so was unable to work on this. Everything is now updated for 14.6, just re-download the new file in the description.

    • SmartyPantsGamerMom:

      +Erkusandor Thank you for letting me know. I will take a look into it. As of right now I’m unable to play the game since the unity update that came with 14.x (essentially my old video card is well, too old). I have new hardware due to come in the mail hopefully in the next couple days and will be able to play again. I’ll look into it and update this video when it does.

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