7 Days To Die — Starting New In Alpha 16.2! (7 Days To Die Gameplay)

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7 Days To Die Gameplay featuring Starting New In Alpha 16.2!! 7 Days To Die Base building and 7 Days To Die Alpha 16.2 Gameplay!! Also check out my last Video: 7 Days To Die — NEW WOLF ANIMAL —

7 Days To Die — NEW Sleeper Zombies! | 7 Days To Die GAMEPLAY

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The Forest — Building The BIGGEST BASE!! | The Forest GAMEPLAY

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комментария 23

  1. Kye Lambert:

    Stealing jakes ideas ??

  2. JT:

    Ryan don’t scrap hazmat suit cloths u can go into the radiation zone with the whole set on

  3. Richard Budd:

    Ryan if zombie apocalypse hapen i use m9 on my head for real

  4. Drew Dock:

    He’s been watching too much papa jake

  5. Jermaine Knowles:

    It’s fucked up that Ryan doesn’t have wayyy more subs. He is literally so much better than Jake. Actual good content comes from Ryan. Not preschool bullshit like building box forts every day. Ryan actually act his age. Ryan THE BEST

  6. blake mitchell:

    do more gmod sandbox

  7. MyNameWasTakenFS:

    At the start you should always scrap your land claim block. Gives you enough Iron to make a Iron Reinforced Club

  8. Papa Jake Fan:

    What happened to you and Jake ???

  9. xGorexPunkx:

    awesome been awhile since you played last time you played I think it was jake and when I subbed

  10. Gerryl Clark:

    I love 7′ days builds don’t ever stop the GREAT vids! THANKS RYAN!

  11. Quentin Leach:

    Beird strong af

  12. KiRiTO:

    Ryan the next Time you play ArK bé careful. i see some people Say they put other people on prison in the game and i see one vidéo of it

  13. Shari Griffin:

    Whats your x girlfriend Channel

  14. Caleb Breding:

    Stream with optic

  15. Johnathon Russell:

    I don’t not like you I rather watch danTDM!!!

  16. David Haskell:

    This was great! Would love to see more 7 Days to Die. Also just have to see more long dark story mode!

  17. rafael pondevida:

    play more Ryan

  18. The Good Channel:


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