7 Days to Die Spikeless Solo Horde Attack 35 Per Wave

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Here is by far my favorite base design to use against the 7 day horde. This design could be used as a starter base, late game, or anywhere in between. This will absolutely be the design I start with when Alpha 16 is released. The barbed wire is very durable, slows them down, does damage, and takes off legs! This particular system allows me to move around freely and allows me to loot each and every body after the horde is over. I hope this sparks some creativity in your designs, and that maybe you find a use for barbed wire in your design as I have here. Thanks for watching!

Music: Silent Partner
Busy Beat
Jon's on Fire
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You won't find anyone more entertaining on Youtube for 7DTD than this gentlemen. Fun to both watch and listen to while he creates fantastic base designs and of course kicks zombie butt!

Z-Nation FFS —
Excellent base designs. Much like an artist with his creative designs and massive builds!

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  1. Grogin:

    What are the dimensions of this base?

    • Scott Snelling:

      Even numbers work fine — its all just about the central section. Has to be odd if you want a perfectly centered block, but if you expand on the center, there’s plenty of potential ideas to work with as well.

      I do like how well this design lets you space out the corpses — providing better loot potential in the morning without using a pillar or quarter-block design to let you safely loot from behind a wall.

    • Grand Spartan:

      I am pretty sure it was 41 x 41. You could go any size and it would work just fine, as long as you keep it an odd number.

  2. Indica Baby:

    I love this design, I am just getting into playing and I have no idea how to get the barbed wire flat/horizontal? I see other items like railings also being used. What am I missing please?

    • Indica Baby:

      Thank you so much! that is what I needed to know, I love your vids too!

    • Grand Spartan:

      If you are playing on Alpha 16 pc, you simple hold down «R» while holding the barbed wire. It will bring up a menu. You select advanced for the advanced placement feature, then left click to cycle through the different options.

  3. Cody Hoel:

    Wow, your channel really grew since the last time I watched one of your videos, congrats

  4. TheKramer:

    Very nice montage as always! Just saw the let’s play but watch the video with nice cool music!
    Almost 12k subs! on the way to 50k! 🙂

  5. Melissa Marshall:

    I recommend sinking log spikes below the barbed wire. The damage that combo does is insanely good.
    Too bad barbed wire is no longer super durable in a16 experimental. Breaks way too easy now.

    • Grand Spartan:

      I tried it out on the last build of Alpha 16 for one of my streams, and did not notice much of a difference in the durability. It still worked like a charm. I used only a one wide for resource reasons, just to test it out on a horde. It appeared to work just as well or better than it did on A15.

  6. Cody Hoel:

    I’m just glad you used some actually good music during the horde instead o the type of stuff everyone else uses. That’s a really good base design.

  7. GanksThor:

    i wish they would add a LMG

  8. Drednok:

    Awesome video man, I will definitely try this when Alpha 16 arrives.

  9. Shadow Hound:

    how deep do the pits have to fall to kill the zombies?

    • Grand Spartan:

      Some zombies will take a massive fall such as cops, ferals, soldiers, etc. The normal zombie will die around 35 or so. If you are interested in getting the experience for the kills, then I wouldn’t go any more than around 35. Remember also, if the pit is too deep, the zombies may not want to fall into it.

  10. Krazy Roderick:

    I’ve been streaming on twitch lately, and what I’m doing so far is converting the gas station to a defense build.

    So the second block high I’m taking out the brick and adding iron bars. Then upgrading everything to cement. It’s pretty solid so far, but I might have to borrow this base build for horde night!

  11. Gus Look:

    Great video. I saw this base design awhile back on one of your vids. Barbed wire is really good stuff. I think a simple barbed wire mini base is ideal for the first couple hordes. It’s light on resources an takes very lil time to throw a base together. When I start a game I just want to loot an explore the map. Seems more efficient to hold off on a proper base till you got a good auger an pickaxes for mining.

  12. Joe Sena:

    hey GS, great vids man keep it up. really like this design, much more fun than the spike pit base method. i actually did a replica of this on my world but in the center i have a 9×21 block above ground pillar setup with the barbwire defense surrounding it. did some iron bars on top similar to your snowbase that covers the barbwire defense. worked well on horde night. anyways, once again great base, you never dissapoint

  13. samir9152:

    what is the soundtracks name? how do you find such stuff?

  14. Carl Johan Rydberg:

    Interesting design, but I’m wondering if isolated platforms within jumping distance might not be better than concentric layers.

    • Grand Spartan:

      I used something similar to what you are talking about on our server. Some of the rows are isolated from the others. It works well, but remember, zombies will not take the corners as you do. They will almost always cut across the shorted distance to get to you. You may be jumping around and making more work for yourself than you need to.

  15. Rob Montes:

    Thats a great design, i like it so much i’m going to try this out on our multiplayer server.

  16. Scott Sherman:

    I just set up a base like this on my server. Looking forward to seeing if I have the jump and move skills you do. Thank you so much for doing the lets play. I have watched from day one and your videos are the first I look for and watch. Keep up the awesome and inspiring work.

  17. Mike Schmidt:

    I just subed, cuz you just gave me an idea from your design. And yeah its a good idea what ya have there. Now my idea is 2 outside rings with spikes and the 2nd with barbed wire. Well dont know yet what im gonna put in the first ring.

  18. Youtoobing101:


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