7 Days to Die Small Free Fall Bunker Day 714 Horde

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Here is a 3×3 free fall pit that we try against the horde. Everything went well, though I did notice more zombies just standing around the edge, as we are at +1 elevation on surface level. Our other bunkers are setting at around -20 or so on the surface. I found that the higher you start out with surface level, the less chances zombies have of falling into the pit. May give you something to think about when creating a horde bunker in your game.
Please check out these amazing gamer's who play 7 Days to Die as well!
Games4Kickz —
You won't find anyone more entertaining on Youtube for 7DTD than this gentlemen. Fun to both watch and listen to while he creates fantastic base designs!
Z-Nation FFS —
Excellent base designs. Much like an artist with his creative designs and massive builds!

Check out this link to see a list of all of the members of the Twitch stream group that I am a member of.

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Blue Sizzle — Madness Paranoia by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( )

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комментариев 60

  1. Rasmus ilsø:

    is this a minecraft texturepack?

  2. Otto Buck:

    did you land on a hay bail ?

    • Grand Spartan:

      No problem man. Glad to help.

    • Otto Buck:

      Just watched a video on it I see what you are talking about now thanks for the help brother

    • Otto Buck:

      Are you saying that there is an elevator in the game or something that you just call an elevator

    • Grand Spartan:

      The elevator system has been around since alpha 10. I am on PC, so I can say for sure, but I am almost positive that it will work on console just as it does on PC. It is a simple setup using frames and wooden hatches. It can be built in a very short time with few resources. I will look back at my let’s play sometime and try to find where I started building it. You could have it done in one sitting and it is by far the fastest way to reach the surface from bedrock.

    • Otto Buck:

      I don’t think I have the elevator system I’m playing on the ps4

  3. SlapNDash:

    Pro tip, watch this at 1.25 speed

  4. Sora No Kiseki:

    how many block drop is it from the top to the spikes?

    • Grand Spartan:

      I think it was around 50 blocks. Before trying this build, take a look at some of my other free fall designs in the base design playlist. There are many other better options than this build.

  5. BagelBoyyy:

    Legit dont even play this game but i loved the video anyway

  6. Mandpon3:

    roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The game is called «7 days to die»
    But you survived 714 days

  7. aneom GR:

    What is this texture pack called? Cant find it anywhere on planetminecraft

  8. Roxanne Danielsen:

    So having only seen 7 Days to Die videos and never played it myself, these base videos really remind me of the early days of Minecraft (2010-2011) where you could spend hours watching minecraft house showcases. Really nostalgic 🙂

  9. fUll 951:

    I love creative ways of resource gathering/farming. I don’t know why but when ever players can beat the system I love it.

  10. Space Chowder:

    This game is disgusting on console but good on PC.

  11. Skiidzman:

    Yo Grand, when they fall and are immobilized and you whack them do you get exp as if its a kill?

  12. Regalya:

    This look alot like my base design only exception i dig 20 blocks deep and use electrical wires to finish off legless zombies nice design i love it.
    Since it’s 20 block deep zombies have no problem with falling down infact i put cross hair shaped centered flag poles to lessen drop ratio 🙂
    Yes they wont die off fall damage but too easy would make it boring eventually little action is a must.

  13. Lawrence Oteyza:

    This game kinda seems like a zombie survival less pixelated version of minecraft

  14. Bassment Entertainment:

    i dug a deep hole under my beautiful house once. and i guess you need support for it to work. cos my whole house fell into that hole.. lmao true story. only thing left was my little moped.. i rode away with tears as 50 zombies followed shortly behind.. in search of my new home… 🙁

  15. ns sc:

    Efficient, but boring. I understand having to use this base design if you were a solo player, but it removes the difficulty from the game. What should be a desperate struggle for survival becomes nothing more than cleanup duty. There’s no real risk to your base, no need to try new designs or defenses.

    • Grand Spartan:

      You should take a look at my base designs playlist. I cover a wide variety of base defense designs. My goal is to help others who do not know how to survive, create efficient ways to take on the horde every 7 days, without spending all their resources having to repair a broken base. This design however, is no longer valid on Alpha 16. This was an older Alpha 15 design. The zombies would tear this apart in minutes on the new Alpha.

  16. OsamaBinLooney:

    ahh alpha 15…back when zombies actually dropped decent loot…

  17. Boomstick Chronicles:

    I have to say that I really enjoy your base build videos. I just built one similar to this one (learned from you lol). Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

    • Grand Spartan:

      Thanks! Glad to hear that the channel has helped you! Make sure and check out more updated base designs on the base design playlist!

  18. Shaden0040:

    If you put cooking fires at the top of the pit shaft one on each corner, that would summon more screamers and thus even more zombies to fall into your pit trap?

  19. Feequs:


  20. Bullet Pregana:

    Do you also play on the PS4

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