7 Days to Die | Powerful Poles | Let’s Play 7 Days to Die Gameplay Alpha 16 | S16.Exp-03E11

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Welcome to the 7 Days to Die Gameplay / Let's Play Alpha 16 Experimental Series.

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Seed — thequeenfarts

High spawn
War Diff
60min days
18 hours night
Blood Moon -32
Everything else default

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• This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.

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7 Days to Die Gameplay Features:

This update has some big framework changes so starting a new game is a must. Please don’t try to salvage your old saved game. And for those of you that experience any problems please use your steam client to delete local files and reinstall the game. Also wiping your player profile data might be helpful.
7 Days to Die Key Game Features:

• Random World Generation — Play Navezgane or roll the dice and dive back into the game with friends in a randomized world with huge cities, towns, rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, roads and wilderness locations.
• Upgradable Fort Building — Player built structures are assembled from framework which can be upgraded supporting wood, scrap metal and cobblestone upgrade paths. Hammer away just like real building and use Land Claim blocks to protect your fort in PvP.
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7 Days to Die forums►
Madmoles Console explanation video►
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комментария 44

  1. DWargs:

    Wow, Kage. You killed yourself on your own trap? That’s really shocking.

  2. DYNAMITE 720:

    kage848 use upside down spike also place barbwire on top of them

  3. MAXimus LAWLESSnessTM:

    I have to say — the game feels kind of busted at the moment…. all the rewards of late game such as stamina and harvesting you don’t need by the time you get them in the game — all the grinding comes up-front… I wonder how the balance will be addressed :

  4. yurimodin:

    Kage…baked potatos are waaay better than cornbread because you dont loose hydration AND you dont loose glass jars like you do when you make cornbread.

    • Blitz Creeper:

      MAXimus LAWLESSnessTM I can’t say you’re wrong but I usually don’t explicitly pick a lot of goldenrod so I never find myself dehydrating myself intentionally to drink and gain wellness. It’s just me though, I know almost everyone relies on goldenrod for wellness to some extent.

    • MAXimus LAWLESSnessTM:

      I’m a fan of grilled meat as it lowers hydration, so you can stuff loads of goldenrod tea in, hence upping the wellness — early game. 🙂

    • MAXimus LAWLESSnessTM:

      Agreed — spuds are for stew 😉

    • Blitz Creeper:

      MAXimus LAWLESSnessTM Cornbread doesn’t lose hydration and they give wellness, as well as the same amount of fullness. Potatoes should be used in stew or as emergency food.

  5. Carl Johan Rydberg:

    Integrate the water tower in your castle and use it to store water.

  6. Josiah de Brueys:


  7. Alex Hill:

    *slow clap* «well done Kage» all the viewers say in as one when he kills himself on he own trap.

  8. Ian S:

    Well, at the very least you now know you have a solid design for a Futurama-style suicide booth. >.<

  9. NordicEagleVids:

    Lvl 40 on day 14 is High? I’m level 45 on day 8 :/ never Done any form of excessive grinding or XP farming.

    • RaykanGhostFTW:

      yeah that basically confirms it, The Fun Pimps have a new algorithm for leveling and it’s doing something completely different, or is it? I noticed you need a lot more points than before, so maybe they wanted us to level up faster, and all of this is just one or two bugs or even just a balancing question.

    • nielson328:

      RaykanGhostFTW I have never once used a hoe for grass and I too leveled like mad. I hope they really cut back the mining experience. This game forces you to do some building and it alone can take you to mid late game without ever going looting or just killing zeds. I’m a big fan of the semi-nomad? and the digging exp seems too huge for me. Can’t imagine building a big base.!I’d be topped out buy 21 and that is no fun

    • RaykanGhostFTW:

      there’s actually a bug on the game, I noticed something: The glitch I found was using the hoe and left clicking grass it would wield 2k grass and a third of the lvl experience, the same thing with steel picks and axes on destroyed buildings, they were wielding 500 iron frags and wood per block (WTF?!) and I efficiently became lvl 120 in my 5th day… fking bananas… BTW the glitch i found is the glitch kage found, i just noticed it wasn’t only the hoe+grass combo

    • NordicEagleVids:

      I had concrete and steel on day 6, feels like There is something wrong with the leveling system (or Maybe just a bug)

  10. Hillwood Lam:

    wtf I literally was obsessed with this game 3 years ago. it’s still in alpha??

  11. Ian Crinean:

    Kage, have you discovered the mass plant fiber harvest bug they have? Try a garden hoe on plant fiber….

  12. Jesse Fraser:

    Once you reach radiated cops, they’ll blow through your poles or pillars in seconds. Radiated cops have a larger explosion power then regular cops-they’ll rip through concrete in one blast.

  13. keltorake:

    if u need sand you could always mine all those hills of rubble that are near your base, it would clear up some line of sight around your base and give you what u need aka stone and sand.

  14. Mats Nylund:

    why do only ur vids go for about 3-5 min then it starts to buffer and i have to klick 1sec foward and then again 3-5 min run?? it only happens to ur vids it´s strange, BUFFER 4 DAYS guys!!!

  15. Gary Hunnel:

    Nice episode …I learned a lot

  16. Creycrey cBuzz:

    I love how you say «let’s call it a video». Pretty sure it’s already called that ;P.

  17. Caleb Juett:

    Kage. Keep crafting the steel pickaxes and use the workbench to combine

  18. dirtroad tragedy:

    i feel like we should be able to choose between farming, hunting, or scavenging for food but the only option i seem to have is farming.

  19. Speedworx:

    I like your pole defence. Very funny you turned the fence on and ran into it

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