7 Days to Die Let’s Play Alpha 16 Episode 1

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Today we begin a new journey on 7 Days to Die in Alpha 16. With all new traps, blocks, and zombies, this alpha proves to be bigger, better, and more exciting than any before it. I look forward to sharing my adventures throughout this new world the Fun Pimps have provided us, and creating all new horde grinding bunkers! Thank you for taking time to check out the Grand Spartan's Alpha 16 play through!

Please check out these amazing gamer's who play 7 Days to Die as well!

Check out this link to see a list of all of the members on the Twitch stream group that I am a member of.

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комментария 33

  1. Josh W:

    I am really enjoying your commentary and play style! Thank you.

  2. ph0enix:

    I just came across your channel as I heard that there was a new alpha in 7DTD. Top class channel, subbed man!

  3. badgermost:

    Spartan I do like the way your made your last season, Play, record, post.Uncut. No screaming, no yelling, just a fellow old time gamer playing and having fun.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for you dedication,

    • Chase Sykes:

      badgermost completely agree man, I’m so glad finding GS a year ago, honestly the best 7dtd YouTube around, I get so sick of youtubers thinking «oh if I yell, scream and, swear I’ll get more views, when in actuality they unfortunately do because only little kids think is ‘funny’ apparently. That’s why we love you GS! Uncut (or sped up mining ;p) no yelling nonsense, no unessential swearing (not that I mind swearing its just I feel like some youtubers do it waaaaay to much ya know?) And quality content. Loving the series so far man, and all the past series so please keep up the fantastic work man!

    • Windsailor:

      +badgermost +1 cc: +Grand Spartan

  4. Craig A. Schotch II:

    So will this MP server seed be different from a Single Player seed map? if not can you tell us what the seed name is?

  5. TGamez _:

    Nice first episode! ??

  6. Bryan Kinsey:

    Love the style, just stumbled across your channel. Instant subscription!

  7. Adeeve:

    I’ve recently been getting back into 7Days and have been looking for a good Let’sPlay channel to watch…and now I have 🙂 I really like your play style and commentary..you’ve got a really nice voice and accent which state are you from? You’ve got a new sub.

  8. Snyper Gaming:

    I found the exact same building you did and I’m doing more or less the exact same thing with it. The difference is that a few walls are broken so I’m going to have to repair them. I may also get rid of the stairs on the first floor completely and place spikes on it and make it a jump puzzle of some sort to keep zeds out.

  9. voleN:

    Really enjoying your Content man. Your voice is a mix of Bob Ross and something else, and it’s relaxing. Thanks for the entertainment good sir.

  10. Rads:

    I absolutely adore the fact that you hardly cut anything out.

  11. Fish Dip:

    Hey what is the seed name and x-y-z of the town you found?

  12. Chase Sykes:

    +Grand Spartan, I’m curious if you’ve ever thought about doing a modded series play through? I’d highly suggest if you do to try out the starvation mod, it adds in sooo many amazing new things, drivable cars, new workbenches, science stations, new biomes like surrounding lakes you need too look out for alligators but there’s bamboo and sugar cane to harvest along with a very well coded fishing skill! Anothing thing is the new types of locations, my favorite of them is the nuclear power plant which you have to search through to find special radioactive items (you need a radiation suit to pick them up) and reactivate the plant which produces power for a long long time! However its currently only of build 15 still, but the creator us working on the updates and will make all his powered items and benches, traps ect. Work together with the new A16 power system! There’s also adding in a location mod known as the compo pack which literally adds in around 700+ new building types and locations, I found a crashed 747 airliner in the woods once which was very cool. The compo pack is usually included with most big overhaul mods like starvation mod. But lastly one of my old favorites (till I played with starvation mod lol) is the experimental recipes mod which adds in 1000s of new items, recipes, blocks, ect. Its not nearly as advanced as the starvation mod but I highly recommend it! Well I hope this comment shows you how cool some of the overhaul mods are, I highly suggest watching videos or checking the mods out from there post on the official 7dtd forums, my post doesn’t do the mods enough justice hah and to be honest it increases the end game a ton. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Chase Sykes:

      Grand Spartan thanks for the reply!, Itotally understand about wanting to explore all of A16, I just hit level 98 myself and am enjoying every second even without mods haha. But yes once you’re tuckered out on A16 I’m sure the true survival mod will have been completely updated for A16 anyways. One awesome thing I’ve found in A16 vanilla is a skyscraper called the «dishong tower» and it is massive! Its around 15 stories I think but its a maze of collapsed walls and hidden ways to climb up to the next story like going through the elevator shaft, and climbing onto the outer ledge of the building, its seriously the most fun I’ve had exploring a building in this game, be careful though! The new A16 prefabs use the new collapsing floor traps in a few rooms so always stay on alert. A similar building in A16 is the new 6 story crack-a-book head-quarters which is maze like as well but oh man is it sooo worth it! 100s of leather office chairs and couches and over 100 axeable crates on the shipping and printing floors which has both book store crates and working stiff crates! You’re definitely going to want to find these buildings, they would make for a fantastic, suspense filled episode no doubt! Again thanks for the reply, I’m sure is hard to keep track of all your comments hah but if I come across any more awesome buildings or hidden areas in buildings I’ll be sure to let you know! One last thing, if you want to keep the vanilla experience but want more towns, and new buildings and amazing terrain generation I highly suggest using the Compo Pack mod, the buildings it adds in are very cool and it doesn’t change any of the game except for the tarrain generation to include the new buildings :). Anyways keep up the great work man, I’m about to start up your latest episode lol

    • Grand Spartan:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I am a member of a stream team on Twitch. A few of those members use starvation and other mods, so I am familiar with most of them. I highly enjoy all the new features of A 16 without any mods. I may look into them once I have fully explored A 16. I am yet to reach the peak of game stages, even on multiplayer, to see what type of base is truly efficient against the toughest hordes. I may try out a mod once I am satisfied with my progress here on A 16.

    • Chase Sykes:

      Wow I made a HUGE mistake! I ment to say «True Survival mod» INSTEAD of saying «starvation mod»! Whoops my apologies!

  13. rudisai10:

    Just found your chanel from Z-Nation and see you episode 1 and WTH with you … you got nice item from start T_T

  14. Sardonicus Art-Cynique:

    I always admired your builds, Grand Spartan. Turns out your more recent vids showing how you play the game are quite entertaining too. Your commercials are hilarious!
    As others also suggested, you should try out the machete to carve up the wild life, for better yield I believe.

  15. stephane bechard:

    i have read somewhere that mining helmet attract a lot zombi now in alpha 16

  16. Spokah D.:

    sweet find with that machete GS

  17. Zach Prochaska:

    I kinda don’t like the new skill system. The visuals look great especially with the new POIs and distant POIs, and the electricity is really cool, but the new perk system isn’t as good as it was in A15. Crafting tools/ weapons to learn how to make better ones made sense.

    • Zach Prochaska:

      Yeah, but it gave you something to do at night and it is now more heavily reliant on killing zombies(which they reduced xp for). For some reason I haven’t encountered as many as I did in A15(even tho they said there should be more in the world). They shifted the focus to killing zombies, which I enjoyed, but I like the building aspect more. Spam crafting is better than just sitting around waiting for the night to end. Its not like you can go outside at night in the earlier days in game if you want to stay alive. Its possible but not smart. Especially on the higher difficulties. The game was challenging enough in the early to mid game, but not so much that it made it grindy. There was always a threat and necessity to be smart and careful. Now it is seriously grindy with the big hit to resources and having to level up by killing zombies to gain perks. I think you did get alot of wood and the boulders certainly needed to be reduced a little, but I think they reduced it way too much in A16. Finally, with regards to saving your resources. You could manage in the spam crafting with resource getting and smart planning and division of resources. I never felt like my building a strong base suffered do to crafting up to get better tools, because I was smart about how managed the two. Anyway Im still gonna play the game and manage with it. I just feel worried about the direction, because it seems like the FP just want to make the early game more difficult when it didn’t need to be more difficult. YES some people found exploits, but you don’t need to regut your skill system(I LOVE some of the new perks Bad mechanic, electricy ect. its just what they did to tool/weapon smithing) and nerf to high heaven gathering to fix those exploits. And in the end you should let people play the game they want to play it. Those are always the best games to have fun in. Sorry for the paragraph

    • Grand Spartan:

      I think the new perk system is much improved from the last. I was never a fan of having to stand around wasting precious time and resources to create thousands of tools/weapons to increase skill. That never made sense to me. It is much better to have the tool and weapon skills based off of your player level. It balances things out much better. It was silly that you could have a 600 items in the first week of the game just by spam crafting and combining them.

  18. Slime of Death:

    Well Done Sir Looking Forward to this

  19. Drazzy:

    Oh wow I just stumbled upon your videos I have to say I’m enjoying your play style, and dude you have a wicked voice I’m enjoying watching you.

  20. nativexhunter:

    Do you set your «game world» to navegane or random gen?

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