7 Days To Die Let’s Play Alpha 15 Part 1

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Today we begin with the first part in what I hope to be an enjoyable series. I will be releasing a new video each day until I feel satisfied with the content covered. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I have enjoyed documenting how I approach 7 Days to Die!

Please check out these amazing gamer's who play 7 Days to Die as well!
Games4Kickz —
You won't find anyone more entertaining on Youtube for 7DTD than this gentlemen. Fun to both watch and listen to while he creates fantastic base designs!
Z-Nation FFS —
Excellent base designs. Much like an artist with his creative designs and massive builds!
Check out this link to see a list of all of the members on the Twitch stream group that I am a member of.

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комментариев 29

  1. Alexthehuman2:

    Dude it frustrates me to even see you landing hits on a running deer/pig, any hints on how to hit them properly with bows?

    • Alexthehuman2:

      I sneak all the time, and yet those animals just eat arrows for breakfast. When I was about to take down one, they ran so far away that I can’t aim for them anymore. You said you were bad at aiming, then there’s me who just point blank like you do and miss about 5 arrows.

    • Grand Spartan:

      Crouching is an easy way to put the dot on them. You also get a bonus for sneak damage if they haven’t seen you yet.

  2. Hank Abhominal:

    i came over from Games4kicks channel he was telling me you are his fav &dtd content maker….. must say he was RIGHT!!!!!

    • DavePopp1:

      Same here. G4K is awesome. I always kick his like button in the balls. Skippy0330 is another great 7DtD content creator. I’m new to this channel but like it so far.

  3. Nommy:

    35:38 I guess you don’t like sleeping alone huh? Even so, that was kind of creepy mate 😀

    This series looks very promising, I hope you continue it. Also you earned my respect for mentioning those other 7D2D players. It’s always nice when people do that. Shows they have a genuine interest in entertaining people and better values than just personal fame and fortune. Good luck!

  4. Mateusz Różnowski:

    You’ve got a Screamer on your Day 1 and I was trying to hunt down a bear (I’ve made a bunch of arrows thanks to plenty of bird nests in the desert)… After the first hit I knew I’m fighting for my life and that I’m not getting any raw meat. When the bear had turned itself my way, I have realised it’s snout is covered in blood and that the bear has a dark, decomposing fur. I’ve made it alive, but I was fighting that zombie bear for good 10-15 minutes. Things like that happen in the game. They can be really terrifying.

  5. Zach Prochaska:

    I like to spend the first three or four days looting and then the final three days prepping my base and upgrading it for the coming horde

  6. Tai:

    im so confused how did you find the hub city

  7. Zach Prochaska:

    lol y two dislikes

  8. BlueMist HD:

    Kind of ironic that he is still going to 115 and he talked about only doing it to day 21

  9. acurisur:

    Carrying spikes to counter dogs? Great tip thanks for that

  10. theoncehermitking:

    @ 3:17 what did he say…. x _ X

  11. Maccdynasty TM:

    You know it’s a great video when u got no dislikes

  12. Hanz Berger:

    What kind of headset did you get?

  13. 24magiccarrot:

    At night instead of putting the spikes down you would have been better to remove the stairs and use a ladder with a rung missing at the bottom of it. That way you the zombies can’t get you and you’ll save your wood.

  14. Z-lover:

    woow, that finding the mining helmet ))

  15. Dylankobe24:

    I was literally about to comment and ask if you were going to do a lets play of 7D2D. Sweet!

  16. sessy33:


  17. Dorothee Schneider:

    Hey Mr. Grand Spartan, nice first part 😉 .. the screamer was` nt so nice ^^ hope you survived 😉 Thx !

  18. Koala Man:

    Great video. Alright, alright, alright…..
    Matthew McConnaughey plays 7 Days to Die

  19. Hido Kanashima:

    Kills a buttload of Z’s, leaves their corpses littering the streets. Questions arrival of screamer. Heat map knowledge slightly skewed, possibly? Lol. If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t leaving remains attract those bitches?

    • Henrik Gyllkrans:

      Yeah, it’s hard to say exactly sometimes, especially since things might change between alphas.

    • Hido Kanashima:

      Possibly? I could be wrong. Hell I probably am! Lol. I was more or less questioning myself and my knowledge with that post, anyway.

    • Henrik Gyllkrans:

      Hido Kanashima If that is the case, they’ve modified the mechanics. Gaming step by step did videos on A14 regarding the heat map and at that point only animal carcasses increased the heat map. Now there was at least a stag left behind close by, and maybe that pig from earlier if it bled out, maybe that was enough?

  20. Z-lover:

    Your voice is so peaceful.

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