7 Days to Die How to — Starter Base Speed Build + Horde Attack Preview Alpha 14

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Here is the starter base previewed in the last video being constructed in 2x speed. The first part of the video shows what needs to be done to make this work for the 21 day horde and beyond. Check out the last part of the video to see the 322 day horde attack!
You can slow this video down to 0.25 speed by clicking the gear on the bottom right. Thanks for watching!
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комментария 34

  1. Justin Bourree:

    Does this base still work? Do the zombies still fall into the pit instead of going through the trapdoor?

    • Justin Bourree:

      I’m starting up with 2 friends in like an hour or two, could you mabye link me a design we can start with? Something we can build in 5 days with stone tools before the blood moon (which is set to 5 days).

    • Grand Spartan:

      The basic idea of the base should still work. Even on A 16 I have not had one zombie try to break a hatch. Remember though, this video is all the way back from Alpha 14. A lot has changed since then. If you are playing on PC Alpha 16, I would not recommend this base. There are a ton of other designs in my Grand Spartan Base Design Playlist to check out instead.

  2. CRAZYD3MON96:

    Are you an engineer ? you build these places like you know what you’re doing

  3. Nathan Davis:

    So zombies take fall damage as long as they don’t land on a corpse or hay bale

  4. bradley michels:

    im gonn try iti wont a underhround base with a beach

  5. World of Tanks Replays PS4:

    Nice base. I love it. Thank you!

  6. KingdomCody:

    When I last played this (my first time) I got swarmed my first night and I couldn’t get anything built, how would a newbie like me get started?

  7. David Jeffrey Spetch:

    Hey man, good job on the strategic videos. Being heavy within politics etc. globally, it’s nice to find an escape in a good game every now and then. This game has got allot of decent stuff but I am finding that it frustrates the @#$%^ out of me sometimes. I have a 4 additional story base next to a town above a working stiff shoe store. I got back one night in pitch black and somehow the cooking pot was in my tool belt while I was facing a wall in pitch black and the pot showed green as if it was ok to place. So I though right on you can place cooking pots etc. on walls so I gave it a shot only to hear it come crashing to the floor and when I lit a torch so see what happened, it fell and crushed the chest under it and I lost all of my ammunition, and primo bike parts like a 550 engine etc. It all just disappeared into a lump of two crossed little I beams. I sucked it up and went out to find more parts. I was finally able to build a bike so I placed it out the back by the river thinking that the steering would be the same as walking and running so I started the bike and smashed through my spike wall because the mouse as you are aware (I wasn’t) doesn’t steer the bike. So I woke up in one of my new forts way up north had to run all the way back got on the bike winding up in the river. I wound up taking all the parts off of the chasy and used them for a second chassy. Now that I got the bike up and running I find that it sure gets you around quicker as well it sure can land you in a heap of trouble with one false move as well. I made it to day 100 (around that) but still haven’t seen the hordes you get. What do you do, sit with rotting flesh to attract a mass attack? What is the deal with these settlements, I got my characters head blown off which is why I built a fort in the north for an assault.

    • David Jeffrey Spetch:

      Oh and just for kicks (you might find this funny) my first ride on the bike after the spikes, after the river when I actually made it onto a road heading south to the factory etc. I went off the road over one of those burning coal mounds in the burnt forest area and I guess because I was travelling fast the flame rose up and killed me in about two seconds. I had to run all the way there from my bed in the north once again. I also found that the anti cheat kept ripping me off. Every now and then the game overheats my computer which causes it to shut down (If I have a fan on the exterior blowing under my comp it keeps it cool enough to keep it from shutting down.) I do not always remember to put the fan on and I found that with the anti cheat on, when my comp shut down and I re started to get back into the game, my health was back at 100 but all of my stats within using all my skill points was wiped clear but I still had my bases and possession except for what I was carrying when my computer shut down. That’s one lame anti cheat but glad I removed it because did that ever boil my blood …. nothing like doing all that work to raise your level only to have it wiped clean and you are back to level one again. That sucked.

  8. Brian Moore:

    great build…however…i want to replicate it…any step by step plans for it? How deep this…how wide that…etc…

  9. gymkhanadog:

    I’d love to see you do this with an iron shovel and stone ax, maybe an iron fire ax. The most probable things a beginner would have in the first week. If you’re only modestly lucky, you can find iron shovel and ax both on day one or two makes things so much faster.

  10. SkyMix_RMT:

    What’s the music at 7:30

  11. PreserveBigCats:

    Nice ! I would love to try that kind of system but I just might lose my cool after a bit. Don’t have a nail gun yet.

  12. mvendi86:

    Think I might give this a try.

  13. A motha fuckin Polar Bear:

    These fucking intros….

  14. Overlord God:

    Wont the cop zombies explode and destroy everything if you get near them in the pit? Or blow up if you can’t kill them in time when they are on low health?

    • Overlord God:

      Alright, thanks!

    • Grand Spartan:

      The pillars will prevent some or all of the damage. I still move away though, just to be safe. There are many videos on my channel showing horde attack using the pillars if you would like to see how it works.

    • Overlord God:

      Ah, but wont the explosions one hit you dead when near them? Even if the base can hold it, or do the pillars prevent you getting explosion damage?

    • Grand Spartan:

      In my let’s play series, I start off with a slightly modified but simple base. Just as the one you see here in this video. By the time you start getting any number of cops to spawn with the horde, you should have everything upgraded so that they do minimal or at least manageable damage. Here is a link to the first episode if you are interested in how I get this base done by the day 7 horde and expanded for later hordes.

  15. Punnikin:

    I know this video is a couple weeks old, but you should try to take on a horde using a claw hammer. Kill and repair without having to switch all the time, and maybe you’ll have a good time bashing heads with it.

  16. Neysehadi:

    Size of the base is 11X11x5 for spike level and 5x5x4 for forge area.

  17. FudgePc Elitist:

    whats the song at the very end? found sail- this is how i show my love

  18. willj0601:

    This guy right is the true master at 7 days to die ok he really is

  19. Thomas Certo:

    anyone getting this to work with zombie ai not falling anymore?

    • Thomas Certo:

      thnks, I play on xbox one. it seems to work way better now that ive ramped down to the spikes. z’s are much more likely to walk down and fall in its not perfect but it works.

    • Grand Spartan:

      You will now be better served creating a base like this but opposite of what you see here. The pit should be around the outside and the base, or where you stand, on the inside. If you are playing on Alpha 16, this build is no longer viable. This build was done all the way back on Alpha 14.

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