7 Days to Die: Episode 6 — Massive Underground Base Build! — Let’s Play Alpha 14.7

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In episode 6 we build our new underground base! As always watch more of our progress between episodes over on Twitch!

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комментариев 26

  1. Dweller of the Mum's basement:

    Why not use rebar frame?

  2. kyle perkins:

    How did you get the underground so wide and deep all the way down?

  3. Dee Price:

    have you got the inside done yet I would like to see it all done also

  4. Project Madeyes:

    I am in awe of your design and dedication to a great build !

    • GunninGamerz:

      Thanks! No idea how well it will work now after Alpha 15. Going to try the build again in a new playthrough once Alpha 16 is out. 🙂

  5. Daniel:

    Waste so much iron going from wood to concrete. Should just use concrete blocks, concrete is alot easier to make and get too. Just takes alot of rock which you should have doing massive digging/mining projects.

  6. Connie E.:

    You should always put ur big bike ramps out from ur base about 2 block spaces away from any bars or other lip you put around the base cuz dogs will spin around and flip themselves over that little gap you have now. 🙂

  7. The Piper:

    rebar frames > scrap iron

  8. Andy Elkins:

    play the hunter again

  9. JJ Paskers:

    hey I saw ur base n remade it bigger but inspired by this build

  10. The Uvula:

    In alpha 15 experimental it is possible that zombies get falling damage, not all zombies, but a lot of them die and don’t stand up. 🙂

  11. Spicy:

    I made a base in 27 days in game by myself and it’s just like this I based off of yours and it’s amazing I’m currently making a luxury underground chill zone

  12. SquidySaurus:

    Wow ur vids honestly inspire me to do better on my vids. Fantastic work!

  13. Wade Hampton Spivey:

    cant wait to see todays stream branden

  14. Phil F:

    i dug a 90 block deep pit and all the zombies die. cops and ferals included ver15.1

    • GunninGamerz:

      Wow! I wonder if they brought back fall damage for Zombies? Sounds like it. Taking a bit of a break at it and going to hit it up again later this year. 🙂

  15. Dallas Jackson:

    please please please do more videos pike this please

  16. thz124:

    Look at it….  will you just look at it!  Should have been an engineer gunnin.  Great video.

  17. Mattias B:

    awesome base there bud

  18. aSIMetrical:

    Great episode Brandon, I definitely look forward to episode 7.

  19. Northern_Law:

    1st like and comment

  20. Tanner Gilday:

    what a waste

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