7 Days to Die: Episode 1 — Day 1 Intro! — Let’s Play Alpha 14.7

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Our 7 Days to Die series is finally making it to our YouTube! In Episode 1 we will be trying to get our first week shelter in line. As always watch us on Twitch to watch our progress between episodes!

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Check out this great game here:

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комментариев 36

  1. None Of Your Fucking Business:

    i just realized that the graphics are pretty bad on here that dont matter tho

  2. aSIMetrical:

    I know it is a little late, but I hope everyone here is looking forward to the Alpha 16 videos.

  3. Trucfist Blasty:

    your intro was about 3min too long

  4. 100,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge:

    anyone wanna play this with me on steam?

  5. JeffPlayzGamez:

    At Christmas I’m gonna get a ps4 and get this game!

  6. Lili Quinn:

    great intro I love I put a blue thumb this video because I find it genial

  7. Aaron Anderson:

    nice vid gunnin

  8. Bobcat117 Gaming:

    you just got 7 days to die i got since launch date on xbox one

  9. Joe Scarpa:

    I really enjoyed watching that great job

  10. Caleb Dunn:

    Wow you are asome ?


    u inspieried me to play farming sim 2015

  12. Matthew Ferreri:

    Looks good I might have to give it a try

  13. Michael Warren:

    Lol ROSSB beating on wood!

  14. zavery1645:

    first retarted comment

  15. susan udelhoven:

    98th like

  16. djbigq1:

    3 days PS4 Noob playing 7 Days to Die, so I’m looking for Kool Peeps to
    help Build my world with, I have a couple of friends already that came
    on to help during the first 8 days. Looking for more Friends that would
    like to join in on the Adventure. PS4 Name is «Nemodo». I Normally Play
    most Weekday nights for a few Hours, and Weekend Evenings for like 4 or 5

  17. gbhnjmkiol:

    7 days to die is a bad game dindt like it all i would pay $5 tops for it its not worth 29.99

  18. SquidySaurus:

    The is pretty cool!

  19. Colton_plaz MC:

    do a live stream

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