7 Days To Die Early Game Starter Base Beginner Design

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Here is a nice way to start out early game with a bunker that can be upgraded as you move through the days.
Make sure you check out the last part of the video as I have added upgraded that will get you past the 21 day horde with this same bunker.
Hope that it helps to give you some ideas on how to approach your early game.
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комментария 34

  1. Neon Lights:

    Thank you for this! I didn’t know what kind of base to build, and as a result I would never get very far, most of my worlds I end up dying to something stupid and losing everything before I even hit day 7. Now I can finally do it properly.

    • Grand Spartan:

      Try taking a look at my play through. I create a similar but more effective day by day 7 made of cobblestone. It is completely effective, efficient, and last through 5 or more hordes. Here is a link to the first episode.

  2. Michael Wilson:

    welcome to zombie farming simulator 2k17

  3. James Dell'Aquila:

    How did you change the pillar to concrete without collapsing. Also do you have to rebuild the whole base or can you upgrade wood frame to concrete

  4. What'sTheWord11:

    Honestly, all I’ve been doing for 4 hordes now is blocking my front door with scrap blocks and shooting zombies from above my porch through bars, it’s worked great, except that I can’t loot bodies…

  5. Faithful Freak:

    This video was the inspiration for the main section of the main base and you said to post a link to the video when done so here it is. I was so tired when I recorded this though @[email protected]

  6. Kill Charge:

    eh I like my system got 5 walls with spikes so you can go on the walls and fight the hoard from there and my brother up in my sniper tower to snipe the ones comeing a different way and helping me fight the one comeing at my way

  7. Dread LegoCustoms:

    Nice! I like hoe you just go out of your way on day 316 just to show the newer players to building 7 day horde bases how to build a simple base that is effective and efficient, my favorite part was the room where you would kill the zombies! Very creative and nice of you to do this!

  8. Aglarend:

    Part of me loves these videos so much! The other part feels like a loser for not trying to figure these designs out on my own, lol.

  9. Onat Koç:

    «Early Game» — Concrete

    • Mary Rosser:

      this can easily be done in the first 7 days, upgrade it over time and slowly make verything metal and by day 21-35 make it all concrete. ME and my bf dont usually see cops until 21 or so, depends on how fast we level and how much we die

    • Onat Koç:

      I’m sure you know what you’re doing. The problem I’m having is not with your knowledge, it’s the name. When you say «Early Game Starter Base», one assumes that it is your first base. I came here to see what kind of a base one can have in the first few days. Because that’s what the title implies. You have a nice base, and I’ve seen several of your other videos, maybe more than any other Youtubers that make 7D2D videos. It’s just that the name is a bit misleading. That’s all. Other than that, I appreciate your work. Thank you for the videos

    • Grand Spartan:

      You should absolutely have concrete by your second or third horde. If you watch my let’s play series, you will see that I have a more impressive base than this one by the first, second, and third horde. From that point on, it is all steel.

  10. AppleSpicer:

    Love the intro!

  11. Evenrik_22:

    do you know how expensive those spikes are?

  12. Jason Spirit:

    I like the design but as others have stated it’s not as easy now plus the one thing i still am terrible at in 7DTD is the whole digging underground…..i end up with spaces that blocks wont fit and then there’s no way to go back and fix it lol….wish dirt/roads broke off in a square shape instead of a diamond like shape….all well.

  13. za fae:

    I really appreciate these vids m8 Ive been trying to figure out how to build a bit better and i normally do a hobbit hole but i never thought to do it in this game for some reason

  14. Griffon Dahrk:

    I don’t see floor doors in the crafting menu… Xbox one.

  15. themutantlizard:

    I just have a compound with a tent in the middle right now

  16. El ChapoTV Curtis:

    does this build still work grand spartan ?

  17. Loko Flipz:

    Sure a speed build would be nice.

  18. sik3xploit:

    I’m a pretty slow player, but if you get enough experience it’s not so difficult to build a small surrounding wall of reinforced concrete before day 7. I made a 2 block high 7×7 wall of reinforced concrete that held together till morning. I made it initially because it will also be the central location of my zombie death traps. A 15×15 sized area of 16 total fall pits surrounding the central location with spin blades and trap wires at the bottom of each. Hopefully I will have at least one or two working by day 14.

  19. Th3RealLSD:

    Great Video Man! hope you keep on going with this amazing vids 🙂

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