7 days to die dupe glitch alpha 16 B129

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комментария 24

  1. Slythurxx:

    In soloplay it does not work on b 129, if i have the corpse open it just disappears with all items in it. at least for me its absolutely not working.

  2. Roland:

    was this single player or on a dedicated server or P2P and if so were you the host?

  3. Rage:

    Anyone want to play add me on PS4 MilkyRageFTW and send a message saying ‘7 days’

  4. Tony C:

    Its from single play but its wont work on online mode..

  5. Tom Loon:

    This one is even better now haha. Before you had to close and reopen now you just have to wait. Thanks Fun Pimps!

  6. daniel miller:

    Does not work in Multi =(

  7. Knockoff-beltran Channel:

    how you do it

  8. Matthew Fisher:

    It’s is a slow dupe glitch does work would help with audio description
    You have to clear zombie out put what you want to dupe in close zombie and reopen zombie and wait and hope nothing come to kill you whilst you wait lol

  9. Dan Baughman:

    It is literally the same glitch as before……

  10. NewTube Neon:

    if this only for pc

  11. iiMaleante DX:

    works in ps4?

  12. Mr. Normal:

    functional fopr singleplayer not multiplayer

  13. WhiskersMctabby:

    Ha, awesome.

  14. robthenorm:

    they patched this, then unpatched this wtf are they doing???!!! they made enough millions to hire a better programmer

  15. Jordan Hona:

    Doesnt work on ps4 sadly. i jus tried afew times


    It works if you time it right before the disappear exit out right before it disappears enter it before it goes there go duplicate

  17. phooogle:

    It doesn’t work on MP so it doesn’t matter. On SP if you want to cheat just enable creative.

  18. Pitudo Gaming:

    No singleplayer dislike i hate this i cant find none one to play this game with pc community suck balls

  19. Slum Shady:

    Lets play a game lel

    1. Sub to me
    2. Like This Comment
    3. Comment Done
    4. I will sub to you

  20. Slum Shady:

    Heres a dupe working for Alpha 16 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9UeYQi9qkU&t=7576s

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