7 Days to Die BEHEMOTH!! — New and Upcoming NPCs & Zombies (Alpha 16)

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In this 7 Days to Die Video, I'll show you the BEHEMOTH and other new zombies added in Alpha 16, such as the Vultures, Bears, Radiated zombies, Snakes, dire wolves and more.
(Update, The behemoth has been delayed).
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About 7 Days to Die:
7 Days to Die has redefined the survival genre, with unrivaled crafting and world-building content. Set in a brutally unforgiving post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead, 7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. It presents combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth, in a way that has seen a rapturous response from fans worldwide. Play the definitive zombie survival sandbox RPG that came first. Navezgane awaits!

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комментариев 59

  1. Joseph Taylor:

    Something about you saying you’re in god mode then bleeding from the direwolf for some reason reminded me of Batman V Superman. «tell me. Do you bleed»

  2. Capp00:

    Hello everyone. Hope you’re having a fantastic day, wherever you are in the world.
    Welcome all you new subs/viewers. thanks for all the love 🙂

  3. Tanner Maxwell:

    They need to fix the deer running animation ?

  4. Barry Bee Benson:

    behemoth is actually first zombie i’m scared of as it can destroy entire base alone…

  5. Saša Šimunović:

    7DTD — a game of retexturing and remodeling a fkn bear in every release.

  6. Richard Budd:

    i like the bee more

  7. Landrew Sodoski:

    The Fun Pimps did say, that they wanted to ensure that nowhere in the game was truly safe from the zombies. I believe a lot of people got too use to having bases that were living fortresses to the normal horde zombies, heck even to feral zombies, to feel that dread of a blood moon rush. The Behemoths were to be wrecking ball kind of zombies to break down walls and other fortifications so the horde could have a actual chance to kill you. I will not be surprised we see more kinds of Behemoth style zombies, to ensure that people won’t have a easy time during the later parts of the game, teamwork will be a huge thing during end game part of the game.

    Those that rant or complain about the Behemoth, just got a little soft after making an unbreakable stronghold. In a zombie base game, the zombies always find a way to win.

    • MamboJambo:

      It’s a really good way to keep up the challenge and action at later stages. Because after a week or two at best you will have concrete structure with gunpowder weapons, and from that point on… zombies won’t have a chance.

    • Cruelty1633:

      They added game stages, which change difficulty levels. So parties with a high gamestage, may be the only ones that get this. Since the game should at least check if you have concrete fortifications first, before spawning one in the area.

      The thing looks pretty much done, animation wise. They haven’t added the hitbox probably because they are trying to figure out how many blocks this thing can jump over or under. And they need to code in area parameters so it only spawns when the player has an actual fortress. They can’t rely solely on the heat map or the player level.

    • rushbcykablyat:

      Nothing wrong with people liking/disliking the behemoth, it’s just a matter of different player base with opposite playstyles and preferences, i.e. the casual vs the hardcore gamers. I personally find the game too easy even at insanity, but it would be good if they can make behemoths optional in the settings, so the casual players can still play the game at the pace they desire. Rather than having us hardcore gamers bashing on their preferences, elevating our own ideas of fun, then forcing more challenge(benemoths) into their game…just so that we can feel more superior than them.

    • Landrew Sodoski:

      I asked mad mole on the forums around the time; he was introducing the idea of the Behemoth, and drillers, and bread crump system for the zombies. He was thinking about adding in a Behemoth driller kind of zombie later down the road, if the drillers and the bread crumb system works out properly, like he wants.

    • America:

      Landrew Sodoski Drillers… my only refuge during the blood moon is to dig a deep hole far underground and curl up, and now you say that wont even be safe??? TFP should add bleach or cyanide to the game or maybe even s button to shoot myself in the head so I don’t have to deal with this.

      Fantastic zombie games are meant to make you despair so 7dtd is a 9/10.

  8. Nathan Pierce:

    Is it true that the console versions are not going to get any more future alphas? They got one good update not too long ago, but I heard they won’t be getting anymore. Anyone confirm or deny that? And maybe have a link?

  9. Miranda Shapter:

    Nice video. Is there any ETA when console might be getting this?

  10. Polski Goral:

    This game looks So bad, look at idk rust or hurtworld, over 3 years and it still looks bad.

  11. Vilgot Norén:

    Doesn’t rattlesnakes usually hide and rarely moves?

    • Capp00:

      Not in real life. They are still when basking or cooling, depending on the time of day. They usually stay out of the way and will hide when something comes near. But they are usually quite active, especially when looking for food. But they aren’t aggressive, so they’d rather hide than attack.

  12. gavin dozier:

    hope this is coming to ps4

  13. BBraamse:

    Hey Capp. I know this video was going over some of the upcoming mobs that will be in the game once they are finished but you also showed a month that has replaced an old mob (the vulture replaced the hornet) but you didn’t touch on the new boar that replaced the pig or the new wolves and dire wolf. I know this may not have been the subject of the video but I just wanted to throw those out there for anyone that may not be up-to-date with Alpha 16 or may not be playing the latest experimental. Overall, I enjoy the content and the add warnings about the mobs that are not fully developed. Thanks again.

  14. Frankie Theoret:

    Disliked because you stopped the video Midway to run an ad.

  15. Jiub Nation:

    I love it when I get YouTube red to avoid ads and there is an ad imbedded in the video

  16. Sammy legos:

    They should really do a good update like this on console

  17. Xeo Nitely:

    The behemoth looks like that weird crawling thing from prototype but instead it can stand up

  18. Michael Lewis:

    Dig a huge pit and lure the behemoth into it then throw rocks at em

  19. cartoonhead:

    Dislike for the ad in the middle

    • Capp00:

      wow really? because I’ve seen it on 4 videos since lunch. You need to branch out more. And props for the slang term that I»m sure will offend someone.

    • Capp00:

      And look, the next video I’m watching has an ad spot in the middle: https://gyazo.com/fd7dc7f3adaef082d44f6d6c434310c3

      It’s not even slightly uncommon these days.

    • Capp00:

      Do what you gotta do. It was 40 seconds, of an 8 minute video, and a sponsored spot. pretty common on youtube these days. You might want to get used to it.

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