7 Days to Die Base Design Bunker Speed Build Alpha 14

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Dimensions 15x15x4
At the end of the video is an example of what you can do with one of these bunkers. They can also be built very early in game using wood/scrap metal. With all materials available, this can be built in less than an hour. Around 40 Minutes to build what you see in this video. Hang out or skip to the end to see a finished/upgraded version of this bunker. I have had many request on how to build a bunker, so here ya go! Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to ask questions below!

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комментариев 29

  1. Lennard Church:

    Do the zombies try to attack the entrance to your tunnel, or do they all focus on the base?

    • Grand Spartan:

      This is a more updated bunker you may want to take a look at:

    • Lennard Church:

      +Grand Spartan I guess that makes your tunnel entrance invulnerable as long as no one is in it.  I think that’s my favorite entrance that I’ve seen so far, as the outer walls don’t have to have a doors as weak spots and you don’t have to jump over any gaps or tiptoe around spikes.

    • Grand Spartan:

      They will focus on where ever it is that you are standing.

  2. Jwish32:

    Add music or commentary

  3. Olawale Silver:

    Excellent video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you tried — Saankramer Debacle Collapse System (google it)? It is a good one off guide for learning how to conquer the coming world collapse minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy finally got excellent results with it.

  4. Joven Palada:

    the design is nice but its better if u can kill and loot at the same time.

  5. El ChapoTV Curtis:

    could i still do this builed ?

  6. Fixer The Mercenary:

    Exact material cost?

  7. LionelArthur les foufous:

    merci pour ta vidéo

  8. SJCPanda:

    cool video man! the bunker base i was in was so cool to play in

  9. LoLer Piso:

    how do you do the teleport/fast travel thing?

  10. Pedro 關你屁事:

    I have started building this design,its nice.
    Only thing was that a doghorde jumped in the hole that i almost finished digging and i died 🙂

  11. Ryan Sergas:

    very well done.

  12. Ninja Stryk:

    Great video. Using the same base myself.

  13. ferdek6666:

    just built it, took me whole night heh

  14. Abaddon 86:

    I’m gonna try and build this tonight, I’m gonna change a couple of things to suit my tastes but I love this base 🙂

  15. James Smalls:

    can somebody please tell me how many blocks deep and wide he made it

  16. Bacon Shreds:

    nice base!

  17. Declan Welch:

    Nice design might do it my self thanks

  18. Shiney Stalker:

    how large of craft room do you make? Is it the same dimensions as the kill cone or did you expand it? I’m wondering because of the structural integrity, I’m not sure how large an underground structure can get before the roof collapses.

    • NoLife ToGame:

      +Shiney Stalker underground structures can’t colapse cz the terains are holding each onther (only works for rocks for biger ones (whit dirt sand o so tis 3×3 if u remove walls of those 3×3 it will colapse

    • Grand Spartan:

      +Shiney Stalker I like to branch off underground away from where the base is for my other rooms for the most part. However, If you support the ceiling in each room under your base, you will not have a cave in. The example is at the end of this video. I have never had a bunker collapse no matter how many layers of rooms are underneath. I like to skip at least 4 layers(blocks) when I am digging to start a new room. Pause the video at the end when I walk into the crafting room and you will see how I do it.

  19. Zamolxes77:

    Is the most outer ring of concrete, under the outside wall really necessary ? On one side, it has the concrete floor of the spike trap and on top is the outside wall, it looks like a waste of material, unless it has some sort of structural value I fail to see.

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