7 Days To Die Alpha 16 — Wireless Power — Part 23

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I finally found a way to improve my traps around the walls. The motion sensor is a bit unreliable and I was afraid to use pressure plates because they would get damaged, but I remembered that there's another device that can activate traps. The trip wires work the same way as pressure plates when zombies cross the wire but the wire can't be damaged. So, I did the same thing I did with the electric fences and it worked perfectly. Now, each trip wire activates one single electric fence and a dart trap. I also started using a new mod called Junction box ( ) (I did some changes in the texture and recipe). It makes the wires invisible, much better than trying to hide all the cables.
The horde night was different, like if they changed zombie speed or something in the new update. I can say, fighting on ground was harder than usual. The new platform expansion worked fine but not the way I though. Zombies were not staying directly under me. I could stay up there shooting them on the heads or using explosives but it was boring, I think I'm getting used to the adrenaline of close combat.
After the battle, I started replacing all the old electric relays with the new wireless energy. I also modified the surface turrets, and used the camouflage paint, like Kage848 did in his turret.

Difficult: Warrior; zombie spawn during horde night: 16; 120 minutes per day; 18 hours day cycle; loot 100% respawn 30 days;

Map Seed: Alpha16, base Coords: 1646N 1345E

Download my save file if you want to play on my world:

To load my save file you need to copy the Alpha16 folder, which contains the Region file, to: C:UsersyouraccountnameAppDataRoaming7DaysToDieSavesRandom Gen

Download the mods I'm using (stable version 16.2(b7)) :

To install the mods, extract the Alpha16Mods.rar, and copy the Config folder to C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon7 Days To DieData

Mods list:
— LawnMower: tool to cut grass really fast;
— Auger damage increase: enable 1 hit stone if you have a good quality auger blade.
— Minibike Inventory expansion
— More slots for the generator, battery bank and solar bank
— More fuel capacity for the generator (10.000)
— new block (Junction Box) same as relays but the wires are invisible
— Changed some resources and items stack sizes
— Max player level: 300
— Increased movement in water
— Instant craft when Quicker Crafting perk is max level
— No quality loss during repairs when The Fixer perk is max level
— Added recipes: LawnMower, oil, paper, solar bank, steel polish, solar cells, junction box, empty can

Music I used in this video:

00:00:00 Come Play with Me —
00:01:06 Memories — Steam Phunk Feat Apsley —
00:04:15 Infinite Power —
00:07:41 No No No —
00:10:37 Unity (TheFatRat) —
00:14:33 Jackpot —
00:17:46 Prelude —
00:23:04 Frontier (Krale) —
00:27:08 Wassup —
00:31:11 Frag Out —
00:35:40 Chainsaw (Doom Theme Remix) —
00:38:50 Against the Horde —
00:42:43 At Doom's Gate —
00:46:31 Sleepless —
00:50:57 Saviour —
00:53:34 Let's Go! —
00:56:56 Adventure —
01:01:47 Take It Easy —
01:05:01 Rubik —
01:08:32 Cloud Chaser —
01:11:49 King Taco —
01:14:24 Sneaky Snitch —
01:15:08 Ocean —
01:19:57 Come Play with Me —

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  1. BaconFace52:

    Who ever has 7 days to die on ps4 feel free to add me and yall can play with me BaconFace52 is my account name

  2. Danny Gross:

    Awesome video. You running low on iron in your chest.

  3. HuntingMachine:

    First thing of the day…
    1. Check YouTube notifications for Z-Nation’s upload.
    2. Click on it.
    3. Pause the video at 1 second and click LIKE., in addition to looking for Rosefinity in the comments
    4. Grab snacks
    5. Watch half of the video.
    6. Eat more
    7. Throw up and throw food away when it’s horde night / disgusting zombies come
    8. Resume video
    9. Finish the video
    10. Comment.
    11. Go to bed, be depressed and cry that I’ve watched all the video and nothing left to do 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    12. Go to work and be moody all day, tell everyone how awesome Z-Nation is
    13. Swear at everyone if they dislike you. Constantly bother everyone and force them to watch it (#Inspired by Rosefinity)
    14. Continue my search for Rosefinity
    15. DAT FREE WI-FI BRUHHH, Lucky I work at McDonald’s ayyy, Wi-Fi to watch Z-Nation on my breaks haha (No joke btw I actually work there haha, in the UK).

  4. Dead .1?!:

    Omg how didnt i see this before now OH MY GAWD

  5. Shirley Curry:

    You built a beautiful place for the elite to sit and watch the blood bath. I so enjoy the many ideas you come up with when you are building. I’m always glad to wake up and see you are here! 🙂

  6. Tonio Tony:

    Hi Z, I would just liked to have more precisions about the mod’s installation because I’m a little confuse on how to proceed.
    So, did I have to replace the existing «config» folder by the one you gived (located in the «Data» file), or just paste the six XML and the XUi files in the «Config» folder? Many thanks in advance for your answer, and wish you well.

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      go to 50:46 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Lg0oANF5Lo&t=164s , I try to explain the bug and how to fix it, hope you understand 🙂

    • Tonio Tony:

      Yes it’s true, sorry I completly forget about this (sometimes I’m a bit dummy…). 🙂 So, it’s done now, and it works very well. Very practical to have various stack sizes increased (and nice stuffs more). Thanks once again for your prompt reply!
      PS: Concerning the «extended» generator bank, it seems no work perfactly on some particular chunks, because when I try to set more than 6 engines in them, I got an error message in the console.
      Did you encountered the same issue?

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      If you copy the modded «config» folder to your game data, it will replace only the files with the same name, so you don’t need to copy one by one.

    • Tonio Tony:

      However, I’ve seen this video, but despite this I completly forgot that you had already warned us about this issue (you’re not the one I follow on 7DTD and maybe sometimes I’m missing some details…), otherwise, yes I’ve well understood your explaination and thanks once again for your kindness and your patience!

  7. Billybrute:

    Great job as usual Keep it up. So I am the one with the minibike issue and found that the dead zombies have massive storage and the minibike has the storage like dead zombies. is the anything I can do to fix it Thanks.

    • Billybrute:

      I am using 16.2 and no other mods

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      It’s hard to know what’s the problem. Me and other people are using the mods with no problem. Are you using any other mods or experimental version? The current stable version is 16.2(b7)

    • Billybrute:

      I am sorry to say even after making new world same results

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      That’s strange. Try creating a new world, spawn a minibike and see it continue happening.

    • Billybrute:

      Sorry for not explaining properly. yes I am using your mod had it at 16.1 no issues. Updated to 16.2 everything is ok except minibike storage . Looking when i open up dead zombie they have the big storage and my minibike storage has the zombie innovatory. Two rows Horizontal.I broke down the bike put it back togather and also reinstalled the mod same issue.

  8. Logia_65:

    Hello Z, can you give me your config ( to know because I want to play 7D2D with good graphics and without lag and others problems)

    • Logia_65:

      Z-Nation FFS ty, I think I will buy this first and after I see for a CPU intel i7 8 core, a watercooling and a new ram to have 16 go, because now I don’t have to much money. Maybe one day you finally want make a serie on starvation 🙂

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      For better performance, I would recommend at least a 4 core processor, and if you can an 8 core. RAM memory is cheap, if you can also buy more. If you can run the game, you can run any mods. I don’t think I’ll play starvation mod, It changes too much stuff. 🙂

    • Logia_65:

      Z-Nation FFS thank you guy, I want to buy this :

      GPU gtx 1050 ti 4go oc
      CPU intel pentium g4650
      RAM : 8go
      microATX gigabyte
      do you think I can play on 7 days with mod (maybe like starv) without problems?

      and do you have on your mind to make a serie starvation ?

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      There’s an «about» tab when you enter my channel, the config is there, but since you are having trouble here it is:

      CPU: AMD FX-8350 8 core 4.0GHz
      MB: Asus M5A97-LE
      RAM: 2 kingston HyperX 8GB DDR3 1866
      GPU: GeForce GTX 970
      SSD Transcend: 512GB Sata 6GB/s
      HD: 2 Seagate 2TB
      Power Supply: Corsair CX750

      It’s not a bad computer but I’ll probably buy a better one soon 🙂

    • Logia_65:

      sorry but i don’t understand, not to bad.

  9. kristian ramirez:

    hello,recently i dowloaded znation mods,not this one,one a bit older from the chapter 13 i think,i do not remember it now jaja,the thing is i got that mod cause was interesting the increasement of the minibike inventory but when i installed the mod and tried result that the minibike inventori had not changed,how can i modified that?i just got the mod whint the auger damage,lawnmover,oil and papers receipe and instacraft(this one i want to retur to normal way cause if for you is usefull cause your videos your are building crazy stuf but i preffer a regular way,i just wanted the auger damage increased and minibike inventory)how can i change it?

    • kristian ramirez:

      my monitor has 22″ so is not too small(the last monitor i use to had had 15″ XD)
      there is a lot of things to do,i never done something like this but i will try,i like construction but at the same time i like exploring that is why i wanted this mod,thank you for the explanation

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Your monitor is probably smaller than mine, that’s why you can’t see the whole storage. you can follow this tutorial to reduce the storage as you like:

      Do make a backup of your current files, so you can revert any changes if you happen to mess things up.

      For the following changes to take effect, you need to restart the game and completely re-assemble your minibike after each change. Also, re-place the frame on the ground before re-assembling your minibike.

      Data / Config / loot.xml

      — line 1804 / look for —

    • kristian ramirez:

      i added the mod before have the minibike but the unic thing that has changed is
      now has two rows and many columns, so many that do not come out nor in the screen
      about the quik crafter i will change now cause i preffer a normal way,the insta craft is too oop jaja

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      For the minibike, if you had it before adding the mods, you have to disassemble it, take the chassis, and mount everything again. For the instant craft, you can easily change it back to normal by editing the progression.xml file. open it with a text editor and search for Quicker Crafting, then a few lines below you will find this:

      change the value back to 0.5 🙂

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Maybe it’s not the size but the aspect ratio or resolution your are using 🙂

  10. Jewish Banker:

    Will you do stuff with trip wires?

  11. Sven Reweland:

    I think there should be a way to repair engines at the workbench like you do with the Auger Blade to max quality. Would be definetly a way to more Power 🙂

  12. Radix gamer:

    Alove you vro Nice vidéo Nice chanl ???

  13. Dorothee Schneider:

    Thank God! I just tortured myself with a few other Youtubers *LOL*

  14. LaSalle:

    it is a modding ?

  15. Punk Fuzzent:

    Can you release a versions without music? like ambiance, could be a awesome thing to fall asleep to lol

  16. Blyatful Cykachu:

    R.I.P I have to start school tomorrow 🙁

  17. Conrad0801 KIA:

    my god……..

    he put EVEN MORE CHAIRS!!!!

  18. Zach R.:

    Someone literally disliked without even seeing 10 minutes of the video.

  19. StarShot:

    Didn’t even know that we could even go wireless? Awesome idea, Z- Nation. Love the camouflage turrets.

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