7 Days to die Alpha 16 Week 8

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7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Week 8 is here! Painting improved, new block placement, new hd textures, rigged new zombies, and a close look at the newest random gen!

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комментариев 66

  1. Travek Maxwell:

    You guys are really doing a fantastic job I cannot wait for alpha 16! Just curious is the sleeper zombie system still being added in alpha 16? Again great job you guys!

    • Steve Nichols:

      Most times I enter a building now and hear a zombie I think there’s a sleeper hiding in there, then I remember, not yet!

    • Nova:

      Hi,Fix the Arrows Please,Sometimes You Shoot And They Dissapear It’s So Stubborn Please Fix That Bug

    • TheSteamPunkDevil:

      Mr. SelfAware so that would further my point if they are waiting to get everything in and working, then they are doing​ it as if it was beta. this whole game is be released like a beta.

    • Mr. HardwareGuy:

      TheSteamPunkDevil Alpha=not everything is implemented yet. Beta=everything is implemented (minus minor things) but there are bugs. Alpha state is correct atm

    • TheSteamPunkDevil:

      Well that kinda is what an Alpha is a game that has issues and bug to be worked out, then there is Beta which pretty much the version path they are going down where there are stable releases. Some games do Dev build like I said SE does it where you get updates and live with the consequences when a world breaks and expect it. Might as well stop calling it Alpha and push it to Beta if they are following the versioning path that they are. Ive already said I had the latest one selected and an unstable build is an unstable build. A build that comes with bugs. Not polish then label it as unstable. Then need to really work on what they are calling the game. Its doesn’t belong in Alpha because they are updating it with latest builds and its not Early Access because its been released and its been around for 3 years.

  2. Peggy Bradford:

    great video. could you maybe think about putting in airports, train depots, and train tracks? maybe for 17 or 18 or somewhere down the line? that would be awesome. can’t wait for 16.

    • I_ReTaiNed_I:

      that is quite a cool idea as it would add some interesting dynamics such as intercepting carts as a PvP option or bandits along the way..etc. I agree though that we need more vehicles that could take more than one player or transport weapons and so on. lets hope it happens in alpha17. Their Yes/No/Maybe answers are keeping me on the edge of my seat.

    • CFRF13:

      Railroads would be interesting to add. Probably would have to do it where you have the ballast (gravel) on one block and then the ties and rails on the bottom of a second block. You could also do secondary deteriorated raillines that were abandoned or shortline without the ballast or not as much.

    • Bingo Grubb:

      he talked about this in another vid. i the where thinking about it.


      why awkward? it not like mad max just some like mad max.

    • Douglas Allen:

      that awkward moment when Madmax meets 7dtd

  3. Joseph Brewer Gaming:

    Thank you for not taking out the old rotations

  4. ND32101:

    Great work on 7 days Joel! can’t wait for alpha 16!

    • Saturns Gay:

      Are you fucking fisting me this game is amazing i cant wait for A16

    • jasongoodrich1:

      you know our timeline is already all messed up right? the past is now like the future, unknown, If you do know some thing you could help provide more time for people

    • playlessNamer:

      i wait for A16 since A14.
      A15 never interested me. There is no worthy new content. The A16 sounds pretty intersting but in early stages it will be bugged i think. All this nice features announced for A16 will be good playable in A17.
      Maybe still not enough new things to bring me back to the game in A16. I will definitiv come back when the game feel some worthy changes.

    • jasongoodrich1:

      playlessNamer are you a time traveler ?

    • playlessNamer:

      I cant wait for A18 or better for B6.

  5. Kargul85:

    Texture of wood and reinforced glass is great! All shown today things big plus. Good job!

  6. Ryszard:

    This painting feature is not so bad but who the hell paints the wall to look like a file cabinet or library….. it would be good if it would be available textures like brick wood etc. just something like wallpaper.

  7. Krug Krugic:

    Please add boats. Swimming is a pain. especially when an airdrop falls in

  8. Games4Kickz:

    Great, 10 seconds into the video and I’m hyperventilating of excitement looking at the new GUI for the paint brush textures. Gimme gimme gimme gimme, Looking good 🙂

  9. Meatwing:

    For the new random town generator will there be signs in the game that will say like east hiweme and an arrow and like 1000k away? Like signs that will show the names of towns that are nearby pretty much what im saying is random sign generators as well.

  10. Ultimate Corgi:

    Could you keep the old soldier zombie around too, for the sake of variety?

  11. Larksong:

    Joel it’s been a year, where’s the new video?!?!

  12. Faisal:

    Please add Magic things that we can use in our weapons
    like fire swords or something close to that

  13. Reloaded:

    I think you should add some tool to play music, maybe using vynils

  14. Hivegaming:

    Will there be an alpha 16 update for the Xbox one?

  15. Dustin Hodgkinson:

    hey joel you guys are doing great work, i play console.

  16. Chris Cesario:

    I like that og SimCity color palette to residential, commercial and industrial zones in random gen. =D

  17. Donald Trump:

    Can you add a lever action rifle, and with the weapons can you make it so the we can customize the sights on any gun, buy using a weapons work bench

    • Dimi S:

      Check out «Escape from Tarkov» weapon customisation. That is what I’d love to see in this game. I’d rather them cut out the weapon RPG elements too, a bullet should always do the same damage, no matter who shoots it. This lvl/dmg thing is taking too much realism n gritty action out of the game imo. It’s just silly.

    • scypher80:

      I’ve wanted a Marlin Guide Gun for ages, so… you’re right, who doesn’t?!

    • Reverend Rabbit:

      That would probably be best for weapon balance, but I personally really want to have a .45-70. Because, really, who doesn’t want a .45-70?

    • scypher80:

      There’s already .44 Remington Magnum cartridges in the game, they would just need to make the animations and models 🙂

      I’d opt for a 30-30 myself, but beggars can’t be choosers.

  18. M Rawash:

    Could you make it so that the paintbrush textures can only be painted on matching materials? like wood on wood and stone on stone (concrete) and metal on metal? or is that too much work?

  19. TheRoyalG:

    When the Molotov Cocktails are in the game, would it be possible that wooden materials start burning? I think that would be nice , just playing and burning down houses haha

  20. cmdfarsight:

    Aren’t those colours the old Sim City colours for residential, commercial and industrial? 😀 Alpha 16 is looking great. Merry Christmas TFP and to all 7days survivors.

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