7 Days To Die Alpha 16 — The Vault — Part 28

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I added some new mods to my game. A coal recipe, burning wood can be expensive but to make the new synthetic diamonds, it was worth. With these diamonds, which have a low selling price compared to most resources, I can grind stone in the cement mixer to get lead or potassium nitrate. It's not the best option to get these resources but if you have a big surplus of stone and wood, it can be used in emergency situations. Although, I don't know how much time it would take without the instant craft mod.
Synthetic diamonds can also be used to make a new alloy with steel, used to upgrade the blade traps, giving them more HPs, more damage and less damage taken when hitting zombies. I couldn't find a way to directly upgrade the blades using the nailgun, so I needed to take back all my traps and make the upgrades on the workbench. I also added a recipe for the mega crush drink.
After replacing all the blades, I built a tunnel connecting the bottom pit traps to the main ladder. On this corridor, I built my secret vault, full of traps and a decoy safe. Well it will not be so secret after this video.

Difficult: Warrior; zombie spawn during horde night: 16; 120 minutes per day; 18 hours day cycle; loot 100% respawn 30 days;

Map Seed: Alpha16, base Coords: 1646N 1345E

Download my save file if you want to play on my world:

To load my save file you need to copy the Alpha16 folder, which contains the Region file, to: C:UsersyouraccountnameAppDataRoaming7DaysToDieSavesRandom Gen

Download the mods I'm using (stable version 16.2(b7)):

To install the mods, extract the Alpha16Mods.rar, and copy the Config folder to C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon7 Days To DieData

Mods list:
— LawnMower: tool to cut grass really fast;
— Auger damage increase: enable 1 hit stone if you have a good quality auger blade;
— Minibike Inventory expansion;
— More slots for the generator, battery bank and solar bank;
— More fuel capacity for the generator (10.000);
— New block (Junction Box) same as relays but the wires are invisible;
— Added advanced rotation to spotlights and motion sensors;
— Added the ability to repair trip wires;
— Added new kind of metal alloy (diamond steel);
— Added an upgraded blade trap (more hitpoints, more damage, take less damage);
— Coins can be melted in the forge (brass);
— Changed some resources and items stack sizes;
— Max player level 300;
— Increased horizontal movement speed in water;
— Instant craft when Quicker Crafting perk is max level;
— No quality loss during repairs when The Fixer perk is max level;
— Added recipes: LawnMower, oil, paper, solar bank, steel polish, solar cells, junction box, empty can, coal, lead, potassium, synthetic diamond, diamond steel alloy, blade trap upgraded, mega crush.

Also, if you want to watch some 7DTD and others games with comments, check out these guys:

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Music I used in this video:

00:00 Come Play with Me —
01:43 Frontier (Krale) —
05:47 Notre WeekEnd —
10:09 Kuyenda —
13:04 Just Breathe —
16:18 Breaking Charms —
19:31 Meant To Be (RetroVision Remix) —
23:06 Canopy —
25:24 Breaking Point —
28:57 Choices —
32:25 Nostalgia (Midranger) —
35:23 Let's Go! —
38:45 Feeling You —
42:55 Holo —
46:40 Paradox —
50:36 Badass —
51:33 Fade —
55:54 Orc March —

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  1. Kent Rydgren:

    hey dude if i wannt to get the Instant craft , no quality loss from perk to valmod where do i need to change ?

  2. zack is the bomb:

    How did you do the iron bars on the celing

  3. Julian Baez:

    *sniff *sniff i smell a face reveal for 25k

  4. lammetje77:

    +Z-Nation FFS in order to get the diamondSteelAlloy to work with the nailgun you will have to look up the follwing line under the nailgun :

    and add the diamondSteelAlloy to it like i did then it will work with the nailgun

  5. unholy gaming:

    U r the only YouTuber that I have the bell 4 lol
    Ps u r the reason why I want this game

  6. Barry Harvey:

    Wish I had a PC to get mods like that

  7. HuntingMachine:

    Z-Nation FFS I just want you to know that 90% of the music you have put on your videos are now in a big playlist I’ve made as I love it haha. Thanks for showing me good music.

  8. Kevin Mcguirk:

    Good day Mr Z..WOW you put a whole new definition on safe room .. Reading a few of the comments and it’s not my intentions to put pressure on you lol. You certainly bring joy to people lives and the fact that you take the time to respond to people as will contribute to other gamer, my hat is off to you sir . Thanks for putting all the heard work that you put in on these videos . 🙂 🙂

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Thank you man! I try to answer every comment but it’s getting really hard 🙂

    • Kevin Mcguirk:

      Z-Nation FFS
      The fact that you make an effort is appreciated by everyone I am sure.
      I am not part of the gamer world.
      What I Hear other Gamers mention you with the upmost respect not as a fellow gamer. But as a human being that is willing to put yourself out there to help.

    • Kevin Mcguirk:

      Z-Nation FFS
      And you also return the favor by mentioning them and what help they’ve given you.

  9. Matt F:

    different music please

  10. Michael Stewart:

    Z-Nation FFS, do you ever get tired of playing 7 Days to Die?

    • Michael Stewart:

      By the way, it means the world to me that u responded to my comment. Your seriously my favorite youtuber to watch

    • Michael Stewart:

      Very true. I love watching what you do. I try to do it but it never turns out the same lol. But i look forward to seeing what u do next. Already saw the next episode and loved it. Congrats on 25,000 subs. Its not easy

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      No, because the thing I like most in this game is building. I can keep building different stuff until the next alpha if I want 🙂

  11. Dorothee Schneider:

    Good morning Z;) I wish you — then in a few hours, that you can enjoy your coffee as I now — while I watch your new episode♥
    I have only read your description so far and haven´t watched the video yet. —> The synthetic diamonds are made of coal (graphite) as it is in reality? — how cool is that 😉 My first thought was: «I hope he doesn´t hurt himself with these mega-sharp things!» Now … I will look at your new video and see how you do it all;)

    • Dorothee Schneider:

      The end of the A14? Please! not again — that was bad enough ;P The Playlist — sure, of course … I started today with episode one A16, I have updated it last time after the A15, but this will be a long list. When I’m done I post it to you. ;*)

      Thanks for the hearts — three for YOU back ——> ♥♥♥

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      One more for you 🙂

    • Dorothee Schneider:

      Z-Nation FFS You are so beautiful ❤ Thank You;)

    • Dorothee Schneider:

      I’m such a sleepyhead, You meant the music from this video — or ?
      I like the most » Just Breathe » & «Notre WeekEnd »
      But if I should post you the whole list still — let me know. Now I’m done — it took me four hours … puhh 😉 ♥♫♪♪♥

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      I need to build a new generator to power this vault in case the one upstairs is destroyed 🙂

  12. W1se0ldg33zer:

    The zombie slaughtertorium is looking awesome.

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      LOL, thank you 🙂

    • W1se0ldg33zer:

      I was trying to remember which game had that — it was Galactic Civilization 3. The evil Drengin race has slaughtertoriums to keep their people happy. lol

    • W1se0ldg33zer:

      idk if it still works or not but you used to be able to flip the big gun safe over on its back and lay it down on bedrock where only just a little lip would stick up out of the bedrock. I figured that was probably the most secure you could ever make a place to store stuff. That was back when gun molds were a thing. I’d store those inside.

  13. Ja pierdole*:

    vau !!!!!!! Best video !!!!!! I like fouha awesome I would like to build your wonderful base is beautiful !!! And how do you put it as a video? Or did you make it like yourself or have you put it on your own head? PS:sorry for my English … 😛 😛 😀 😀

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Thank you! The only thing I planned was the arena pit area 🙂

    • Ja pierdole*:

      Yes, that’s a good idea, 😀 😀 and do you really have the base from your head as if you threw it alone? ? :O 🙂

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Yeah, I used to plan things better using a test world, but it takes too much time. Now I’m doing things without thinking too much. I also get some ideas from my viewers and from other youtubers, in these cases I always give the credits in the description 🙂

  14. Dorothee Schneider:

    Have you seen: … over 25 000 subscribers! WOW!!! Congratulations for it, I am glad with you! This is so fast … and you deserve it ❤

    • Dorothee Schneider:

      —> ❤❤❤

    • Dorothee Schneider:

      Z-Nation FFS Thank You ❤ ( pssst… now comes THE HORDE in Episode 29… I’m very excited) ❤

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Thank you so much! It’s all thanks to my wonderful subscribers. I don’t expend time on social media, so if my videos are successful it’s because you guys are sharing them 🙂

    • Dorothee Schneider:

      Z-Nation FFS Thank YOU ! … and it’s because you’re the very best! Because you have a great feeling for the right music, and how to make such a lets play well(exciting), as you build things which no one can build without seeing your work … and much more … ❤

  15. Danny Gross:

    I was tired till your video came out now I am wide awake lol. Going to be a awesome VIdeo like always.

  16. Str8EdgeSavior:

    What does the blade trap upgrade do? More HP? I finally added your mods and started using electricity and the night 56 horde wrecked my base and destroyed a few of them. I still haven’t figured out good placement for the electric fences either as they’re getting destroyed a lot as well.

    • Str8EdgeSavior:

      Z-Nation FFS Yeah 5 minutes into the vid I saw your vertical fence set-up, I had mine horizontal and in the open… Gonna turn zombies off because my screamers are getting bad and frequent and fix it tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

    • Str8EdgeSavior:

      Also I’m only on nomad and my blood moon count is 64 but I had all fat zombies and the most radiated wrights and cops I’ve ever seen.

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      I think 16 zombies is enough for me, cause I like to fight them face to face and also the lag would be insane in my PC if I use 64 alive XD

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      The blade upgrade changes the HPs from 2000 to 5000. It also increase the damage from 20 to 50 and the trap takes less damage per hit on a zombie (from 4 to 1). I may do some balance if I think it is too OP. Try hiding the electric fences underground 🙂

    • Str8EdgeSavior:

      Z-Nation FFS Oh yeah it’s bad, I lit myself on fire twice and fell off my iron bars because of it.



  18. Lobo teve:

    That ending was good ill give you that ??

  19. cihad kol:

    whats the name of the song which is playing like 8 min. around

  20. DraG_SkuLL:

    Dart trap floor with Iron bars on top to protect them? thought’s O great one?

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