7 Days To Die Alpha 16 — Shooting Range — Part 25

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I added a new chamber to my base. The shooting range is a trap that combines fall damage and darts. Initially, my idea was to use only 6 dart traps but because of the distance, which makes the darts go down, I had to add 3 more to the top.
I don't know if zombies will escape through the side poles, but if I attract them to the dart traps this will not be a problem. If the darts don't work well alone, I may have to add turrets to the trap. I still need to find a way to automate the trap. Maybe a motion sensor will work.
I also visited some traders and got most of the loot remaining from the previous episode.

Difficult: Warrior; zombie spawn during horde night: 16; 120 minutes per day; 18 hours day cycle; loot 100% respawn 30 days;

Map Seed: Alpha16, base Coords: 1646N 1345E

Download my save file if you want to play on my world:

To load my save file you need to copy the Alpha16 folder, which contains the Region file, to: C:UsersyouraccountnameAppDataRoaming7DaysToDieSavesRandom Gen

Download the mods I'm using (stable version 16.2(b7)):

To install the mods, extract the Alpha16Mods.rar, and copy the Config folder to C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon7 Days To DieData

Mods list:
— LawnMower: tool to cut grass really fast;
— Auger damage increase: enable 1 hit stone if you have a good quality auger blade;
— Minibike Inventory expansion;
— More slots for the generator, battery bank and solar bank;
— More fuel capacity for the generator (10.000);
— New block (Junction Box) same as relays but the wires are invisible;
— Added advanced rotation to spotlights and motion sensors;
— Added the ability to repair trip wires;
— Changed some resources and items stack sizes;
— Max player level 300;
— Increased horizontal movement speed in water;
— Instant craft when Quicker Crafting perk is max level;
— No quality loss during repairs when The Fixer perk is max level;
— Added recipes: LawnMower, oil, paper, solar bank, steel polish, solar cells, junction box, empty can.

Also, if you want to watch some 7DTD and others games with comments, check out these guys:

Dianddra D:
Grand Spartan:

Music I used in this video:

00:00:00 Come Play with Me —
00:00:59 Prism —
00:08:25 Earth —
00:12:14 Badass —
00:13:40 Breaking Point —
00:17:12 Choices —
00:20:41 Seven —
00:24:28 Memories — Steam Phunk Feat Apsley —
00:27:36 Neptune —
00:30:30 Cloud Chaser —
00:33:46 Super Mario World — Overworld Theme —
00:36:32 The Journey (C5) —
00:40:24 Canopy —
00:42:38 Sneaky Snitch —
00:43:56 Orchestral Suite (Wontolla — Play of the Game) —
00:51:37 Lone Soldier —
00:55:37 Invisible —
00:58:51 When I Met You —
01:02:20 Way Back Home —
01:06:05 Moso —
01:09:08 Sneaky Snitch —
01:10:02 Blank VIP —
01:15:01 Come Play with Me —

Guys, if you liked any music and have some free time, go to the channels I put in the description or look for the music authors and give them a like, these guys have so much talent and most of them let us use and enjoy their work for free. My channel would not exist without them.

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  1. Dorothee Schneider:

    I’ve built your hoovercraft for the first horde — the thing has´nt gotten one scratch LOL —>https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/850471752019019331/03A1961134475733933729FEB8FEE59E9ACE877D/

    Your ideas are unique … YOU the BEST ♥

  2. Danny Gross:

    I just finished watching my internet has been out the last two days like always awesome video

  3. Tonio Tony:

    Yo Z, thanks for the new mod’s updates (the possibility to turn now the spots and the sensors upside down is especially appreciated!). 🙂

  4. Ray Simonson:

    if you update your save file for download you should unlock the two chest where you fight the most

  5. Diogo P.:

    Great vid! Where u from?

  6. Marc Fernández:

    Thanks for your videos i enjoy a lot!!!! And if i can one question, for the mod of minibike inventory extensión which files i have to copy?? Windows.xml and loot.xml?? i tried to search but i’m not really sure, and for the speed movement in water?? Thanks!!!!

    • Marc Fernández:

      Yeaah!! So, thanks to you and Steffen Rumpel!! 😀 I’m gonna try next week. Big Up and stay alive with zetaas 😉

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Yeah, these 2. You can also change the mod by yourself following this tutorial created by Steffen Rumpel:

      Do make a backup of your current files, so you can revert any changes if you happen to mess things up.

      For the following changes to take effect, you need to restart the game and completely re-assemble your minibike after each change. Also, re-place the frame on the ground before re-assembling your minibike.

      Data / Config / loot.xml

      — line 1804 / look for —

  7. Str8EdgeSavior:

    Ooh what kind of «cheating» are you up to today? #that_guy_from_the_last_vid_is_probably_still_recovering_from_being_roasted_for_calling_you_a_cheater

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Yeah, my peeps are the best! I need to stop feeling bothered by this kind of comments, I have more than 20k reasons to be happy 🙂

    • Str8EdgeSavior:

      Z-Nation FFS Any advice on where to find magnum pieces? They’re slowly popping up in the traders I’ve found but out of the half a dozen or so towns I’ve found there’s only one shotgun messiah. Loot towers for the radiated guys maybe?

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Cowboy zombies also have a chance to drop magnum parts. The pawn shop is also good for weapons. And if you can, buy all the secret stash perks, it makes a lot of difference 🙂

    • Str8EdgeSavior:

      Z-Nation FFS Didn’t think of cowboys whoops. Time to loot some jails I guess. I do have secret stash level 3 at this point and only missing a cylinder.

  8. XRetroRivalX:

    How long does it take for a video to release?

  9. Jose GONDA:

    Hi mate, ur mods dont work on my 7DTD :<

  10. Nívek:

    Mano muito bom o seu jogo, e outra estranho n aparecer dois crafts de oil pois na 16.2 colocaram de oil e de papel, para minha alegria pois n uso mods kkk, e antes era tenso arruma papel pras shotgun muito bom video e mas um Br rumo ao topo. you are Amazing 😀

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Obrigado! Eu já tinha adicionado receita pra papel e óleo antes do update. Eu removi 1 das receitas de óleo e mantive a outra que usa animal fat, por isso tem 2 receitas de óleo. Valeu pelo apoio 🙂

    • Nívek:

      ^^ acho incrivel suas construcoes mas muitas delas vejo que pra mim levaria um tempao pra fazer kk, e sua criatividade que e incrivel eu nao tenho nem metade dela kk

  11. The Platinum Tugboat:

    Nice! it’s always a good time when you upload, we get to see how your brain works lol. Just had a quick question, what’s up with the increased mini bike storage? Is that just a PC thing? (I play on ps4.. i know, i know.. ) anyways thanks man, and great video like always.

  12. Blitz Creeper:

    With the scale of builds you do, I think it’s time to raise your auger fuel capacity from 400 to like 1000 so it uses one stack of gas exactly per reload.

  13. Dorothee Schneider:

    I have not looked at it yet;) am pleased❤ A heart already before — for the Saturday evening surprise: *)

  14. Дима ™:

    Z-nation why without voice?

  15. Dan III:

    Hi, I really want to see Ark Survival Evolved in your perfomance. I think you will like.)
    Please check video in YouTube). Sorry for my bad English 🙂

  16. Carnell Stallworth:

    rocket launcher episode z???

  17. Cristhian Cifuentes:

    ✔️?Estos vídeos me gustan bastante, la música que pones y todo lo que haces? uno de los mejores juegos. Saludos ?? buen vídeo?

  18. Gnem Shy:

    Hello, if you are sure about what you will build, it’s better to craft concrete block directly than iron frame!

    I give you my little mod, maybe a little cheat but it’s great to up speed melt in forge, in items.xml with:
    Add with this line:

    That’s mean that will take only 1s to melt item but some can take a little more cause of their mass but it’s very more speed than default melt time.
    You can try with value between 0.05 to 0.025 but not less than 0.025 because you will have got a lag.
    I use 0.025 with 6 forge & no problem & I mod the perk to craft in 0s too at max value but as you know, it’s not really 0s cause TFP are bad developer LOL but just launch example 1000 cement & then close the forge, wait +/-3s & then re-open the forge & then done, the craft is finish (it’s the same thing for all working station).

    By the way with this mod (in fact without it, it’s the same thing), example with the forge (but it’s the same thing with all windows craft in the game), if you show all craft choice & you craft 1000 thing that can be slow, so you must have no choice favorite craft and then click on favorite to not see all craft & then the craft will have a normal time craft (this «bug» are always in game since a10.3 minimum, with many craft choice, the craft time are low, but if we show only some craft or nothing, the craft time it’s normal…

    With the perk to 0s craft time, it’s the «same» thing, we must close all type windows craft to let the craft time be normal & a little last thing maybe useless but just in case for someone want to explose the reccord of item crafted, with all windows craft we have 4 places in queue, so example with forge, we can launch 4 times in the same time 1000 cement, each queue will craft correctly!

    • Gnem Shy:

      Yes sadly with this mod & with one another mod, I d’ont know why but with a16 screamers will always come, with a15 no problem… So if you really don’t want screamer, for any workstation & torch & candle, in «blocks.xml» change like this:

      About the «with one another mod», if you are borring to use wood for fire:

      > blocks.xml : search «,fuel» & remove it
      before after

      > xui.xml : search «windowFuel» & remove this line

      There’s a another way but I have not try yet because my mod it’s enough for no spawn screamers (normaly LOL).

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      How this forge mod work with the screamers? Does it call a lot of screamers or none?

  19. Nick Euler:

    I had to go change my pants because in the very start of the video when you were eating and the damn gun traps went off, Jesus it was so loud and sudden.

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