7 Days To Die Alpha 16 — Puppies! — Part 30

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I watched one of kage848's videos where people told him to sell garage doors for the traders. LOL, he didn't try so I thought I could give it a shot. Man, that's why I keep watching other players and reading all the comments I can. Each garage door sells for more than 2k coins, and I think it can stack up to 500 items. I will be a millionaire before I finish my base.
Lots of coins means less space. First I tried to increase the stack number, but I think there's a limit, because my coins disappeared during the test. So, I created the Grand Dukes. Each Grand Duke is worth 1000 coins, and you can easily convert to coins again if you need.
I also changed the shotgun slugs recipe. I reduced the number of tips and casings for the same as the other bullets, but I kept the amount of gunpowder, so they're still the most expensive bullet type. Now I can finally enjoy my shotgun.
I did lots of work on the base. I added a generator to the vault room, so it can have a dedicated power source. I built the top site around the arena, so I can start digging the other underneath areas. I also expanded the farm, now I have 100 crops on each row. Food, drink, paint and bandages for dayz.

Difficult: Warrior; zombie spawn during horde night: 16; 120 minutes per day; 18 hours day cycle; loot 100% respawn 30 days;

Map Seed: Alpha16, base Coords: 1646N 1345E

Download my save file if you want to play on my world:

To load my save file you need to copy the Alpha16 folder, which contains the Region file, to: C:UsersyouraccountnameAppDataRoaming7DaysToDieSavesRandom Gen

Download the mods I'm using (stable version 16.2(b7)):

To install the mods, extract the Alpha16Mods.rar, and copy the Config folder to C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon7 Days To DieData

Mods list:
— LawnMower: tool to cut grass really fast;
— Auger damage increase: enable 1 hit stone if you have a good quality auger blade;
— Minibike Inventory expansion;
— More slots for the generator, battery bank and solar bank;
— More fuel capacity for the generator (10.000);
— New block (Junction Box) same as relays but the wires are invisible;
— Added advanced rotation to spotlights and motion sensors;
— Added the ability to repair trip wires;
— Added new kind of metal alloy (diamond steel);
— Added an upgraded blade trap (more hitpoints, more damage, take less damage);
— Coins can be melted in the forge (brass);
— Coins can be packed into Grand Dukes (1000 coins = 1 Grand Duke);
— Grand Dukes can be unpacked to coins (1 Grand Duke = 1000 coins);
— Changed recipe for shotgun slugs;
— Changed some resources and items stack sizes;
— Max player level 300;
— Increased horizontal movement speed in water;
— Instant craft when Quicker Crafting perk is max level;
— No quality loss during repairs when The Fixer perk is max level;
— Added recipes: LawnMower, oil, paper, solar bank, steel polish, solar cells, junction box, empty can, coal, lead, potassium, synthetic diamond, diamond steel alloy, blade trap upgraded, mega crush, Grand Dukes.

Music I used in this video:

00:00 Come Play with Me —
01:23 Just Breathe —
04:37 Serotonin —
08:46 Phantom —
12:01 On & On —
15:26 Oh Look, Aliens —
17:53 Icaro —
21:28 Heroic —
25:33 Memories — Steam Phunk Feat Apsley —
28:41 Notre WeekEnd —
33:04 Adventure —
37:55 Earth —
41:37 Jazzy Frenchy —
43:40 Taste Of The Sun —
47:25 Restart —
49:59 Never Gonna —
53:20 Enough —
55:15 Come Play with Me —

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  1. Meat:

    There’s a bug where you won’t get the full 4 or 5 pages of ‘Secret Stash’ from the trader unless it’s the first time you visit that trader. I couldn’t figure out why with my Secret Stash maxed out I never got any solar panels or cells to buy from the 4 traders I had found. Now I know… So I traveled around and found 3 new traders in my world, and each trader had 4 pages of stuff under the Secret Stash, and each trader had a solar panel ($4800) and at least 1 solar cell ($18,660). These prices are because I have Barter maxed out, otherwise I’m guessing they’ll be more expensive. Anyone who wants to buy these items (and maybe other items as well) should save up a bunch of dukes and then go find a new trader and the Secret Stash perk maxed out. Also make sure you take enough money when you go, because as soon as they restock the expanded Secret Stash will go back to 1 or 2 pages of items which won’t include the better stuff.

    Links that mention this bug are below. I don’t think the FP’s have acknowledged it yet.


    • Z-Nation FFS:

      It’s confirmed! I found 2 new traders, but the first one I visited was already revealed on the map, so it probably had his stuff refreshed. The second one was revealed during the new video and had all kinds of rare goods and more secret stash pages 🙂

    • Maedde 999:

      no, thank You, Sir! 😉 I can absolutely confirm your observation.. I drove to 2 undiscovered traders and both had 5 full pages secrets stash and both had solar cells as well..! 🙂
      next I will try the «trick» with deleting some region files to «fix» the traders near my base..

    • Meat:

      Sweet, thanks. 🙂

    • Maedde 999:

      I’ll try it out today after work..!

    • Meat:

      I just verified this again just to be sure. I took a bunch of machete’s and garage doors to sell and found 2 new traders using the RNG map previewer. When I got to each of them, they had at least 4 pages of stuff each. Both had solar panels, solar cells (1 had 3 of them!), and battery bank schematics. I came home with 5 more solar cells and a grip for my magnum that I’ve been missing. Has anyone else tried searching around for new traders yet? It would be nice to be able to verify that it’s not just me and 1 or 2 other players with this issue. The fact that TFP’s haven’t called this a bug yet is a little concerning to me.

  2. Danny Gross:

    To bad you couldn’t tame those puppies for pets. And like always awesome video. P.S. can we get some extra long videos if it is possible thanks.

  3. Z-Nation FFS:

    Who was watching Game of Thrones?

  4. The Immortal Fox:

    You still need to build a bedroom or penthouse with an actual bed!

    Come on Z! Priorities!

  5. Birthday Thief:

    Watchin ur vids never gets old. I find myself waiting very impatiently for the next.

  6. John oklm:

    You make a fantastic work

  7. rokas sutkevicius:

    z-nation did you know that the minibike basket has some of your items offscreen in order to get them back you need to take the basket off your minibike

    • Meat:

      rokas, did you change the number of columns when you modded the basket? I’m sure you already know this, but different monitors will have different resolutions, so what works for Z-nation or someone else might not work out well for you. I had to reduce the number of minibike slots because my monitor is smaller. You can always reduce your number of column slots if you follow the xml modding instructions. I think the instructions were included in the download, but if not, you can refer to the video again where Z-Nation provided the instructions. They are in the first ‘pinned ‘comment of this Z-nation video:

    • rokas sutkevicius:

      Z-Nation FFS the thing is about the basket that it has 10 colums you just cant see the last one atleast then i play with your modpack i always have to remove the basket to get some items off screen well you can try if its the same for you ☺

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      I’m not sure about that. The mod has 9 columns and I can see 9 when I open the storage 🙂

  8. David Jeffrey Spetch:

    Quite the mass production farming you got going on there …

    • David Jeffrey Spetch:

      Yeah I was thinking of your comment of someone has been playing too much 7 days when I saw that draw bridge etc. it kind of was box like, like the game. I haven’t made paint but found tonnes especially in graves. I made gas with oil shale. I didn’t bother with bandages (they keep changing how you level up so I didn’t even know if it would be worth the while to make bandages even for leveling up) I haven’t made beer or grain alcohol but have made first aid kits. I seem to have been able to find lots of of beer and grain alcohol. I might of made the alcohol once but don’t specifically remember at the moment and if I did only one just to see how it went. I grew coffee but didn’t actually make any. I have made all kinds of food and drinks though. See my problem is, I think it’s because I have only a 4 gig processor and both in 15 and 16 for whatever reason while playing at some point I wind up in the void. It was usually because I was on a fast bike, but the last time I was on foot then suddenly it glitched and for the upteenth time I lost my whole game again and all of those hours invested. I haven’t played in a couple of weeks. I like the game but am sick of being mildly heart broken time and time again to see everything I worked for disappear and have to start over again. Imagine your sweet set up gone forever because the game glitches on you, and you wind up in a blank screen and suddenly everything you did over hours upon hours is just gone. I suspect your computer is a little more buff than mine is though …

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      LOL, I laughed when I saw the drawbridge XD

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      I can make gas, paint, bandages, cloth, beer, alcohol, coffee, drinks and of course food 🙂

    • David Jeffrey Spetch:

      lol the zombie bunker …

    • David Jeffrey Spetch:

      Checking out the 10 Most Heavily Guarded Homes On Earth

  9. Chris Artis:

    Z u put so many hours in to this and I love your dedication

  10. Dorothee Schneider:

    Good Morning Z 😉 Monday morning … just an annoying day (especially if you´ve to get up early, if you played on the evening before long ;P) — which is not so bad when you upload a new video ♥ thanks for that! You´re helping to survive in reality 😉

    Do you know what I’ve found? Other Letsplayers have to strive to complete the «20 minutes» with their game. Sometimes they do´nt really know what to do at this time (LOL) in an emergency they go «loot» … And YOU — cut out parts of your recording because you think it would bored us … although in these pieces you´ve cut out certainly is more content! You’re just great ♥

    You have finished the upper level, so much work and it looks soo great! You really put a generator in your vault? You do´nt really think about the end of the A14? …… I should not say such a thing… You do that then also 😛 Just as I said you should be careful with the upgraded blades. Where do you go during the fight? … In the middle (LOL) I know this has liked many here! I have only ever thought: «Hopefully these things do not cut his head off…» I know Your success here is also due to the fact that you are doing these things — and that is why we love you for it ♥ I just hope that you always have good luck. 😉

    I wish you a pleasant Monday! Thank you for everything ;*)

    • Dorothee Schneider:

      — > Meat Good 😉

    • Meat:

      Yeah, that’s why I really wanted to find the solar power items for sale (and finally found them by looking for new traders). Now I have a solar panel connected to my battery bank so I can recharge the batteries during the day. Finally!

    • Dorothee Schneider:

      Z-Nation FFS Ohh … Very well 😉 I have the fingers crossed for You 😉 I hope you could buy everything what you need.
      I’ve found that the batteries in the banks quite quickly break down 😛 The better the quality … the slower, but still fast.
      Thank you for the hearts, you are so dear ❤

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Since I read it is a bug I tried to find new traders. I found 2 🙂

    • Dorothee Schneider:

      Hello You 😉 Yes, I’ve already also thought , I have to go there with «heavy baggage» XD …Maybe I can finally find the recipe for the hops. Which for the battery bank I had, thank god, bought already on the first visit at one of my four traders. I would also trust the FP that was with the «bug» intention, to ensure that we explore the world more …?! What did you do? … or can´nt tell me yet, because you show it in the next episode? … by the way, I have a new favorite song … «Wassup» 😉 I would never´ve found this song… Thanks to YOU ♥

  11. Nélio Dias:

    Boas Z 🙂 Passando por aqui para dar aquela força 🙂 Abraço [ ]

  12. Me Tube:

    littlefinger is killed by arya.

  13. Gheorghe Tralalala:

    Come play with me harambo , it’s again me 🙂 I have a room for you in the basement where’s no lights so if you don’t want to be there don’t use this music : «»come play with me «»

  14. LR Extreme:

    parabéns pelo vídeo ,quando vc vai colocar os nomes nos acento ?

  15. tzuff kretzu:

    Happy to see you using the 90 per usage trick keep on the good work and i hope to see more looting/adventure episode’s

  16. alexey:

    Please tell me another question: How to make money (token, coin) remelted in brass?

  17. Terry Donnelly:

    How come the background music isn’t in my game??

  18. Dead .1?!:

    *Puppies* I was like … LEMME WATCH xD

  19. Nívek:

    Mano do ceu fico muito boa sua base e cada video q vejo me da mas inspiraçoes de continua com a minha, msm sendo um canal todo gringo vc e o mlr do 7 days to die brasileiro continue assim. tmj ^^

  20. José Lucas:

    melhor parte do meu dia!
    Seus videos! (inclusive os q eu me atrasei de ver ???)

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