7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Preview | It Looks Awesome!

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7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Preview — Gameplay changes, building updates, electricity and more!

Alpha 16 for 7 Days to Die is near, there's no release date so we can't do an ep 1 yet, but we've collated all of the preview footage so far to show what's coming up in Alpha 16. 7dtd Alpha 16 looks great.

All footage taken from MadMole's channel, check it out:

New Animals:
Bears are being overhauled, Snakes are added to the desert and we might see new pigs & stags along with Wolves.

Zip Lines:
Zip Lines might be added so we can create networks of them for faster travel and better escape options.

New Zombies:
Hawaiian Shirt Zombie, new Miner, Solder and Football player and a Fat Woman zombie.

New Building Options:
Rotation menu with advanced, simple and on face rotations, HD assets, new building blocks like Jail Cells, Bullet Proof Glass and Corner Stairs

Random Gen:
Lods for points of interests so you can see them from far away, potential cave system where you can explore and find ore, town districts for more realistic towns.

Generators, switches, flamethrower trap, arrow trap, chopping trap, relays, battery bank, solar panels. Connect things up using the new wire tool.

7 Days to Die is a zombie horde survival / crafting / tower defense game, you can play single player or multiplayer, on PS4, Xbox or PC.

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комментариев 39

  1. Meatwing:

    Fantastic i already knew all this since i keep up with Joel’s videos, but its nice to see it all crammed in one video!

  2. frostydowns:

    It sounds like you’re constipated.

  3. David Flores:

    is that you charlie day!?!?! XD good video mate!

  4. Heatwave619:

    Consoles. Are. Still. Waiting.

  5. Morph Verse:

    This game is definitely coming around!, props for the developers actually keeping this up!!.

    If Dayz doesn’t look out, this game could be a new level of fun..

  6. Jonas Matthys:

    Omg console is so far behind ?

  7. Aki:

    how can I play as the character at 1:00 I need to know that right now

  8. Dark Western:

    0:06 — RIP headphone users, unsubscribed.

  9. david tillenburg:

    kommt es auch für die Playstation 4 Alpha 16

  10. Brandan Temple:

    Really appreciate the content, but you really don’t have to put such a strain on your voice. You sound fine without it! 🙂

    • D C:


    • Steggs101:

      Ah thanks Arielle, much appreciated! 🙂

    • Arielle Vachon:

      To be honest I prefer narration like this than the way Joel narrates his videos. So monotone, makes it feel like a chore having to listen. I like the energy in your voice even if it’s slightly excessive. I hardly notice the strain anyways. 🙂

    • Steggs101:

      I think you’re absolutely spot on there man, I’m really glad you commented here, it’s given me a lot to think about, thank you 🙂

      I’m pleased you got some info out of the video, apologies if your ears bled a little! XD

    • Brandan Temple:

      Ah right, haha. I understand a bit more now, I’d personally suggest when you’re being informative and trying to get something across to your viewers try reducing the strain; simply because it’s easier for us to take it in.

      But nice info anyway, I definitely learnt things about the next update with this; personally really looking forward to the zip line for fast travel! 🙂

  11. mason PAUL:

    hi i really love your channel i really want to play alpha 15 if you can give it us when alpha 16 comes out on computer and can all the stuuf come with it

  12. ELITE EMPIRE547:

    when alpha 16 comes on console

  13. Capon Crunch:


    • Steggs101:

      It’s in experimental at the moment on PC (a beta branch open to anyone on steam). For console… there’s no date, it’s quite far behind PC unfortunately.

  14. Jordan Jones:

    I’m taking a break from 7 days till Alpha 16 comes out really looking forward to electricity but I really want zip lines to be a thing in the game too it would make it very cool in some locations like the desert mountains for getting around your base quickly on horde nights or just to make travel faster if mopeds are removed on pub servers like mine due to lag

    • Steggs101:

      Yeah I’ve not uploaded any 7dtd let’s plays because I’m out of things to do, so I’m in a similar boat. Electricity will be sick, and you’re definitely right about ziplines!

  15. Matthew Ballard:

    Hopefully console will get updates other then BS patches

    • Steggs101:

      Yeah, I was defending them about this for a while because it costs a lot of money to do updates and patches to console, but after a fair few patches, it’s getting harder to defend! Hopefully they have a plan in mind…

  16. Studio Nomad:

    dude tone down your voice next time lol
    thanks for the preview

    • Amanda Triplett:

      MysteriousGT1 Actually it will.

    • MysteriousGT1:

      it will never come to console unfortunatly!

    • Steggs101:

      Think this is just for PC unfortunately, my friend. Their community manager said this:

      «It should be noted we will not get one solid “A15” update, but rather once features on PC are refined and ready they will begin the porting process for those features. We already have Dynamic Hordes, Distant Terrain, Journals etc with Signs now coming in the new update. So we are getting parts of A15 with each update»

  17. Matt76:

    The jail door is ready in the game. You just need to spawn it in.

  18. Andym0305:

    when will they do this for console?

    • Steggs101:

      I think it’ll be a while unfortunately. One of their community managers said this about console:

      «It should be noted we will not get one solid “A15” update, but rather once features on PC are refined and ready they will begin the porting process for those features. We already have Dynamic Hordes, Distant Terrain, Journals etc with Signs now coming in the new update. So we are getting parts of A15 with each update».

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