7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Octo-Shot Day 77 Horde Attack

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Here is a bunker on our multiplayer server, that we use for the community base. After watching our base crumble to the Day 70 Horde, I had to quickly come up with a more efficient design for our 8 shotgun setup. I did not add music to this one, as I thought it would take away from just how effective the shotgun turrets are by listening to them blast away! Be sure and check out my Alpha 16 Let's Play series, where I will be building many more base designs, as I take you step by step on each build every day!

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комментариев 28

  1. Joshua LoCicero:

    looks amazing

  2. TemerariiPulsat:

    Shields would be epic

  3. Loan Wolf:

    your best loot is destroyed

  4. Nordstrom Eddlestein:

    Love the idea for the placement of the turrets!

  5. Crazy Squid022:

    I took this base design and added another several turrets and incorporated some blade traps into the base of the tower. Made it through the 77 day horde without any issues, although I died from cop spit, but this base design does chew up zombies like pez.

  6. Soren of Winterfell:

    How do you get all the loot though?

  7. Jeffrey Chun:

    How did you place your barbed wire on the ground like that? I can only get them to be placed like a normal fence and not laid out on the ground.

  8. kriddius:

    I’d love to see a base design with a focus on the spinning blade traps, a field of concentric blenders! That way, you won’t have to spend 12 weeks/hordes building shotguns shells for one horde…6000 shotgun rounds? That would take me forever!

  9. Chef Kevin:

    ROFL on the last comment in video. «Of course Crazy Spartan jumps down in there. Someone give him a spear and shield.»

  10. Tommy Pang:

    Cool defense! Nice!

  11. Merlin Ambrosius:

    Havent played 7DtD in awhile do zombies still fall into spike pits like before or are they smarter now?

  12. Dread LegoCustoms:


    Edit: pin dis

  13. Octaiva Melody:

    bullets everywhere

  14. tom brookens:

    Frames dipped to 13 at one time. WOW

    • Grand Spartan:

      I think the big reason is because we are located right next to the high rise book store. They are frame killers. I hope that this gets worked out soon. Everywhere else I am getting 150 + fps. Only in cities near the high rise building do my frames drop. Horde plus high rise = low fps.

  15. GutteralMasticator:

    nice setup between mates, how would this go with max spawns on single play?

    • GutteralMasticator:

      btw single player max spawns, how long would it take to max out all the slots with shotFun shells? :/

    • Grand Spartan:

      We have max spawn set for hordes as well. With them facing inward, the 6k rounds last for the whole horde. With them facing outward, they don’t even last one.

  16. Spokah D.:

    jebus!! that looked intense. boy were they coming from all sides. need more shotguns. lol

  17. The Glimpse:

    I am now officially in more Grand Spartan videos than I am in my own videos. 😀

    This base makes surviving the Horde easy.

    Remember everyone,

    Smile. The Grand Spartan loves you.

  18. Purpura Draco:

    Shotgun turret hanging baskets? Nice touch.

  19. forstirling:

    wow…another great base… got to love the shotguns

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