7 Days To Die (Alpha 16 | Experimental) — The Skyscraper of Doom (Day 39)

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In this episode we go back to the skyscraper in the city, and continue working to turn it into a Testing Facility for the Zombie Research Initiative.

From 7 Days To Die, by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC.

Explosion sound:

Music for this video:
"Long Note One", "Long Note Two" by Kevin MacLeod ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"I want to destroy something beautiful" — Josh Woodward ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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комментариев 57

  1. J.C.'s Channel:

    I wonder how many people actually watched the video to the end and saw the plot twist.

  2. Richard Landerman:

    Warning: Watching a video on J.C.’s Channel directly after waking up in the morning may cause you to read all comments and put «of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM» after each one in your head.

  3. Emily Thomson:

    just wondering if u noticed that your bikes gas was at 1%? is that possibly why you ended the vid there with a very interesting event?

    • Emily Thomson:

      Dilotech ty for telling me about the drawbridge in the workbench I will definitely check?

    • Emily Thomson:

      yes they surely di am in day 88 my next horde is 91 coming up because my last horde was day 84

    • Brizzy5starEnt:

      Dilotech Yeah I used to play on PC but my PC ended up having a stroke lol and died. But yeah I’m on PS4 and I’m glad the console version isn’t super easy anymore.

    • Dilotech:

      Brizzy5starEnt no, I didn’t know that was something available. I’m playing on PS4 , and have not seen that. And yes, hordes are better now. Love this game!

    • Brizzy5starEnt:

      Dilotech Have you found any bandit heavy armor yet?. I’m on day 14 and zombie dogs finally joined my hoard night. I’ve also noticed the hoards get harder every 7 days like the PC version now.

  4. Jeremy Cano:

    hey jc hows your day and how long have you been playing for ?

    • Jeremy Cano:

      Richard Landerman i know right i was shocked to find out that his name was my initials ??

    • Richard Landerman:

      Got a notification on my phone that you commented on one off my comments, that lets me know that you’re on and answering comments 😀
      *J.C.* I think Richard may be a stalker, I dunno, it’s kinda weird.

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Hey there. Day is going as usual. The rest, as Richard said.

    • Richard Landerman:

      He’s got 734 hours logged. That doesn’t really answer your question though.
      He’s been playing since Alpha 1, and uploaded his first video on August 17, 2013.
      I have 826 hours logged and I’ve been playing since Alpha 15, so hours played doesn’t really mean much. I may have one hundred more hours logged, but I’m nowhere near JC, he’s a totally different level.

      WAIT!?!?!?! Jeremy Cano…..JC………Jere…….GAH!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tom biddle:

    Oooo after that ending I’m hyped to see the next episode

  6. James Manning:

    Is this in navezgane or random gen? Great video btw!

  7. DinoStar:

    fwi, the munitions crates can be broken down by anything to get some food iron and a single forged steel when it breaks (I think)

    • DinoStar:

      J.C.’s Channel , ok thanks for responding. I saw near the end that your pickaxe was low durability and so in that sense it can be a good idea to break it down

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      I rather let them stay intact, and collect the loot after the respawn period (I will eventually leave the area for a long time).

  8. Kerri Springford:

    Mike’s a little lazy.. 😀

  9. Cesar Bini:

    Wooooww was that a nuke ?? OMG !!!

  10. Heiko Wagner:

    ahhhh, skyscraper of dooooooooom… what else 😉

  11. BadTemo:

    This prob took 3 days to make and also please face cam

    • BadTemo:

      U look way diff then i thought u would Lol i thought u would look kinda like indian No Offense with the voice

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Took about 2 hours to record, 1 hour to edit, 20 minutes to encode, 2 hours to upload.
      Also, no face, distracts form the game. You want to see what I look like, go to twitter, sometimes I post pics.

  12. Stuart Roark:

    Another cliffhanger of DOOOOOOOOMMM! Awesome video JC.

  13. Gallygoy:

    J.C.’s Channel that alarm thing in the end …that was you who edited into the video i assume…right ? and then booom everything is gone…lol

  14. Jessica Van Oorschot:

    jc ive been a subscriber since you started your channel

  15. SeaMonkey:

    That noise at the end is just the low fuel warning on the minibike 😉

  16. King Meggie:

    first comment crew 🙂

  17. Tonio Tony:

    Mike said: Before the next visit of Mighty Cthulu, change ASAP the vulgar and dirty kitchen carrelage painting you put on the ground and replace it with the grey marble one. Otherwise when he’ll be back, he risks to not appreciate at all what you have done with his evil Temple of Dooooooom!!! In his view, this tasteless and inappropriate decorative choice would be insulting and degrading to worship him in his cosmological and immeasurable grandeur! 🙂

    Edit: By the way, about painting, I’m surprised to see you didn»t notice that there was a feature in the brush options which allows you to colorize a whole bloc in a single pass.
    It’s usefulti to save time when you have to paint it with the same color intergrally, but it’s also interesting to cover the unattainable aeras (as the inner sides of the blocs running around the bullet proof glas for example…).

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