7 Days To Die (Alpha 16 | Experimental) — The Nuke (Day 40)

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After surviving a nuclear blast, we begin searching for a place to build the main facility for the Zombie Research Initiative.

From 7 Days To Die, by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC.

Music for this video:
"Long Note One", "Long Note Two" by Kevin MacLeod ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Follow The Road" — Josh Woodward ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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комментариев 45

  1. JrEasyLa Nunez:

    I couldn’t watch the video after the 4 time i heard you say Walter

  2. TSForrest:

    Watch out! Some of the cooking pots on the floor are mines. I’ve seen both zombies and players get blown up in Ourbucks Coffee in the Crack-a-book building by the cooking pot mines!

  3. David Park:

    Sorry for this basic question, but how can I move items from my inventory to the storage without drag and dropping? Is there a hotkey or something? I see people doing it all the time on youtube but couldn’t find out how. Besides, I love your creative base design, especially the one on the falls.

  4. lMunchkinI:

    JC, greetings fellow researcher!!!! First my team and I want to thank you for another informative, entertaining, and educational zLog! It was very kind of you to give a wonderful scientific recreation of ZRIP Researcher Eviel Kenievel’s demonstration Newtons Third Law of Motion (every action results in an equal reaction!!!) As we engineers know from learning history, physics, calculus, aerodynamics, and darwins theory’s on evolution….. when your action is to do something jackassedly stupid the typical reaction generally results in death or serious bodily harm…… at least you healed your legs!!!!!! Also I must admit, hearing the slap of my two assistants sitting on either side of me when they face palmed at the same moment resulting in a stereo version of «SMACK» was very entertaining for me! LoL. One last thing….. according to my teams research we need to warn you that some jackass built false floors into the Crack a Book that can give you another fun demonstration of gravity. Please be careful!!!!!! ZRIP Team Munchkin.

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Here at the Zombie Research Initiative, we like to push the boundaries of knowledge and industry. In this particular instance, we required the flexibility of a helipod, with the speed of a high performance air jet. Advances in minibike tech lead us to believe we needed not to look any further; our patented vector thrust coil would give the minibike the ability to sustain normal flight in the event of a catastrophic, multi engine failure.

      Clearly, we were mistaken.

  5. Falzeee:

    The Zombie Walter

  6. Elizabeth Crow:

    «Kurabu» is a bad translation of how Japanese tend to pronounce «club» so that mezzanine is a club inside the business, it’d be a good spot to set up a small outpost.

  7. Dilotech:

    Doing the Blair witch thing 30:00. Lmao ???

  8. Henry Sylvester:

    21:10 «Bruh unacceptable» ?

  9. CM:

    This must be where the green glowing zombies are?

  10. Branden Schneider:

    5:00 «Gimme fuel, gimme fire, give me that which I desire!»

    That’s how I heard it in my head.

  11. Xylias:

    Jump right off the face of it…..SKY DIVER….SKYYY DIIIVVVEEEEEEEEEERRRRR!!!!

  12. RShadow Gaming:

    Dont do it JC. Dont go into Higashi. They were doing horrible sick and twisted experiments on the upper levels.

  13. reira miya:

    ? «Mike! Mike! I’m gonna get help! (checks bookcase) Oooh! A schematic!» ?
    Poor Mike!! ? ?

  14. chris powell:

    Might find a soundtrack you could use for when you enter :
    «The Temple of DOOOOOOOOOOM!»

  15. Marco Nicastro:

    hi on ps4 the market don’t exist ?

  16. Devastation Rogue:

    JC, thankfully you were wearing your protective gear when that explosion went off.

  17. tom biddle:

    Boiiii, hyped for this episode:D

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