7 Days To Die Alpha 16 — Bullseye — Part 22

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I'm rich! I finally found something traders love more than cursing us, TNT and machete blades. I already knew about TNT since alpha 15, but they're expensive to make, though, machete blades are almost free for me, because all the iron I get digging.
I have so many dukes now that they're taking a huge space in my minibike inventory. As always, traders suck when it comes to good items. Since I traveled that far to trade, I did a night loot run to get more engines, batteries and gas.
Back home, I tried to explain the bug that can happen with the power slots mod. Hope I could make it understandable. If anyone knows how to fix this bug by changing something in the game files, please post a comment or send me a message.
I still had time to finish another part of the hover platform, the Bullseye. I hope this makes the horde battles a bit more cheap and easy.

Difficult: Warrior; zombie spawn during horde night: 16; 120 minutes per day; 18 hours day cycle; loot 100% respawn 30 days;

Map Seed: Alpha16, base Coords: 1646N 1345E

Download my save file if you want to play on my world:

To load my save file you need to copy the Alpha16 folder, which contains the Region file, to: C:UsersyouraccountnameAppDataRoaming7DaysToDieSavesRandom Gen

Download the mods I'm using (stable version 16.2(b7)):

To install the mods, extract the Alpha16Mods.rar, and copy the Config folder to C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon7 Days To DieData

Mods list:
— LawnMower: tool to cut grass really fast;
— Auger damage increase: enable 1 hit stone if you have a good quality auger blade.
— Minibike Inventory expansion
— More slots for the generator, battery bank and solar bank
— More fuel capacity for the generator (10.000)
— new block (Junction Box) same as relays but the wires are invisible
— Changed some resources and items stack sizes
— Max player level: 300
— Increased movement in water
— Instant craft when Quicker Crafting perk is max level
— No quality loss during repairs when The Fixer perk is max level
— Added recipes: LawnMower, oil, paper, solar bank, steel polish, solar cells, junction box, empty can

Also, if you want to watch some 7DTD and others games with comments, check out these guys:

Dianddra D:
Grand Spartan:

Music I used in this video:

00:00:00 Come Play with Me —
00:00:35 Restart —
00:03:10 Adventures —
00:06:30 No Money —
00:09:26 Monody —
00:14:12 Masked Raver —
00:18:41 No Regrets —
00:22:54 Defeat The Night —
00:27:06 Mortals —
00:30:48 Nightime —
00:35:02 Giana Sisters Remix —
00:42:14 Dimah —
00:45:55 Oh Look, Aliens —
00:48:22 Pill —
00:50:33 Breaktime —
00:54:52 Sneaky Snitch —
00:55:36 Change Your Ways —
00:59:42 Super Mario World — Overworld Theme —
01:02:27 Elysium —
01:06:33 Break Away —
01:11:31 Creepy —

Guys, if you liked any music and have some free time, go to the channels I put in the description or look for the music authors and give them a like, these guys have so much talent and most of them let us use and enjoy their work for free. My channel would not exist without them.

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  1. ssgtusaf:

    Hit the like button before you forget!

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Thank you guys, I really appreciate your support 🙂

    • Random Guy:

      You should pin this one, don’t feel like your are promoting yourself for different reasons other than entertainment. This community you have here is amazing, which is a direct result of your involvement. I have never seen better base building in any other game than with your video’s, and you always keep me on my toes trying to figure out exactly what you are planning to do each and every time I watch your vids. That’s quite a spectacular feat when being a video creator, keep up the great work. =]

    • SoB 76:

      ssgtusaf i pre like all Zs vids. and i watch most of them at least twice

  2. Danny Gross:

    Great video like always. You getting closer now to the magnum. will you use it a lot when you get all the pieces for it.

  3. Button King:

    If the zombie apocalypse was real I would only go out in the day (20 years old and still afraid of the dark)

  4. Darren Terry:

    I have over 3300 hours in game now, and you make me feel like I still have so much to learn! Thank you for being SO DAMN PRO, Z-!!!

  5. Jasmine FairyBreath:

    Dude, U r by far the Greatest 7D2D Player of All Time!!! This is Great!! Plzzz..keep up the Great Work!! I learn so much from watching ur vids!!

  6. Steven Morgan:

    Hello Z I love your videos please keep up the great work. I have a question I tried adding your md package but I get an error when trying to start the game. at loading items Exception item smallEngine for receiver bot found. I cant get paste this. Also I was wondering if you could add a ui mod to your package like the SMX ui. Just a question thanks.

  7. Raphael Jantjies:

    Loved the ending LMAO?

  8. Pawnix:

    Why don’t you use the song «Bullseye»??? ;((((((((((((((((((((((( Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan I thought we had something ;(

  9. Dorothee Schneider:

    Hello Z;) You’re rich — that’s true … Creativity, humor, intelligence ;D

    Thanks for the tip with the blades and TNT, but the traders really have only scrap, because the shopping is not really fun^^ I also buy ammunition or gun parts — these are mostly bad. I really wanted to collect the bandit armor, which can take years…
    I’m so sorry that does not work with the big slot in the generators. I would like to help you but I have no idea of the program write. I am always glad when I can insert your mods correctly ;P I hope here is someone who can help you.

    Bullseye great name for this trap —-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h09ydGGsh28 *LOL*

    • Dorothee Schneider:

      Z-Nation FFS This is a pleasure to me — hope I do’nt make you too much work, but only to write «nice» oppose me ♡

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      They made our lives really hard. Traders were already bad in the previous alpha but now they also made zombie loot suck, and those boxes full of toilets and other crap. I could mod these but having to redo everything on each update is too much work. Yeah it’s hard to know what happens to the generators mod, but I can still use it if I follow the rules before adding a new power source. Thank you for always commenting and supporting me 🙂

  10. Person Idk:

    Whenever I get on my minibike it drains all my food, water, and stamina instantly. Once it killed me by taking all my health. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’d really appreciate it.

  11. Str8EdgeSavior:

    Wow I didn’t realize machete blades could sell for that much. How many stacks of 50 do the traders usually accept? I got 6 forges burning iron now but don’t really need anything atm.

  12. Dead Pool:

    you so rich, man! :)))

  13. travis jensen:

    How is your minibike invintory so large? As well as generator

  14. Jason Campbell:

    This videos name is kind of ironic because I just got back from shooting with my family and friends.

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      AT least you can defend your family and property. You also have a good police response. Here we can only pray XD

    • Jason Campbell:

      Z-Nation FFS lol. Yeah. But there’s a lot of controversy on weather or not to ban guns and get rid of our second amendment. The second amendment is the «right or bear arms.» Which is our right to have a gun. It’s probably better that you guys don’t have them because people aren’t gonna like them and it’ll be America all over again.

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      I wish we could use guns here like you do in the USA. In Brazil we are like sheep waiting to be hunt XD

  15. Colton Luzardo:

    Hey Z?….. What did you do to get so much coal to spawn above ground? Hmmm???

  16. ProtankGaming:

    you keep making potatos, you should have a potato farm,my cutting all the limbs of zombies XD, im also wondering do you have a problem with limited resources, i can only imagine clay and brass being a luxury. Im just wondering.

    • Z-Nation FFS:

      Brass, lead, coal and potassium, these are hard to get. Clay is abundant everywhere on surface. Stone, sand and iron are not a problem if you have an underground base. 🙂

  17. Ярослав Кикоть:

    Как ты так быстро крафтеш ?

  18. finneran1000:

    You don’t have to worry about your bartering skill you maxed out and were still selling little by little plus you can only sell 3 stacks of one item

  19. Dqrk Mqtter:

    How u make minibike storage bigger?

  20. petro matiego:

    torture your enemies is a war crime

    • thehunattila1:

      English isn’t your first language is it? It’s been coherent until now with minor error. However, this most recent comment is not something that makes much sense. In closing, I’m not a proponent of torture, but this is a game and you need to learn that most people see it as just that. Therefore, get over it.

    • petro matiego:

      Lean on a general populous when you can’t (and don’t want, I hope) negate obvious arguments is understandable. Of course, people will go own way laughting a whitehorse riders until problem become a part of their life.
      You think this is just a game and don’t want to beleive in aftermath? You did’t interested in tortures problem in real life? Ok, it’s not an argue for me to change your way or to audience entertainment.

    • thehunattila1:

      k dude. I don’t like to argue, although I am good at it mainly due to the fact that I focus on picking battles that are winnable. Your chosen path to prove a point that «torture is terrible» and should not be shown for fun even in a video game is not practical and not something that the general populous will agree with you on, hence unwinnable. Therefore, Nation can go about his ways, I can go about mine, the rest of us can go about using «torture» strategies to be better at the game, and, hopefully, you can climb off of your high horse and come down to the ground level of reality and practicality with the rest of us to enjoy a fucking video game.

    • petro matiego:

      *my wishes for torture and murder change in different environments*
      I mentioned something more shocking than going to lunch or leaving a house. Things that you are looking for and regular practing can not leave your head in a one day. I suspect you like to argue, but you never heared about problems with war conflicts and cases of human rights violations. It is the same people like you, who thought before that changing his mind is easy, are fugurants.
      I don’t want to stop anyone of subscribers to practice anything. I’m talking about obvious things — torture is terrible practice. In real life it is a serious crime or war crime. 7d2d is not a game about tortures. Tortures should not be shown just for fun. I’d like tortures not to be shown or perceived as something regular and acceptable in any environment.
      Figuratively speaking «evil» will not disappear after that, but it will be still called «evil» and perceived as evil.

    • thehunattila1:

      Yes, my wishes for torture and murder change in different environments because I’m a rational human being. Why are you even bothering with this… Do you believe the few killers out there are going to read your irrational comment and change their ways? LOL Also, I don’t think anyone breathed a sigh of relief as most people don’t assume that the general public cannot differ between reality and fantasy. I’m finished with this as you are simply carrying on your absurd, and rather twisted, views on this subject. To note, I also do what Nation does on horde night to stop the 1-at-a-time trickle of zombies that come in yet, here I am, not a torturer/serial killer. I hope you find a way to alter your perspective on games in general so that you can continue to watch the great Z-Nation do his thing building and horribly maiming, murdering, and sometimes torturing(sarcasm) zombies.

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