7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Blade Trap Day 35 Horde Attack

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This base consist of four blade traps and two shotgun turrets. Thankfully I was able to complete the build before any resets had to be enforced due to the latest experimental builds being released. There are links at the end to the live stream where we worked on this base and the full episode in real time of the attack. Overall it was a success, but I now realize that the horizontal blade traps do not work inside a fall pit, as the zombies fall past it too quickly. However, the vertical traps worked very well, and as you can see, the shotgun turrets do their part for those left in tact after the fall. Be sure and check out my Alpha 16 experimental test run series and keep a look out for live streams! I will be starting the Alpha 16 Let's Play series as soon as the stable version has been released!

Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( )

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комментариев 27

  1. PG D:

    How did you get so much concrete?

  2. Octaiva Melody:

    well down Spartan

  3. x45xVelerofonte:

    what a trap!!!!!

  4. Dean Elworthy:

    man this is a cool idea

  5. Weltall:

    These big elaborate bases are fun to look at but it would be nice to see a more no frills approach like a micro above ground base that can handle all stages of the game.

    • Grand Spartan:

      This is actually pretty small compared to some we have covered previously. If you’d like to see something like a micro base in action, we took on 35 per wave in a base that was 3×3 late in our Alpha 15 Let’s Play series. It was no more challenging than what you see here with default settings in A 16 experimental. The big difference is that on A 16 there are traps and turrets that do most the work for you.

  6. David Arbogast:


  7. Rajun Eskimo:

    think i might have to build this. good job spartan

  8. av40229:

    Yep, Now that is a MOB Grinder !

  9. Jordan Jones:

    I like the idea but the durability on the blade traps seem too low I’ve tried testing different way of doing blade traps in SP before and every time the blade traps still take a lot of damage just by chopping zombies just feels unbalanced

    • Grand Spartan:

      On last nights stream, we used around 20 blade traps on the outer portion of the base. We just set them up and let them go. After the entire horde had been cleared, not one had been destroyed. They did balance them out a bit since the experimental. I do have an almost capped science, and that may have something to do with it also.

  10. soul collecter:

    Yeah Alpha 16 is only on pc and i think ps4

  11. Spokah D.:

    Grand Spartans the man! P.S. @GS thanks for using my suggestion. it means a lot.

  12. Heather Bivins:

    This came out nice, good job Spartan!

  13. StillNoCouch:

    «Will it blend?»

    LOL … phucking awesome !

  14. pokemofan101:

    Heya GS, Alpha 16 is officially out. Time for new lp?

  15. Darren Terry:

    Wow.. nicely done! I wondered what you’d do with electricity 🙂

  16. Borne phoenix:

    Love these vids my man keep it up giving me many great ideas for my own base

  17. Faithful Freak:

    About time lol, was waiting to see what you would do first as far as videos go. Enjoyed!

  18. Terje M.Jensen:

    Ffs :O awsome cool blade defence, Dead , dead before they hit the floor 😉

  19. Youtoobing101:

    This is absolutely amazing! Great job man.

  20. GamePlayRaja:

    How do you make them drop thru there? There is only one opening?

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