7 Days to Die | Alpha 16 Base Plans | Let’s Play 7 Days to Die Gameplay Alpha 15 | S15E104

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Welcome to the 7 Days to Die Gameplay / Let's Play Alpha 15 (S15) Series.
Seed — 953467148

High spawn
normal Diff
60min days
18 hours night
Everything else default

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• This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.

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7 Days to Die Gameplay Features:

This update has some big framework changes so starting a new game is a must. Please don’t try to salvage your old saved game. And for those of you that experience any problems please use your steam client to delete local files and reinstall the game. Also wiping your player profile data might be helpful.
7 Days to Die Key Game Features:

• Random World Generation — Play Navezgane or roll the dice and dive back into the game with friends in a randomized world with huge cities, towns, rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, roads and wilderness locations.
• Upgradable Fort Building — Player built structures are assembled from framework which can be upgraded supporting wood, scrap metal and cobblestone upgrade paths. Hammer away just like real building and use Land Claim blocks to protect your fort in PvP.
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комментариев 36

  1. Janna Clark:

    joel has another video up and a lot of it is » do not do this» but in his defense mm devs and creates the game and plays it in work related ways, but to relax and play a game, i wouldn’t play the one i had worked on for 10 hours, it would be something else to clear my mind and have fun.
    he has stated it is to show what is in the game and helps for him and us to see, find bugs. so watch it for fun, enjoyment and get a laugh, just not in making fun of him. loved the vultures.

    • Kage848:

      Janna Clark no you don’t sound grumpy lol. just want to make it clear im not putting anyone down and I hope it does not come across like that.

    • Janna Clark:

      sorry if i sound grumpy, really tired and hurting, shoulder surgery and dr had to open it. been a week

    • Janna Clark:

      i know you don’t kage, and many of your followers won’t; but some do and i just want them to see it as mm giving us a peak, a idea off what we will face and for fun. tfps wouldn’t have chosen you, or the forum supported you if we thought you were looking for a chance to put him down, we all know it’s the opposite.
      side note, forgot he mentioned wanting to show us some pois, so i think, hope another video. he noted some bugs, so they will work on those, hopefully another video, clean up of problems and i am making a guess streaming it.
      i think end of first week of june, latest mid week of second one. no promise, just guessing.

    • Kage848:

      Janna Clark oh yea. anytime I joke around about MM it’s all in good fun. i know he’s playing to bug test and make things interesting. he’s not playing to be as pro as possible or he would not jump down into hordes to get his bow lol

  2. Billybrute:

    Interesting build and it would be nice if they follow that path and not break the walls in the middle. the only thing is if they bunch up will they move or stay and beat up the wall. The other thing is does it really matter because they are going to be fixed on you at horde night. I like the concept and might permanently borrow a couple Ideas you have LOL. keep up the good work

  3. Stash Merkin:

    Kage sounds to me like you owe Autumn some chili dogs.

  4. tickle bandit:

    Madmole really sucks at this game. I mean, he really really does!

  5. Josiah de Brueys:

    There’s one thing I have noticed and it took me a few seasons to realize, you don’t have that background music in your 7DTD videos, not sure what it was called but it I do remember you did have it for most seasons, used to be cool thou, are you planning to use that background music for the next Season?

    • SummBoddie LovesYou:

      Josiah de Brueys . Yeah, I always liked that background music. In fact, it was Kage’s videos that inspired me to get the game. But for the longest time I thought my game was bugged cause I couldn’t hear the music, even when I turned up sound to 100%! LOL!!

  6. Quentin Tubb:

    defective tyre? wow i was going to accuse scott G of letting it down for you XD you know, him being your biggest hater and all lol

  7. Tom Rahl:

    I’m running a very similar base in alpha 15, mine is dug down so it’s resting on the stone layer

  8. Paul MacBay:

    Kage, he was using push to talk because I guess some people were complaining about hearing his keyboard in his last video. Was freaking hilarious though!

  9. Sauron Ikov:

    i know a lot of things are coming out in alpha 16 but comment down below what you’re most excited for

  10. Scot Vaughn:

    if you put columns at the corners of your base won’t spider z be able to climb them and get on top of your base?

  11. adam tarver:

    I don’t think Alpha 16 will drop this week lol

  12. tom brookens:

    Pharo,s, skater’s, and football players can run over two wide gaps.

  13. Petru/Nicu Carciumaru/Bizdoaca:

    so, is this the last video?:D

  14. Chuzaura Plays Horror Games:

    Wow, learning to count while looking at the comments.

  15. DarkEgg11:

    how about a base that will use of traps? also i have seen some cool upside down spike defences

  16. NyTashia Edwards:

    how do you build the base

  17. Jackson Gregory:

    No it’s not a very good idea use the pole defens

  18. Thomas DuBois:

    Kage next update are you only doing single player or will you be doing a multiplayer

  19. Iturnl KeyOs:

    I think it’s funny you don’t want to say your name on a video it’s not like it’s a big secret.

  20. Loan Wolf:

    some one needs to tell MM the zombies spawn because its not player placed floors he thinks its a bug lol

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