7 Days To Die (Alpha 16.2) — The Hidden Stash (Day 61)

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Construction on the main facility of the Zombie Research Initiative is mostly done, so in this episode we head over to the Skyscraper of Doom Testing Facility, to start working on a new project, but first we raid a Pawn Shop.

From 7 Days To Die, by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC.

Music for this video:
"Long Note One", "Long Note Two" by Kevin MacLeod ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Half-Life" — Josh Woodward ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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комментариев 55

  1. Herbionlite:

    Awesome video as always JC. About all those irradiated cops — i think i read somewhere (i’m not sure about this) that if you let him explode he will respawn untill you kill him proper way.

    • Nuggs B'Nasty:

      LOL @ Full Highlander!

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Yeah, heard the same. I need better weapons.

    • Herbionlite:

      Well, regular zombies did stopped spawning after he cleared them out, but the cop went full highlander.

    • UtubeEric12345:

      I’ve had the same thing happen, i.e. sleepers keep spawning the first time I open a POI, but with just regular zombies and no cops. So I would say that this is a general bug rather than having to do with the exploding cop going of 🙂

    • TSForrest:

      Joseph, I don’t have any information about a date the Alpha 16 stuff will be added in a console update. But, if they do the same as Alpha 15, consoles might get most of the A16 features, that are stable and complete, shortly after they release the first Alpha 17 experimental version on PC. My guess is that will happen sometime in 2018. From what I understand (I could be completely wrong), the console game is considered a complete game, not an alpha, beta, or preview. So, they only add new features once they are considered «stable and complete». They don’t intend the console game to be used for testing. The PC version is a long-running alpha test version, and although they add new features on PC first, they are often unstable and glitchy, and occasionally required players to start over, losing everything. I know people that play the A16 experimental version that had to start over with a new world 6 or 7 times over just a couple months. In the 14 months I have been playing the console version. I had to start over only *once* to get the new features in an update. I wish we could get new features on console faster, too. The only thing I want more is a way to backup my worlds/saves on Xbox, so I don’t lose months of time and effort from a reset caused by a game crash or glitch, and Xbox has absolutely no way to copy or backup saves. It was the resets, not just about getting the new stuff faster, that convinced me to get a gaming PC. I wanted one anyway, but playing A16 on PC was the reason I got the PC sooner rather than a lot later.

  2. Emily Thomson:

    Hey JC!! Awesome as always!! And just wondering u sound a little tired in this video lol I might be wrong or u might be coming down with something?

  3. Side Kickz:

    (Spoiler alert)

    Holy crap! Even I jumped when that zombie attacked after entering the pawn shop! AND you even looked both ways! Left, right, left right (BAM!) HILARIOUS

  4. Tom Kamilos:

    Are you Polish?

  5. Andrew Beck:

    I’m Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop

  6. Pixie:

    Hey JC! Love the video, as always! Just wondering, have you ever considered selling ZRI merch? Hoodies or t-shirts, stuff like that? It would be so cool!

  7. Nuggs B'Nasty:

    Take a few of those potted plants and set one on each block where they spawn and they will quit. Or if you don’t want plants in there put some furniture in.

  8. TSForrest:

    Hey, JC! Awesome video once again! First class! I was thinking about your problem with zombies spawning in your skyscraper, in your walled-off area. I think the sleeper volumes (spawners) are tied to blocks, and I believe you’ve been going about it the right way. I wonder if the block(s) spawning the sleepers are under the walls of the box you created, and because the space above is occupied, it spawns right next to it, just inside your box. I wonder if you replace any original floor blocks that are under your concrete wall blocks, maybe the sleepers will stop spawning inside? i dunno, but it sounds like a challenging mystery for which the Zombie Research Initiative is well suited! 🙂 Do you like JC snacks?

  9. Dilotech:

    Sent you a Sniper Rifle to your ZRI Facility. Postman picked it up. (Looks kinda like Kevin Costner) Might take a while to get there. He travels by horse.

  10. Richard Landerman:

    I believe that every time you exit the building without completely clearing it all of the sleepers respawn. So when you take them outside to fight them they respawn.
    But if you sneak around you can kill most of them in their sleep.

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      There’s the thing with the killing of the cop, I never actually did it, it always blew up first.

    • Richard Landerman:

      Yes, but if you exit the building without everything in it being dead, they will respawn immediately.
      Yeah, that’s what I hate about cops. I haven’t ran into any irradiated cops yet. Though, in thought, that’s kind of funny. Their basic nature is to self destruct, yet they heal themselves.

  11. Gnome Star:

    Anubis and his Kull warriors will destroy your research center from orbit.

  12. Izaac Wallis:

    hey jc, great vid, had a thought if you placed a weaker door to the danger zone and a stronger door to the safe, would the zombies go for the weaker door despite the danger to them?
    just a thought, thanks for the entertainment as always

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Mhmm. I don’t know, I fear the zombies will just bang on the walls if they don’t have a clear path. They might do it anyway for the lulz

  13. DraeneiRogue:

    22:44 Whoop! You scared me. Made my day 😀

  14. Scott Molloy:

    Another fantastic episode. Looking forward to the labyrinth!

  15. chris powell:

    Also, this was advertised in my region, I had to share!

  16. Pepper Spray:

    The main building looks amazing, even better than the last waterfall base.

  17. HodeliGodeli:

    Love your vids the story and the hints to series or movie and for sure the doooooooooooooooooooooooom
    Kee up the good research

  18. Владимир Бойков:

    Very cool. You are a real Builder.

  19. Kerri Springford:

    How have you still got those labeled crates? I thought they did away with those in the last update?

  20. Rabidplayer667765:

    Where do you think I could find a wrench schematic Jc??

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