7 Days To Die (Alpha 15) — The Waterfall Base (Day 177)

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In this episode we head back to the desert, and build a base out of a bridge.

From 7 Days To Die, by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC.

Music for this video:
"Long Note One" — Kevin MacLeod ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Follow The Road" — Josh Woodward ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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комментария 43

  1. Über German:

    You sound like Petard

  2. Dane Wells:

    My base is a hardware store with a deep moat of spikes

  3. BIDOOF!AROO!!!!!:

    For the console version i cant handle the zombies running cause they attack too fast and for some reason the feral zombie still runs

  4. NO2im0sparticus:

    I made the same thing on a bridge out of steel and its indestructible also river beds have all the lead you could ever dream for

  5. Damian Waller:

    This is the first JC video I watched…..I was hooked

  6. Steven Bee:

    You got hit a lot!

  7. Anar Chy:

    this game is so damn bad ahahaha sad

  8. The Official:

    Now that’s a cool looking base.
    If I am not mistaken. Yuh are not using cheat more, correct?

  9. Hars One:

    hippity hoppity hot doggy right

  10. Axelord1942:

    «I know I’m wet…I’m swimming. It stands to reason that I would get wet.» ???

  11. Kyle Kissack:

    Great work

  12. Corey Wright:

    lol «guood»

  13. santiago ravest brito:

    hablas español?

  14. Iam84:

    And im just spawning on cactuses bleeding falling down cliffs breaking legs and dying over and over and over and over again

    • WilD JeSTeR:

      Yeah I found that a good time ago too. The desert is a nice place to live in due to having always this great source of food and drink. Empty jars are really easy to get, yucca juice is a life saver. Yeah, the fruit is a stamina ally, I like to have always some of them on my backpack. Totally worth the pain when we step on those cactus accidentally xD

    • Iam84:

      +Wild JeSTeR lol. I figured out about those cactuses. If you break them you get yukka plants, which you can eat or make drink- i now love cactuses i think its the best and quickest food and drink in the game. Your stamina goes up
      So quick
      With eating 1 yukka

    • WilD JeSTeR:

      I keep stepping on those damn cactus all the time when I’m in the desert haha!

  15. DT Undercover:

    a dam fine base…

  16. hanneesh:

    awesome base.

  17. DANGER CL0SE!:

    «jagass»…. lol

  18. Veeti Raussi:

    When you fast forwarded flooring , the Nighttime sound sounded really funny

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