7 Days To Die (Alpha 15) — The Suicide Box (Attack of the 161st Day Horde)

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In this episode we see the progress on the Doom Beacon outpost, craft the strongest building material currently in the game, and take a novel approach when fighting a 7th day horde.

From 7 Days To Die, by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC.

Music for this video:
"Long Note One" & "Dark Walk" — Kevin MacLeod ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"I want to destroy something beautiful" — Josh Woodward ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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комментария 34

  1. David Jeffrey Spetch:

    If your brain was just a little bit bigger, you might actually be interesting 😉

    Just giving you a shot in the head intellecutally of course lol

  2. Hype X EcHo:

    Also subbed. Great video

  3. Wesuwius:

    Almoust fooled me with that security camera thingymabob. Bravo 🙂

  4. Whiteboy Chris:

    Your aim is so god damn frustrating to look at, so fucking bad lol.

  5. Hype X EcHo:

    Is this on Navezgane?

  6. Dilotech:

    Stumbled across this video. Good stuff!! Subscribed ?

  7. Andrew Fuchs:

    If you need dukes chips do treasure maps. I got 14k in chips from one treasure map.

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Ah, I’m not getting a lot of quests now, I think it has something to do with the day count. But selling weapons pays well, so I’m good for now.

  8. Meat Whistle:

    I love the way you say barter cause it sounds like youre sayin butter. no offense

  9. Vincenzo Cotignola:

    grow me a weed farm xD

  10. An edgy teenager:

    Omg «I think I shot a potato»

  11. Cohen Vincent:

    Any body wanna play with me on ps4??

  12. Dhall8621:

    Hey why dont you use your nailgun to build everything? Its the fastest for building and repairing that I know of. Just right click

  13. SmoketheCoke!:

    the video was good and i apologize for my judgement, but the video wasn’t very entertaining, but it was good.

  14. Wesley Chapman:

    it will be epic

  15. Alicia Poyser:

    I’m new to the the game. Can you tell me where do I find Trader Joe? Also are you playing an online version or a local version?

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      I’m playing local, single player, on PC. If you have console, traders are not in yet. If you’re on PC, you have to look around, in Navezgane they are at known positions, in random gen they’re, well, random.

  16. Dave D:

    Use steal girders on the corner blocks so you can shoot through

  17. Saruman The White:

    JC, is the bridge over the lake constructed by wooden frames which are supported underwater by pillars too?

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Yeah, pillars like every 6 horizontal blocks or something. All wood though, iron reinforced at best. Took a looooong time to make, but has required no maintenance ever.

  18. Jack Williams:

    that crap is overpriced! D: I thought you could just find that in loot but I guess not…

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