7 Days To Die (Alpha 15) — The Battle Of Crimson Peak (Attack of the 140th Day Horde)

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In this video we gather some supplies in Perishton and then head back to Outpost Nº11, "Crimson Peak", where we fight against the 140th Day Horde.

From 7 Days To Die, by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC.

Music for this video:
"Long Note One" — Kevin MacLeod ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Half-Life" — Josh Woodward ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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комментариев 36

  1. Lance Thiers:

    why don’t u use a claw hammer instead of the wrench?

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Never been really fond of the claw hammer, usually just wrench and nail gun (I think the claw hammer can’t be used to harvest like the wrench, right? Or maybe it can, I don’t know, like I said, don’t really use it)

  2. UBERKalti:

    Sweet vid JC, tricky to secure that mountain though.

  3. Rebekah Clary:

    dig all the graves they have Radom things in them

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Yeah, I’ve dug a few here and there. Nothing too impressive. I’ve take to visiting the traders lately, mostly for cosmetic stuff.

  4. Jasen Wing:

    hehe jackasses

  5. Moe Thida:

    Madmole is one of the developers.

  6. dragongabe1:

    Outopost 3

  7. Michael Scherling:

    Always hate when the video is so new that higher video resolutions arent available. 😉

  8. Fit Pro:

    can you tell me why concrete goes from 3000 hp to 1500 at the highest upgrade? It seems upgrading it to the highest makes it weaker.

    • Fit Pro:

      Im on Pc. It works fine I didnt know that you have to let it dry. hehe

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Weird, I don’t get that. Everything upgrades properly. Are you on console or PC?

    • J D:

      Fit Pro its because its still wet, once its done drying it will be stronger

    • Fit Pro:

      yeah it does say that but when I take the hammer and upgrade the 3000 concrete by right clicking and having cement in my inventory it goes from 3000 and changes to a smooth shinny look and turns into 1500 hp.  So it downgrades it for some reason.  Everything else upgrades with the right click.

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Well, the wiki says regular concrete is 3000 and reinforceded concrete is 6000 and the steel wall is 10000, so it only gets stronger with the upgrades.

  9. Donkey Hatin Ass:

    You should iron bars around the top to get a view past the edge of your roof

  10. JC1028:

    Sweet mtn outpost. 🙂 For your thumbnails if you use F7 it will remove the hud from the screen for a cleaner pic.

  11. Belial Bradley:

    Saw a duster in the supply crate that would have helped with the temp.

  12. landsurfer66:

    You made some really sweet headshots.

  13. Daeion108:

    I like your vids, but that music man… Grates on my nerves so bad.

  14. J D:

    great base, makes it exciting, nice creepy music

  15. Patrick carle:

    you know you can wrench the bed ?

  16. Buanx284 G O A T:

    Do you know when they update for console

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