7 Days to Die Alpha 15 New Spike Base Defense Design

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Here is a design using the new feature added with log spikes. After being able to save all of our resources with the low maintenance free fall base, I thought I would change directions and go with a base that required constant maintaining. It is similar to my other funnel designs, but using spikes on the walls and ceilings of the hallways. Hope it inspires and gives you creative ideas on how to use the log spikes with your base design.
Thanks for checking it out!

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комментариев 29

  1. Fitz Gaming 157:

    Like slow not sped up

  2. MalcomJPrince:

    on ps4 we cant place on wall… 🙁

    • MalcomJPrince:

      yes thx, patch 1.12 on ps4

    • Nordstrom Eddlestein:

      They just updated for X box 1 a few days ago to where you can actually put them on the walls and ceilings so maybe they can on PS4 now too Bur I’m not sure if it’s just for x box right now. dunno if you’ve checked in the last 24 hours or so but maybe they have!

  3. Jason Amrhein:

    If I were a zombie I would not enjoy a casual stroll down these hallways!

  4. Jugginator 12:

    Beautiful base man!!

  5. Mr_TeaTimes:

    Can zombies dig down in alpha 15?

    • Mr. Good:

      They seem to get a 45 angle hit something hard and freak. I noticed the earth in 15 is different. Not sure how yet.

    • Grand Spartan:

      I have seen no changed with digging straight down. As always, if they have just the slightest bit of uneven turf, they will hit and break it. Everything needs to be smooth such as concrete/wood block around your base.

  6. Jason Smith:

    Nice design , only issue i can see would be looting, prib hard to do

  7. DarkPantera Nya:

    You so creative, always new different base

  8. Swedish Game Nerd:

    Awesome idea for a base! And I can hardly wait to see your next castle!

  9. lukaron kelter:

    nice… but you cant attack easily and the zombies will break down the corner walls. y test a similar base a few weeks ago.

  10. Ben Wil:

    Awesome, and if you want you could build a tower on the middle too 😛

  11. pop9095:

    Sick base brother, thanks for sharing. I particularly like the way you solve repairing the spikes, concrete bars ftw

  12. 8MoneyIzmyMission8:

    This base is so overkill LOL, but damn great to look at. I wonder how long or if the zombies would even reach the center of that thing.

  13. Peter Kráľ:

    Briliant idea

  14. Fitz Gaming 157:

    How long did it take you to do this

  15. Chris Brand:

    Really cool

  16. NavyWolf _Pack:

    The Grand Spartan House Of Pain. I like it:)

  17. Fitz Gaming 157:

    also do you do base builds for this game

  18. Supernova71288:

    This looks really interesting but do the zombies actually focus into the tunnels or do a lot hit the exterior?

  19. You Ham:

    are you cheated?(sorry for my english)

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