7 Days to Die Alpha 15 Free Fall Base Defense Design

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Here is the first video for Alpha 15. This is an old design I used in an earlier Alpha before free fall damage was removed. I was happy to discover that it had been added back into the game. Once this base has been erected, you will spend very little in upkeep. Hope this sparks some ideas moving forward on this alpha. I am looking forward to making a video on another project that I am currently working on. Hope to have that up soon.
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комментария 33

  1. Melvin Feenstra:

    anyone else had this problem? i made a base at hub city central and dig 25 deep and hitted Bottom. i cannot go further. is that enough to kill the zombies? when i hit the bottom it makes this weird sound

  2. OsamaBinLooney:

    this video inspired me to make my newest base, same concept but I made it a bit bigger and the surface level is a bit different, and I didn’t do the double sided kill area down below, also I went all the way down to bedrock so my base is 13×13 and 53 deep, it’s pretty effective although I not really satisfied with how it turned out in terms of looks

  3. Grogin:

    After watching this video multiple times I finally was able to make my own that looks just like this, and dang it was quite the job. Thanks Grand Spartan for the idea and great base!!!

  4. knuckels:

    what material is that blok you can fall on to (deep) an have no fall damage?

  5. WhatACat?:

    Ur voice sounds sexy… #NoHomo # WantUrVocalCords

  6. sessy33:

    can you do a 21+ day horde with this base? please and thank you.

  7. theisgood0:

    That’s a sweet base….. I’m going to steal some of your ideas for my base 🙂 you will always be known as «that badass who has a pit of zombies»

  8. Chris Toutloff:

    Could you make a vid that explains mass and building integrity .

  9. John Warren:

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting your return for weeks, love your inspiring grand designs.

  10. Eric Cox:

    Good to see you back.

  11. Jakub Vobořil:

    intro song please? 🙂

  12. MiniGamePainter:

    Looks badass.

  13. Gollammeister:

    myself and another gamer built a huge wall anyways i eventually made a cement mixer and decided to upgrade the walls abit imagine my surprise when i found i could create blocks 10,000 strong

  14. L E Burnham:

    Are you able to build a base utilizing the light poles for illumination, and can you chop down the wooden power poles for wood? Barring that, can you disassemble them with the wrench? Thanks!

  15. tarn viking:

    What are the round pillers that are between you and the zombies in the pit? I just started playing a day ago

    • Grand Spartan:

      50 concrete pillars. You can upgrade them to steel. You can also make the 50 cobblestone pillar if you want to use them for a starter base early on.

  16. MarcsLab:

    Pyramid of Pain design is better and more effective. I made one and it works really well.

  17. Ashnagarr:

    Quick question, how did you get your holes so square? Mine keep turning into the diamond shape. Thanks. Really enjoying this build.

    • pop9095:

      It’s a matter of perspective, rotate 90 degrees and that diamond squares off. Frames are a good way to block out a design ahead of time and see what you may be looking at after digging, if you can translate the ground to below the ground in your mind. Some folks can’t.

  18. Deadric:

    I prefer the design where zombies are inside and you run around the «cage». But i guess it can be done the same way?

  19. NavyWolf _Pack:

    Nice 🙂

  20. exlibrisas:

    Yes! This is how I used to make my bases. Fall damage is great.

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