7 Days to Die Alpha 15 Castle Base Design

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I enjoyed building the small castle on A14 so much, I thought I would try my hand at a larger castle on A15. This took almost 200 hours to complete. There are no creative blocks used here. All survival blocks. The structure itself was made out of cobblestone.
Big thanks to my son for helping defend and gather resources as I worked on this build.
Hope you all enjoy the tour!
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комментария 43

  1. Gooba Jungle Boy:

    The Kremlin

  2. Ricardo Telles:

    Jesus, man! you should submit this to The Fun Pimps so we could demand them to make this a new POI in game!!!

  3. Jugginator 12:

    Thank you bro you just gave me motivation to do my own castle build. will show you how it goes. Instant subscriber.

  4. brego129:

    What is that song that plays through most of the video?

    Anyway, very cool video!

  5. David Jeffrey Spetch:

    Wow not even two minutes in and am smiling nice job

  6. TheGamerKillerr:

    This base Could be a Trader!!

  7. Нати Фати:

    И как жить в таком.. всё разбросано по большому пространству,умаешься от одного бегать к другому. Если же создавалось для красоты, то можно было и покруче забабахать.

  8. country boy flogs:

    bro you are the God of 7 days to die!!!

  9. Robert Warner:

    What system was this build done on

  10. AzFairburn:

    It’s official, Grandspartan is the greatest 7 Days to die player

  11. seras gaming:

    what is it made of? i play in creative mode to build things and i havent ever seen that stuff i dont think but it looks really cool

  12. Seth Posey:

    I can only make stuff like this when I’m on adderal

  13. Skiidzman:

    beautiful base

  14. Nizita Maruvaka:

    Beautiful castle man. Very well made.

  15. Warren Kings:


  16. Waxweazle NL:

    is cobblestone strong enough for massive hordes?

  17. TheDelta0seven:

    how do you have a draw bridge? thats not in vanilla or anything is it?

  18. mcowan:

    Question: Wont the zombies walk in the water and smash the bottom of the wall?

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