7 Days to Die | Alpha 15 & Alpha 16 | Best Steel Base Design & Horde Defense For Next Few Alphas

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Horde Example:
Structural Integrity:
Other Tutorials:

This video showcases my impregnable 7 days to die horde defense and best base design.

Game Settings:
Difficulty Setting: Warrior
Loot Respawn timer: 30 Days
Enemy Spawning: Very High(150%)
Daylight Length: 18
Zombies Run: Default
Enemy Aggression: Normal
24 hr Cycle: 90 minutes
Block Durability: 100%
Loot Abundance: 100%
Drop On Death: Toolbelt Only
Enemy Memory: 60 Seconds
Loot Drops: 7 days
Cheat Mode: Off
Mark Air Drops: On

7 Days to Die is a survival horror pc, xbox and ps4 sandbox game set in an open world developed by The Fun Pimps. It is an early access game.
7 Days to Die is a post-apocalyptic zombie apocalypse tower defense / base defense game.
7 Days to Die has multi player, single player and co-op and you get two types of map namely Navezgane and Random Gen.
7 Days to Die is like Minecraft but in my humble opinion it's way better sporting better graphics and physics.
In 7 Days to Die there is crafting, building, exploration, zombie killing, looting, farming and hunting to name but a few features.
The aim of 7 Days to Die is to survive and build your base up before the undead feral horde comes on a blood moon every 7th day, which you can either choose to combat or outrun. Each feral horde is stronger than the previous one.

Come join me on my playthrough/walkthrough of my 7 Days to Die lets play series gameplay with commentary added in.

This is a single player game series.
This is a 7 Days to Die Alpha 15 let’s play series/gameplay.

If you liked my video please like, comment and/or subscribe. If you disliked the video please let me know why so that I can improve my 7 Days to Die Alpha 15 videos.

Intro music:
KXA – Gladius

7 Days to Die is available for purchase on steam:

7 Days to Die has also been made available for purchase on ps4 and xbox.

Music used:
heroboard – No Copyright Music

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00:00 Lensko — Let's Go! (NCS Release)
0:03:20 RedMoon & Meron Ryan — Heavyweight (NCS Release)
0:06:34 Itro — Panda (NCS Release)
0:10:07 Tobu — Candyland (NCS Release)
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комментария 32

  1. Awkward Silence:

    unfortunately i believe you made this in creator mode as you are only at day 74 i would say congrats and some grind if you had all this and it was day 200

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      unfortunately for you it was not, not my fault you’re just bad at the game…a15 grind was easy…a16 on the other hand is dif.

  2. Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

    If you liked my video please like, comment and/or subscribe. If you disliked the video please let me know why so that I can improve my 7 Days to Die Alpha 15 videos.

  3. griffonage:

    Oh, wanted to let you know, my friends and I are using this design. We all really liked it. We did however make one significant modification. We are building the spike/log defenses on top of horizontal 1/4 block with a hallway underneath in order to have the ability to repair the spikes from safety, something I took from another design video.

    • griffonage:

      I decided to use pillar (50) instead of quarter blocks, sightlines feel better….I’ll let ya know how the gore blocks respond

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      lol I have 3100 hrs ingame atm so Im used to what steps to follow when etc…A16 changed that though its a bit harder because the skills are tied to your level and you can’t technically power level anymore. Just remember to rotate the 1/4 blocks properly so you dont have the same prob I had. They need to be on the outside of the block away from the base otherwise zombies that die on the spikes will disappear and gore will shoot to the top of the roof/wall.

    • griffonage:

      I already have high respect for you building this base solo. With 3 of us its still taking forever. It felt a lot bigger laying it out in game than it looked on your video. Doing all that buy yourself was a huge undertaking!
      We are just finishing all the foundation, we haven’t dug the backup pit yet or build the center building. Pretty much just concrete foundation at this point. Steel is a long way off. I think we’re on day 26

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      Wow cool 🙂 Yup that’s clever 🙂 Im too lazy to dig more tunnels than I have too 😛

  4. Eman Gaming:

    i have a question would this still work in A16 since the iron bars for some reason cannot be placed like that anymore the bars can only be vertical for some reason

    • Eman Gaming:

      thank you that saved me a year of frustration but the damage is done on one world where every bar got converted but on my new world its good and anyway thanks for the quick and helpful response

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      When you are holding the iron bars and even other blocks, hold r and choose advance rotation, then left click to rotate,,,,this will allow you to place them sideways

  5. Justin Hollywood:

    how do you make the pillars that you can shoot through ive been through every concrete block haha

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      ah the poles…yeah but you could use the quarter block and rotate it like I did…you can’t jump through but you can drive through on the minibike

    • adam tarver:

      The thin square ones that people would rotate to center. You could jump through them still but with the right set up you could make a defensible space that you could jump in and out of but the zombies couldnt breach. I am stuck on console but i saw someone mention that you couldnt use them in center position any more.

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      which posts/polls?

    • adam tarver:

      Taking out the posts or polls (forget which it was) that people used before seems kinda fail to me.. Why remove something just because it works?

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      you’re welcome 🙂

  6. DamienDarksideBlog:

    You can rotate log/iron/steel spikes upside down. Zombies still get hurt from the bottom of the spikes. It stops them from bobbing up and down and gives a flat surface.

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      this base was back in alpha 15 when you couldnt do that. Besides I dpn’t use that even in a16 boz I feel its cheating, since a flat surface shouldnt be able to do dmg. Its a design flaw on TFP part in my opinion…what I consider doing in future builds is to put it upside down on the roof like other people are doing so it dmgs their heads.

  7. Steven Bosworth:

    Pretty sick base. I like it.

  8. Dev Gaming:

    Nice stuff man XD I only get around to make my base out of reinforced wood then dc come back notice I got raided and have to start all over again XDstil la fun game

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      lol that sucks…why not play pve? or do you prefer pvp? Im playing offline due to internet hassles but prefer pve… I just dont get why you’d spend so much time and effort to get stuff just to get it all stolen 😛

  9. matt lamb:

    south african ?

  10. griffonage:

    Your tunnels, how do you get out?…they look completely closed off with concrete 1/4 blocks?

  11. RauberD:

    Hey 🙂 Great Vid. Awesome Base! Can you tell me the ground plan? How wide and how long is the base? Maybe how deep too?!

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      yeah there are so many designs Ive done over the years that even Ive forgotten about that would be awesome to try again with traps and turrets:)

    • RauberD:

      Thank you 4 your response 🙂 Ok i will watch them and take a look. it inspires me to add traps and turrets 🙂

    • Jean's Gaming & Stuff:

      oh wow uhm I can’t remember, its been a while 😛 but if Im not mistaken 1 of the vids in that series should have the diameters

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