7 Days To Die (Alpha 15.2) — The Gate of Doom (Day 311)

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In this video, we encounter a weird structure, and set about establishing a research outpost near it.

From 7 Days To Die, by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC.

Music for this video:
"Long Note One", "Long Note Two" by Kevin MacLeod ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Half-Life" — Josh Woodward ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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комментариев 46

  1. Sha-ad:

    how you put water in your underground pool

  2. Gizmodio:

    You are about a million miles better at being an architect then you are a zombie slayer, lol

  3. Caden Evitts:

    The blokes

  4. Jan The Northman:

    Yes, a new episode. Kepp up the work in Z land man. Bring em some DOOM!

  5. john peterson:

    always enjoy your vids man thanks again for taking the time to make them

  6. Sir LongDickinghams:

    Nice researching my sir

  7. Saruman The White:

    Imagine it’s a floating glitch and after u quit and come back, the glitch is fixed. Lol. Nice vid as always. Good builder and role player hahaha

  8. Aaron Hinrichsen:

    J.C I have a idea! Maybe you can make an Outpost where you live with the Zombie’s!!! Could be really cool ??

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      I don’t know if the zombies are going to be cool with that though 😛
      For alpha 16, using the new bulletproof glass, we’ll see more zombie interactions from a safe environment.

  9. Ms Inked:

    Just what I needed for my day in the hospital bed getting my infusions. Thanks for posting JC!!

  10. chris powell:

    Yo JC!
    Thanks for another great #7_Days_To_Die Video!
    I’m sure these take a lot of time to make and edit.
    Couple of quick questions about the game, I’m on the fence about getting it.
    #1 How can/do you find traders in the game?
    #2 Can you alter/build in Traders Bases/Shops?
    #3 Is the Mini Bike Currently the only Vehicle you can have/use?
    #4 How did you move all of that water down to your pool, can you carry it?
    #5 Can you dive/swim in water?
    #6 Can Zombies Dive/Swim/Thrive in water?
    Thanks for again for the upload and time on the questions!

    • Vince10mb:

      I’m your assistant lol

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Yeah, what Vince said.

    • Vince10mb:

      #1 He is playing in Navesgane map so the traders location are known, you can see it on google navesgane maps.
      #2 You cant build in trader’s bases.
      #3 Yes, the minibike is the only vehicle in game.
      #4 You can carry it with buckets, you can craft them and put the water like a normal construccion block.
      #5 Yes you can dive and swim but it is rly slow and not too fun. xD
      #6 Zombies can’t do anything in water, they just walk around the sea bottom like a normal place, but they can live in water.

      Sorry if my english is bad, i tried my best. 😀

  11. BadTemo:

    Isn’t the pistol only good until day 110

  12. TKS Salsa Dragon:

    Great video man!

  13. Joel Christy:

    I know how the floating structure is built

  14. Lord Steen:

    too spooky dude, too spooky

  15. MrEgomies:

    awesome storyline!

  16. o_ Reborn_oo:

    more 7 days to die

  17. Sanni-Anni Vuorinen:

    I love your 7DTD vids, thanks for making them!! I wish there were more of them tho… Also, I think you are fun and adorable. (: BIG LIKE!!!!

  18. Nathan Kelevra:

    this is started remind me of Ghostbusters one. Not the new one ppl. I think the Gate of Doom could be Friend or Foe. If it foe then Nuke it before DOOOOOM enter the world and no one can’t stop it. Or you can build a base it. seemed good to me. Build a floating base

    • Nathan Kelevra:

      J.C.’s Channel Yes, I believe that the Gate of Doom could be the source of the zombies power. If you could control it, you could have the will of control the zombies. Interesting…. begin the testing

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      Once we learn enough of this new technology, we are certainly going to put it to good use in the fight against the undead.

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