7 Days To Die (Alpha 15.2) — The Dig (Day 388)

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In this episode we continue digging our way up form the Advanced Propulsion Project top secret research facility.

Link to the poll in the 7 Days To Die Forums: poll is closed, but don't worry, we'll get to A16 soon enough.

From 7 Days To Die, by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC.

Music for this video:
"Long Note One", "Long Note Two" by Kevin MacLeod ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Follow The Road" — Josh Woodward ( )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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комментарий 41

    • Richard Landerman:

      I don’t know, I have it on standard settings and I don’t use mods.Maybe something in my gamefiles is wrong, but I haven’t adjusted anything so I don’t see how that could be the case. I have always thought it strange though that people talked about it and I never witnessed it in any of my games.

    • Jasen Wing:

      then i dont know what your doing. max miner 69er and a level 500 pickaxe is easily one shot.

    • Richard Landerman:

      With a max level pickaxe, maxed mining, and maxed Miner 69er it still takes me two hits to do stone. The breakable ones that break down into sections can be one shot, as well as most other blocks, but stone is 2 shots.
      Unless you edit the block durability or use mods.
      Madmole did say that he thought about changing it to a one hit model, but if he did he would either half the amount of resources received or doubled the amount required for recipes.

    • Jasen Wing:

      thanks. ill have to do that from now on. keep up those freaking sick builds. btw when is the massive in air ultra war machine UWM being built¿

    • J.C.'s Channel:

      There’s no real recipe. I build things I’d like to see built. It doesn’t matter if it a huge tower, or a castle, or a big cube, or a big underground base with dozens of rooms, you have to like and want to see it built it in the first place.

  1. Angie Minki Sung:


  2. D3al3r Gameplay:

    Check around your stairs if they dont keep the middle up i see they are connected.

  3. Pepper Spray:

    I was waiting for the sprain to turn to a break, and then….

  4. Aaron Hinrichsen:

    Hey JC ? I was thinking of something cool you maybe can make. I was playing 7DTD and then i was thinking of why not try to make zombie prison?!

  5. Torious Crash:

    Hey JC, I looked away for 8640 minutes, has it collapsed yet?

  6. Richard Landerman:

    People need to be voting on the 7dtd forum, our guy only has 36 votes right now and some of the others are in the higher hundreds.

  7. Elizabeth Crow:

    Sadly they only let me vote once per poll.
    Also, the mommy in me wants to follow you around closing doors and cleaning up. :p
    Keep up the amazing builds.

  8. Gamer 4231:

    Do you have any idea if console will update anytime soon?

  9. Scott Molloy:

    Good luck with votes, I hope you get in early. I can’t wait to see this latest facility man!

  10. Richard:

    yo hablo español y estoy aquí solo por el «Doom»

  11. RShadow Gaming:

    And I think when you fell all the way down dead..you probably broke your leg there too. just saying

  12. jamie oswald:

    I love your videos dude, could sit and watch you build all day. keep up the good work 🙂

  13. DinoStar:

    notification squad has received your signal

  14. chartier67:

    I voted for you JC, but even if you don’t get early access, I am not going to watch any A16 footage until you post it.

  15. Mousehead Studios:

    My mouth dropped when you died. So unexpected. LOL! And seems like none of my fave 7DTD peeps are getting early access, but that’s ok, I am excited to see your builds, so it will be worth the little extra wait. 🙂

  16. Trance Luvah:

    going right there now to vote for a clown.. Er I mean vote for JC 🙂
    Who The F*** are those other nobodies anyway? 😛

  17. Zach Fisher:

    It’s raining blocks!

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