7 Days to Die Alpha 14 Early Game Starter Base Beginner Design

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This is an early game design that is similar to the bunker in the last speed build video I uploaded. I have both the hole in the ground base that I like to start with as well as an early game bunker.
Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments below. Thanks for checking it out. Hope it helps to spark some ideas on how to start out early game with base design!

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комментариев 35

  1. RobotVampireKitty:

    I’ve noticed now for users on the console, in regards to the most recent update, zombies will now attack downwards…oh well.

    • Grand Spartan:

      I can’t speak for console, but on Alpha 16 PC, they do not attack downward. I used wood frames above my head, as I worked a few blocks beneath in my spike pit. Night after night I would get screamer hordes and wandering hordes. I could simply shoot them through the wood frames as they stood above my head.

  2. Alex Moussey:

    Nice base!! when i make it i will add a few spikes to be safe

  3. bob jones:

    so bad cuz when u go up there might be alot of zombies waiting

  4. Luca Bianchi:

    Do you mind making a guide on how to build it?

  5. 8MoneyIzmyMission8:

    Another thing is that this can be completely upgraded to reinforced concrete without removing any of the blocks. Once you get enough resources to update it, just make everything exposed to zombie attack reinforced concrete and add the quarter blocks and iron bar overhang where he usually has them in some of his other builds.

    You don’t have to dig another hole or make a whole other base. You can literally just upgrade this one to tougher material. You can even take it to steel at some point. This is the great thing about it.

  6. Jorge García:

    just starting and I’ve got a quick question: What would you do when you die on the game at first days? for example dying on the first 7day horde, is it worth to respawn and continue from there or better to start a new game? I feel a little disadvantage on continuing as the game keeps getting harder on each day it passes so I think it’s easier to start over again, isn’t it? Respawning at night naked and having to build a new base from scratch when there are more zombies out there and more difficult ones seems though

    • Grand Spartan:

      Personally, I would not start over. 7 days into the game is 7 hours real life. Too much wasted time to keep starting over. If you die, you will just lose a bit of wellness and pick up right where you left off, as long as you put down a sleeping bag for a spawn point.

  7. Eisenhart9:

    Actually really enjoyed these ideas…been playing a while but always stick to my «build house, build wall around house» idea…the ones you show are much better lol

  8. Spearfield7:

    I LOVE this build! Nice job.

  9. LikeIcon Studio:

    Good job Men 🙂 . Like

  10. SprayDynamics:

    Imo if you can find a desert, especially one that’s right next to a forest, that’s the best place to build. It may be kind of boring, but the sand is easier to dig through than stone to get down to bedrock, and all the cactus nearby gives you yucca, which will be very useful for your food and your hydration. It’s really nice if you’re right next to a town, but far enough away to not be affected by the spawns there

    • Grand Spartan:

      I usually start off with a hole in the ground early game somewhere away from the hub, but close enough to relocate once I have the proper resources. Would be nice to have desert close by for the oil shale, but never seems to work out that way for me. I usually have to search all over for a desert biome.

    • SprayDynamics:

      Grand Spartan good point good point, but when you’re trying to build a base early game it gets incredibly difficult when there’s constant zombies attacking you

    • Grand Spartan:

      I like being right next to the hub city for the high spawn rate and to be close to the stores. I don’t mind digging through the stone, because on A15 you get iron along with the stone. By the time you dig out a hole, you have a nice amount of iron and stone collected to help build your base.

  11. Josh Guz:

    Question, when your first beginning to build the bunker do you clear the space for it first or do you begin to build it as your clearing the dirt?

  12. Anthony Limings:

    thanks just what I needed

  13. Kvazar:

    Ah that’s exactly what I wanted to see ;D thanks man!

  14. HardR!der:

    Its right.. i tested it, zombies don´t dig down, but there is one problem xD a zombie hord diged so much dirt away that the zombies stayed in front of the wall of the tunel. They diged this wall and the hatch.. now i lost all xD

  15. detvanligaify:

    very creative, might try this out

  16. Hvalien:

    Hey spartan great video! I just have a problem with the starter ground base, I placed my wood blocks and hatch flushed in the ground but somehow the zombies can hit my hatch, have any ideas how to fix that? 🙁

    • Grand Spartan:

      No problem! Glad that you got it fixed!

    • Hvalien:

      One of the dirt around my hatch was a bit lower than the others, i fixed it and now they can’t hit the hatch! thanks!

    • Grand Spartan:

      Not sure of a fix for that. I have never seen that happen in all my time playing. Only the cops with their projectiles should be able to attack downward. Are you sure it is flush with the ground? If there is even the slightest angle on the pieces around that hatch, they will be able to hit it.

  17. Basho:

    If zombies don’t dig then can you just stay underground and just wait out the hordes till morning?

    • Grand Spartan:

      Zombies cannot dig straight down. My buddy just survived the first two 7 day hordes by digging a hole in the ground and waiting it out. You must have your hatch flush with the ground. If you give them anything to hit on, they will. Just make sure when you dig your hole, you find a nice flat area, and dig straight down.

  18. Jason Spirit:

    What about when you come up out of your hole/base in the morning and there is like 30 zombies roaming right at the entrance…..

    • Jason Spirit:

      +Grand Spartan fair enough i shall try it next time

    • Grand Spartan:

      No problem. They are all walking at this point (exception of dogs) I simply use my club/bow, and dispatch of them. Friend of mine that plays on my server uses a hole in the ground to ride out day 7 and 14 each time he restarts.

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