7 Days to Die Alpha 14 Castle Base Design

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This one was just for fun. It is not a horde ready build. However, the spike pit could be amended and made ready to take on the horde. I needed a small break from defense designs, so I finished off this long overdue project. Hope you enjoy as I give a tour of the castle!
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комментариев 30

  1. Games4Kickz:

    Nice castle 🙂 Can’t wait for A15 adding the drawbridge to pick up a castle project again. I hope the devs fix the light reflection issues on cobblestone.

  2. Jugginator 12:

    glorious… how do you get the castle rooks all hexagony? that’s what I can’t figure out.

  3. FroggyX GamingX:

    U should come check out my huge castle but I’m on ps4

    • FroggyX GamingX:

      I have the game for PC too but never could get used to the controls on PC

    • Grand Spartan:

      I see. I was thinking you had the video published on youtube. I do not own a ps4, so I would be unable to join you on there. Here is my largest build to date. Thought you may care to check it out being that you like the larger builds.

    • FroggyX GamingX:

      Ive seen that video as well. I like doing huge builds but if you would like to check out my huge castle and just want to feature it on ur channel you can ps4 gamertag MustangCoyote50

    • Grand Spartan:

      Will do. Here is a castle I built on Alpha 15 after the release of the drawbridge. The castle you saw was an older alpha 14 build.

  4. Shelley Wilders:

    I love you game 4kickz

  5. John Warren:

    To have built this in Creative mode would be a massive achievement, but to have built it without is mind blowing… just fantastic.

    • Aaron Mullen:

      Explains why he’s on day 360! The amount of time, effort, resources and hordes he had to fend off adds to just how incredible this is!

  6. Dayshon tgod Hurtt:

    can you make it downloadable

  7. Panther Playz:

    how the hell did you build that in all survival!?!?!

  8. Leo Rodriguez:

    how did you make this lol

  9. PreserveBigCats:

    All it needs now is The Boar’s Head Inn, Jack Falstaff and Prince Hal.

  10. MarcsLab:

    ill just stick with the pyramid design. zombies will tear that castle apart.

  11. Forgiving Rain:

    wow, this kinda looks like something you would see in skyrim, but smaller

  12. BuLL eTZ:

    That is an awesome build right there, with the draw bridge coming in A 15 it will rock.

  13. Lane Meltesen:

    That is awesome ?

  14. NavyWolf _Pack:

    Nice Castle

  15. 8MoneyIzmyMission8:

    Would have been awesome to see you speed build this piece of art.

  16. VmP SLC:

    Amazing dude, I wish you did a speed build on the whole thing lol

  17. Small Talk Podcast:

    My mind is blown that amazing how long did it take you to compete that

  18. vanisloo:

    A15 DRAWBRIDGE !!!!

  19. Chancy:

    That’s just freaking awesome good work man

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