7 Days to Die Alpha 14 Bunker Speed Build

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Here is a thrown together speed build to show how to go about building your own 50 pillar bunker. After getting so many questions on where to start and how to go about doing it, I thought I would pause from my normal game play to demonstrate a fast way to accomplish this style bunker. I switched over to creative mode to make things go quickly and as smooth as possible, while showing you the best approach. If you watch my play through series, you will see that in single player with vanilla settings, this can be accomplished within the first few weeks in game. If you build this bunker on Alpha 15, make sure you upgrade these pillars to steel, as the cop explosion damage will wreck this style base in no time now. I hope this gives you a better idea of how to approach building such a bunker.
Here is a link to this base in action against the 21 Day Horde
Here is the link for the underneath spike repair system for this bunker
Thanks for watching!

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комментария 33

  1. ErikSixx:

    this should be under video games not bunkers

  2. Paul Rone-Clarke:

    The foundation dig for that third pillar was a beatch though. That happens to me all the time.

  3. ActiveGaming:

    I’m modeling my base after this one and it’s taking forever! Haha I made it a 30m drop and a 25×25 hole. Where did you find your nail gun and auger because the working stiff boxes keep stiffing me!!

  4. Franky Delange:

    What music is playing around 11 mins sounds like a bass guitar with a nice beat

  5. Hugo Lessard:

    I like your music during the video. What is the name of the artists?

  6. Skyler Jr:

    Not a bad build. I have something similar setup. My killing pit is 9x9x10. My storage room is 5 blocks under the pit and is 15x15x4. I had to account for supports as well…

    I’ve been experimenting with 2 block deep spike trenches and kiting the zed around them. It can be fairly effective just don’t get cornered…

  7. Bob Kelly:

    Wish my contractors could move this fast.

  8. Solitus:

    How did you build this without Zed crawling all over you?

    • Mark Le:

      Solitus i tell you. by the time u finish building legit. all your skills and crafting skills are pretty high. i got like 120 skill points when i was done. we got attacked by zombies twice and we brok our legs a lot falling i to the 20 block deep hole.

    • Mark Le:

      Solitus i set the time of day to 18 hours. zombies only came 6 hours a day. my nephew and i took 2 days no cheats all hand tools. ours was not shitty like his. ours was 20 blocls deep 14 x 14

    • Amanoob105:

      More than likely going into the options and setting zombies to «off». And/or playing in ‘creative mode’.

  9. Nekonomable:

    tracks used in this? by order used?

  10. Kings2Hire:

    Hello Um May I Have a Shoutout?

  11. MarcoMr117:

    sound at 26:00?

  12. Grand Spartan:

    Make sure and check out the link provided in the description to see this bunker in action against the 21 Day horde! There will also be a link for the underneath spike repair system for this bunker!

  13. QyBerGaming:

    i found the digging part oddly satisfying…….

  14. Kings2Hire:

    Btw Love You Vides ❤️

  15. Str8EdgeSavior:

    And most importantly don’t forget to make and place a bed of course.

  16. DJ AMTB's Modern Buddhist Youth Remixes:

    looks very workable in the latest version, you can no longer build 30 block high towers that will be stealth to zombies now

  17. TheKraken:

    song at 8:00?

  18. Wouter_Online:

    Damn son…you arn’t my son

  19. Cool Gamer345 video games and vlogs:


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