7 Days to Die Alpha 14 Best Base Defense Design

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There are two designs to check out here. The first is an over sized version for multiple players. The second can be for solo play or as large as you'd like. I encourage you to hang out or in the very least skip to the second base in the video, as I believe it to be one of the most effective uses space and resources. The last point in the video is more of a restoration project we are working on.
Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

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комментариев 35

  1. Captain Athens:

    Can you make a tutorial on your defence base ?

    • Grand Spartan:

      Take a look through my base designs playlist. There are speed builds and a couple tutorials there. For a more enhanced look at how I build these bases, take a look at my Let’s Play Series.

  2. Wyatt Kalinowski Vlogs:

    Any one playing on Xbox if add me ElitePhantom67

  3. Squall0833:

    just sub for tour to 7 days to die world 😛

  4. Jamie Clark:

    what are those spikes called

  5. Quinton Stevens:

    How did you teleport on thee map like that? Me and my group were looking for a way to teleport  like that the other night

  6. Nuky93:

    That must have taken a crazy amount of resources to build. I usually never get further than a reinforced wooden house with some spike ditches around it

  7. jonathan collier:

    I like how he shows you around the hotel like a realtor. lolololol
    «…and uh, yeah, the floors in the lobby are actually made from counter tops. now let me show you upstairs before the zombie hordes flood in here and destroy this place. Also I’d like to put a garden. on the roof…»

    lol priceless.

  8. Dat254dude:

    looking 4 someone who can help out with teaching me the ends and outs of this game on ps4 if ur willing to help just send ur GT and we’ll get to it thanks

  9. WilD JeSTeR:

    Great base design! Enjoying a lot your base building videos. Quite helpful for gathering ideas about how to build my next bases. 🙂

  10. GOATMaury:

    Where do you find a hammer or a nail gun?

  11. Khalid R1:

    Reinforced iron

  12. PeeDeeTee:

    Looks good man!

  13. Joseph Tun:

    Best 7 days to die video and bases i’ve seen so far! great job!

  14. Catalin Nicoara:

    Awesome defens man

  15. Loba Celta:

    I like it! Where did you find the Calipers? I cant find any :/

  16. GermanMacabre:

    Can you make a Eagle’s nest or some sort of WW2 themed base.

  17. Deep Field:

    Fed to the rules and i hit the ground running.

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