7 Days to Die Alpha 14 Base Design

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In this video I highlight the new Space Port, Hell Island, and Bunker build 2.0.
The space base is more or less just a project for fun. At almost 300 days in on the server, we were running out of things to do. Our bases are already structured in a way so that we don't have to worry about zombies or creating new defenses to stave them off.
If you have any questions or comments, even things you'd like to see in upcoming videos, please leave them below.
Thanks for watching!

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комментариев 35

  1. Dayson Mahaffey:

    do you think that they are going to put more guns in the console version of the game?

  2. Saruman The White:

    My god sometimes u say thanks to ur Son for whatever, and then I see the builds. Pray tell how u get ur monetary income? Do you work or have u got some passive income stream or any inheritance? Damn this is the life!

  3. ZodiacSeeks:

    Is this on random gen or navezgane

  4. gamer for life:

    Very nice

  5. Ret The Chef:

    thanks for the ideas man! I took what you have and modified it for me and my crew. great stuff

  6. Robert Rubio:

    how do you find nail gun bro

  7. ARaheem:

    I have an idea, what if we reduce the ways the hordes can get to us? Think of a moderate base but the base should be on elevation and the only way to get to the base should be ramp to boost your minibike into the base? It will eliminate all chances of zombies ever getting into your base and a few lanes of spikes at the bottom should take care of the horde slowly.

  8. SkyxieTV:

    the 2nd level reminds me of halo xD

  9. seb lav:

    wow amasing base bro im very suprise i hope fin nail gun  too

  10. New Age Underground「 黒い炎 」:


  11. Big Killa:

    I’ve never played this game but I will. MAD PROPS TO YOU SIR

  12. Gollammeister:

    im very tempted to buy this for xbox one it looks great

  13. jacob lh:

    Have you seen resident evil 1.Why don’t you make a hive base ? From the movie

  14. RogueBurn:

    I was worried about making the spike pit deep enough to survive a xx day horde. I see from this you have only a four block deep spike pit and survived up until 232 days. I will send pix when I get mine done.

  15. Twinkle toes:

    You can fast travel?

  16. Gollammeister:

    i got the game yesterday great price too i noticed my character walks really slowly and if you die you lose all your items and your clothes

  17. Fish Dip:

    I don’t see it listed. I even try looking on YouTube but can not find  old crow express. Is that not his username or is he not on YouTube?

  18. PRO 7D:

    como es el comando para la teleport ? xq no se ve

  19. straight savage:

    Love your content. Keep it up!

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