7 Days To Die Alpha 14 Base Defense

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Here are a couple of my ideas on base defense design. Having to constantly repair your walls or spike gets a bit tedious.
With these two builds your base maintenance is cut to a minimal. That leaves more time for scavenging and oh yes, KILLING ZOMBIES!!!

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комментариев 27

  1. PreserveBigCats:

    Wow… very nice design. As much as I would love to build this kind of base, it just looks like a lot of work for one person. I guess the auger helps.

  2. Raymond Reed:

    that’s actually a good base

  3. benzgames nbricks:

    who’s watching in 2017

  4. Karl Kaani:

    omg… how many time you spend for building the tunnelsystem??

  5. Solmyr Arkana:

    U are a masochist crazy guy !! But thx it’s really fun to see that !! gg


    Damn, I came here looking for traps tips, but I think I wanna build that base with it! And how do you have so many materials on day 68? I passed dozens of days on a server and the most I had was a reinforced wooden box and some stolen weapons

  7. Llathrum Marine Mechanic:

    Fantastic stuff man =D

  8. Der Eichbert:

    Just one word…WOW! ^^

  9. xIamLx:

    holy guacamole!! @9:27, such buildings!! such amaze, wow!. XD

  10. Mike Jackson:

    PVP defence. try some of that

    • Flippity Floppity:

      pvp was ruined by the constant hackers and the glitches.

    • Grand Spartan:

      +Jonathan Johnson The easiest way to defend on a pvp server is dig a hole in the ground and cover it with dirt/rock/sand, whatever your terrain is in that location, every time you leave the base. I have survived hundreds of days with out ever being detected by other players using that technique. I have had massive underground bases with no worries of anyone ever getting in. I stay above ground for the most part on pve due to the fact that it is pretty boring to just stay underground the whole time.


    Damn. This is awesome man. And I thought I had it going on. Nope u guys should survive forever

  12. Sharlenwar:

    Hey man, amazing design!

  13. Silas Lang:

    This is a nice base but very boring
    Boring to build and boring to defend

  14. Everything90's VLOG:

    can you help me build my base?

  15. Danilo Andrade:

    ur base is awesome xD

  16. Kazoolhu:

    Hey Spartan, I was wonder if could get your opinion, I was thing about doing a 3 by 3 free fall out with a diamond shape tunnel leading up to it, the reason I would like to do a tunnel is so that I can put iron bars on top to shoot down at them, I want to make it a diamond so when some of the glitch out and stand up or take a while to fall I would continuously shoot a dead body without noticing it.

  17. Flippity Floppity:

    even on easy the zombies can fall soooooo fuckign far and not die

  18. Constance Evans:

    This is great. Very good building Ideas. I just may go underground now. I’ve seen other vids where people would go down to bedrock, but I haven’t gone that far down yet cuz it takes sooo long to get down there and back up. Aah, the mini-bike. That’s a lot of ramps. lol 😀


    great video.

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