7 Days to Die Alpha 14 Above Ground Base Defense Design

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Here is a pretty cool design I put together just for fun.
After completing my bunker by day 21, I had no resource sink, so I thought I would create something a bit larger than my standard bunkers. Hope that it might give you some ideas on how to defend structures above ground.
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комментариев 29

  1. Soterion Coil:

    thanks for all the great ideas

  2. ErikSixx:

    this should be under video games not actual bunkers

  3. CRAZYD3MON96:

    Why don’t you upgrade your spikes with reinforced steel they’ll last so much longer?

    • Grand Spartan:

      This was done on Alpha 14 and there was no such thing at that time. You could only upgrade your spikes to scrap then. The steel spikes were not implemented until Alpha 15.

  4. Gamer Trash:

    where is your video for the underground tree farm? that’s a cool design. I was hoping I could build it in my town

  5. mrmactknife:

    Wow, what amazing base, nice work 😉

  6. flamingkitty umad:

    How do you make a wooden base hoard proof? Surround it with a concrete perimeter! Never would of guessed

  7. Foirousman:

    666 like XD

  8. Kian De Winne:

    Can you please do a speed build on this ?

  9. Broadcast John:

    You sound like a smooth jazz musician. I’m enjoying it.

  10. LionYT:


  11. Chilies:

    could you link me to the video with the underground repair spike system?

  12. Vic Cudiamat:

    that’s a lot of wood and concrete

  13. Deogen:

    I love that spike defense system

  14. WilD JeSTeR:

    this is cool, nice job!

  15. Trip_Shock _Die:

    I need help making a base

  16. Tristan S:

    That’s a badass base

  17. 8MoneyIzmyMission8:

    This base looks damn good. You’re kinda like me based on your comment I saw below. This base would be just for show. I’d never want to fight a horde here unless there were several others to help repair and collect loot.

  18. Sevy Favela:

    What are those small pieces of wood you used that are connected to the wood pillars ?

  19. AresDemigod:

    anyone wana make a base xboxone?

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