7 Days to Die | Alpha 13 (a13) | Modding the UI — Adding food and water bar

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You can get the code for this mod at www.rongothebold.com

Huge changes in Alpha 13 for 7 Days to Die and I'm here to help you through the modding possibilities that are now at our fingertips. There are lots of great new features, some of which are listed below. This series will be my attempt at helping you understand modding for this game and just how much you can tweak the game to have it be even better than what the Pimps offer!

Forging and Campfire complete reworked
Water Flow
Zombie de-limbing
Upgrading blocks system, a whole new mechanism
Skills (and level points)
New HD, motion-captured zombies
Map markers
New gui
Hot and Cold weather Survival

Release Notes for A13

Pick up your own copy of 7 Days to Die here:

7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that is a unique mix of First Person Shooter, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games combining combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth.

From the ashes of the 3rd world war rises an unknown virus which transforms the surviving humans into an army of the animated dead, acting as a single-minded being.You play a survivor trapped in the savage zombie infested world of Navezgane County Arizona one of the last true Eden’s on Earth.

Learn more at www.7daystodie.com!

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  1. Kerrik Wolf:

    Very nice, I’m learning a lot. Thanks.

  2. HeavyDemir:

    Thanks for the mod, how to find » simply go into your 7 Days to Die -> Data -> Config -> XUi directory and ….» ?

  3. Psycho:

    Thanks for this tutorial man! I had a vague idea about how to go about this, but your guide saved me a lot of trial and error. Clean stuff

  4. Scorch Slays:

    he made no sence at all

  5. Iris Vansen:

    For some reason my Health,Stamina,Food,And Water Bar is white.I can’t see the icon and the bar.Can someone help me.Im using the one from Rongothebold’s website.

  6. Games4Kickz:

    Nice one Rongo. Will be making use of that 🙂

  7. The Keepers Inc:


  8. Canabal:

    dude buddy guy thank you thank you awesome vid!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Michael L:

    Rongo.. so after watching your video I started playing around with this… and I noted two things that I don’t understand: 1) I can get the food and water to appear, but their colors are red and blue, respectively, though there is no color designation anywhere in the block of code that is different between the two newly added «rect» objects (I’m no programmer, fyi), and nothing is different between «Health» and «Stamina» either, for that matter… and 2) I had the same issue that you noted tangentially with trying to get the player core temp displayed in the same area as food, water, stamina, and health…. it kicks out an error in the console before loading all the way saying the value for PlayerCoreTemp was not found… so how the heck? Did you play around with that any further… myself and a coder buddy of mine are messing with this but haven’t had any luck so far (only having spent about 45 minutes so far).

    • Michael L:

      I actually wound up going with another mod that also puts your core temp, elevation, and some other data on the UI.  It will be interesting to see what Alpha 14 does in terms of the UI.  I’m surprised they haven’t added the option for Celsius yet, among other things.

    • Bert Macklin:

      +Michael L (proslaws)
      Hey Michael you still need help with the tweaking?

    • RongoTheBold:

      +Michael L (proslaws) I played around a bit and was able to do more. But if you go on the forums there are lots of tweaks and new UI skins. I’d check there for a better explanation since I haven’t had time to do more modding.

  10. VapinGamer:

    Finally my screen looks the way I want it to. Thank you so very much for all the tutorials and for all the work you put into making them so amazing. Wish I could like all your videos more than once lol.

  11. StealthFundip:

    Here I’ve been frantically searching for a replacement mod from Kage848’s 13.2 livestream, and I see how simple it is to add this stuff in yourself! Glad to see the coding isn’t as cryptic as other games I’ve worked with.

    I’d like to get the food/water bars half as wide and fit in the same row. Minimalist UI for a PC-only game is good, and I’d like to preserve that.

  12. scabbard56:

    Thanks for this one. Saves much time from having to check it.

  13. xxsydcharlie:

    Thank you! I got your mods from your website!

  14. Muzhi Chen:

    Is there a way to change the color of the bars for Food and Water? I really get used to the old colors which are light blue for water and light green for food. Thanks.

  15. Tizona Amanthia:

    I actually have problems with overheating…I mean, in the desert, that’s one thing, but the leather boots I found have +10 «insulation» I sorta think they should have a higher cold protection, and half as much overheating. I wonder…do you think they made yucca, aloe, and crysanthemum farmable yet? cause red tea being a thing…heh, and honey. I remember people finding those hives in burnt forest houses, and bringing them back to have a stockpile of honey.

    • Tizona Amanthia:

      yeah, I was finding honey in stumps too…it’d be fun if you could farm honey. honestly, I want there to be a «farming» mechanism for the passive animals. like make a lead, harvest grasses to offer them, or corn….and pen them in…breed them, you know all the stuff yo ucan do in minecraft as far as a stable food source!

    • RongoTheBold:

      +Tizona Amanthia They haven’t, but my first version mod pack will have those. Hives are gone now completely, but you can find honey in lots of stumps it seems. It’s actually too easy to get rid of the infection IMHO.

  16. nArturo Usumaqui:


  17. Shiney Stalker:

    You are INCREDIBLE!!! Those stat bars are exactly where I want them to be, I’m going to dl this after the first initial patches are done. Good Job 😀

    • RongoTheBold:

      +Shiney Stalker Thanks. I’m going to work on a more minimalist UI for myself. I’m also really liking the blueish color I picked 🙂


    Looks a lot better the way u done it, so why can’t the pimps done that in the first place its nice and neat and the bars do not get in the way of anything well done

  19. dustrider2003:

    The fridge sound trick didn’t work for me.. i did exactly like you did LOL. *sigh* it will never END!!! LOL..
    anyways.. good video.. the health and water update worked pretty good..

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