6 Minutes of Need For Speed Payback Hijacking Gameplay — E3 2017

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6 minutes of the Need for Speed Payback single player campaign.

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комментариев 67

  1. Trabausius:

    How fast is that truck going, wtf

  2. Hoang Pham:

    «I have played this a couple of times already»—-proceeded to crash almost every 3 seconds and went off road…..#qualitygamingskills@IGN

  3. Lucy:

    will never top most wanted

  4. Rafael Kasabian:

    why bother for a Regera? that’s one fast truck lol

    • Minalinsky:

      Tbh I prefer the truck, the Regera is cool and all, but look at that truck…
      Such a powerhouse, and it is even faster than a racing car…

    • Ian Dabre:

      It was the fov that made it look like it was making sharp turns… Meaning when the truck was in the corner of the screen the fov would stretch making it look like the truck was moving fast… but nonetheless it did look a bit bizarre honestly

    • Dante Rief:

      Rafael Kasabian i completely agree , that truck is more sick LMAO

    • Rafael Kasabian:

      Nathan Long how about the truck making sharp corners at 120 mph , lol, the guy was horrible too

    • Nathan Long:

      Rafael Kasabian the car must be slow and the guy stopped in the middle of the game knowing he would’ve gotten the truck earlier! I seen some fast trucks before just wait until we get them Mercedes electric trucks and see what I’m talking about.

  5. Edson Quinas:


  6. Saspurs211:

    «Improved AI»

    Cars proceed to drive right next to him but do jackshit. Lmao this whole game presentation was awful

  7. The Man Called Sting:

    So basically The Fast And The Furious: Need For Speed Edition? I don’t mind, but if EA wanted to make a Fast and the Furious game, then they should’ve either purchased the rights to make one, or make a new IP or something. But don’t call it Need For Speed.

    • Alejandro Avalos:

      Need for fast and the furious speed

    • IAmBatman1106:

      The Man Called Sting thanks I thought i was going to have to say it. I’m playing the newest one out (need for speed is what it is called) and need for speed and fast and the furious WAS about racing now it’s like GTA now but will no guns.

    • Sabalghoo:

      I don’t see the problem here.
      F&F doesn’t have a monopoly on fast cars, heists and action scenes.

    • Matthew Thomas:

      the sad thing is, Ghost games promised on their website that they were listening to fans about improving on the last NFS and making the next one more ‘authentic’ to the series. Guess that was just a load of BS?

  8. Gaara of the Sand:

    truck making these turns at high speeds and the cars drive like if a brick had wheels. im done with nfs. i want midnight club back.


      Theonenonlyjw it wont never be the same god damn i remember as a kid playing all nfs excited cuz i was getting the new nfs carbon after I played most wanted

  9. Ricky Fangda:

    Fastest truck I’ve seen in my life.

  10. Yato God:

    Fast and the Furious the game.

  11. 倪传历:

    So this is what drunk driving feels like.

  12. BryanFTW13:

    The original Need For Speed Most Wanted for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 will still by far be the best NFS game. *BUT* I’m liking the initiative of an open world NFS game along with a movie like feel to the gameplay in missions.

  13. Mr.Whiskers:

    I didn’t know big rigs can go 110mph on turns lol

  14. Joe Congdon:

    a truck outran a mustang….ha

  15. alexander1485:

    «ive played this a few times, hopefully i wont crash…» the irony

  16. Its Rødæyyy:

    who ever was playing made me cringe

  17. Jeff Amoako:

    need for speed: burnout

  18. o War Cloud o:

    With age I just dont find arcade racers exciting anymore

  19. frizel francis:

    truck is available as dlc

  20. Ryan Royal:

    physics horrible..
    crash animation horrible..
    after you crash the energy the big rig instantly goes infinity & beyond…
    then instead of pulling beside the truck and maybe a mini game balancing the girl.. nope! more CGMUTHAFUCKIN I

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