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3D Dot Game Heroes mixes parody and nostalgia with its interesting gameplay that tugs at my Zelda roots. Alex Faciane joins me for the 3D Dot Game Heroes review!

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A game that did not do too well in sales, but I was happy to see lots of appreciation for it when we played it on Super Beard Bros. 3D Dot Game Heroes is a stylized Zelda game who delivers on great gameplay and dazzles with colors. If you haven’t had the chance to try this game, you’re missing out!

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комментариев 69

  1. Gian Rivera:

    I wish this got published on the Nintendo Switch. It would be amazing.

  2. Jump Smash:

    I am loling Jirard that was top 5 intros ever for this channel.

  3. SquidChild:

    Hey Beardman what do you think of the Nintendo Switch?

  4. Omnicidal Clown:

    Can you do the Shantae games? More specifically Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse?

  5. Dustin Gibbons:

    You won’t believe your eyes….

  6. iiMuffinsaur:

    Alex looks like a ’60s dad.

  7. MasterRJ:

    wooooooow, that opening segment felt so forced, it hurt to watch

  8. TheRcanmeananything:

    Someone got a camera with a higher frame rate.

  9. Sam Vimes:

    So how about playing the best Zelda game, Okami?

    • Zachary Erickson:

      I didn’t really like the NES Zelda games. They are too hard.

    • yakkowarner1990:

      Well, my favorite Zelda games have always been the 2D ones, particularly the original Legend of Zelda for NES, so I guess that was a major influence on me for Neutopia. To each their own, I always say, so its no worries at all.

    • Zachary Erickson:

      I didn’t know the Virtual console had Turbografx-16 games. It is on there apparently. I don’t really see how that is the best Zelda clone, but then again I am more into the 3D Zelda games.+yakkowarner1990

    • yakkowarner1990:

      All I’d know to do then would be to either try to find an emulator, or
      try to get it on the Wii Virtual Console, if that’s still available
      anymore. hope that’s of help, I know how hard the system is to find too

    • Zachary Erickson:

      I don’t even have that console.

  10. cholesterolGamer:

    RIP Alex’s Beard.

  11. Blitzes:

    Did you know? No one cares how early you are! Now you know.

  12. YupPup:

    that into was more long than it was funny

  13. SkiffaPaul:

    I forgot to get the firewand in the fire temple, that’s when i quit, didn’t want to go back to that dungeon and go through all those puzzles again.

  14. MrSuperMario34:

    Dude, that Final Flash homage was the greatest thing ever lololol

  15. gamebent:

    That intro so random. Me laugh hard.

  16. lightfire2012:

    eh honestly the slow mo intro was kinda dumb i couldn’t make out what anyone was saying so i just skipped it. the intro are usually good pls fix this.

  17. Ju Hao:

    Just a tip; if you’re gonna play this amazing game, increase the saturation, makes the game look way better.

  18. Fox Skirata:

    Dragon Ball Z AND Judgement Day references? A+, my dudes. A+. #crassbois

  19. paoto:

    Atlus gets a couple cheeky references to their own properties snuck into this

  20. NIkola Calic:

    I want a pc ralese

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