20 Tips for 7 Days to Die | Alpha 16 Guide 7d2d

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Here are twenty tips to playing 7d2d for beginners and intermediate players. Experienced players will know most if not all of these. I hope you find this useful!

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комментария 32

  1. hemen112:

    Hey I started playing Alpha 16 a few days ago(i have experience from alpha 8 with ocasional breaks) and I can’t seem to find anything in randomly generated worlds.I only find gravel/country paths but no asphalt/main streets which lead to random camps/traders which are not so worth going out for.I would really like to know why the city from 0,0 is not at 0,0 on my world and also why my world lacks anything bigger than a few tents with a campfire.I am really lacking lootable schematics and resources since all of my stuff has to be made from scratch and gathered only from pure nature everywhere.What is this?I want to have fun exploring, I was like»umm, no roads?then there must be some connected to the central city, let me go find some» guess what, no central city and no roads…I hope you can give me some advice, either I’m very unlucky to not find anything, either my random gen is bugged for some reason or either they removed the cities from random gen/made them EXXXTREMELY rare.

    • Motorcycle Addict:

      Random gen is exactly that. Either make a new seed, use an existing one, play navezgane or explore more in your current one. Navezgane isn’t as big as random gen but it feels a lot more «natural».. However there are some really cool seeds out there too!

  2. ColonelEviscerator:

    I was hoping for more advanced tips, but good vid. It’s always helpful to have the basics down for new players.

  3. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis:

    You’re making 20 tips and tricks not a guide. Jesus time consuming

  4. Abusivesquirrel:

    club the birds when they are low

  5. TheWaywardPooch:

    Great video! Straight to the point. Learned a few new tricks. Thanks!

  6. BillyTwinkle:

    You get short run pipe from breaking down toilats.

  7. Cuthred Pyrdain:

    Great basic guide! Only thing you left out was that you can break toilets for short iron pipes. Happy Hunting 🙂

  8. JanezZki:

    claw hammer is better for upgrading and building than wrench

    • Andrew Hooven:

      nail gun upgrades things incredibly fast

    • Pitstop Head:

      Yeah, the wrench is good for take apart cars though and the hammer can’t do this, so I tend to keep the wrench handy.

    • Nathan Pierce:

      JanezZki I’m actually not a fan of the nail gun for building. Goes way too fast and I end up upgrading the wrong things. But for repairing a shitload of log spikes, it does help out a lot.

    • bellzub:

      Nail gun is the fastest but you can’t get it as early as the wrench or the claw hammer. you can also use the wrench to take apart office chairs (the one with wheels) and get part from them or if you find an abandon workbench then you can take it with you.
      I prefer the hammer for building/upgrading (until I can get a nail gun) but I always have a wrench in base just in case.

  9. Diana Haruno:

    so is the underground plummet spike pit from high elevation to bedrock still a great tactic? It worked forever in A15.

  10. Your Video Games Friend:

    Thanks for this! I’ve watched a bunch of tips videos and this one had a lot I’d details the others lack.

  11. lewiqe:

    Lol. @ 2:54 you sound if you were really trying to jump!

  12. Geoff Reimer:

    I was wondering what happened to the shingle block! You need to use a paint brush now :). Very informative video!

  13. dwb:

    Is there a list that shows what tools are good for what? Such as, Fireaxe is good for, BLAH, and pickaxe is good for, BLAH

    • jane millar:

      hanzo52281 tool safe you can use pickaxe. Takes it out a lot quicker. Although people use sledgehammer with breaking and entering perks now and you slowly level up blunt at the same time.

    • hanzo52281:

      Would like to know this as well, I am still using stone axe for gun safes since I don’t want to damage the wrong rarer tool.

  14. Kormai:

    Missed one thing that you didnt mention but i think ios important (might have missed it). If you scrap raw ireon you get 3 iron if you melt raw iron in the forge you get 5 iron). same works for alot of other iron items

  15. Nathan Pierce:

    In order to make a cement mixer and concrete mix, you need to get the skills using skill points.

  16. makz524:

    i never use spikes. you lose too much xp and resources with spikes and it takes all of your time to make and maintain them.

  17. BlackFire Forge:

    Thanks this video was great! My question is if zombies fall or walk over the log spikes, do they continue to take damage? I had zombies on horde night fall into my log pit o’ death and they just kept crawling around on the spikes and didn’t die

  18. Kellen Anthoney:

    You can also use the workbench to double your workload. You can craft simple items in the workbench, AND you can craft some of the same items in your inventory, making some bulk items twice as fast.

  19. K3VIN jackson:

    you dont need a schematic for the wrench you just need a workbench with some steel and mechanical parts…

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