15 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Need For Speed Payback

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In this video, we're going to take a look at fifteen things that have us quite excited about Need for Speed Payback. Without further ado, let's get right into it.




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комментариев 90

  1. Kazuma Kiryu:

    I’m so getting this game

    • The Truth:

      Dan Jones exactly this game is for people who dont have a life love repetition. Waste of money. Good job EA way to turn console games into to a playstore game

    • Apostolis Frg:

      Dude there is no online free roam

    • H.Cruzz10:

      Kazuma Kiryu well you have to get used to micro transactions because every single game will have that in it. So unfortunate that this is what gaming has turned in to

    • Dan Jones:

      I preordered, big mistake. Really repetitive and cringy story. So much grind, by grind i mean redoing the same race again and again and again or travrlling around the eintire map just to buy those shitty speed cards. And the multiplayer, the reason i bought the game, is by far the worst multiplayer ever…. no car balancing, a Regera level 399 can race a shitty level 100 car.. boring for both… no drag, pursuit or drift online.. basically half the game gone.. honestly don’t get it. Fucking terrible.

  2. Stalin Valdez:

    Did he just say 2012 most wanted was the last good NFS?

  3. Bigbad Crawford:

    Are those shipments the games answer to loot boxes? The offline element is a positive but I am wary of EA. What they give with one hand they usually brass knuckle fist you with the other


      Bigbad Crawford i have the game and honestly the game is enjoyable without shipments, shipments are only necessary for vanity items(neon,coloured smoke) etc, and anyway you get a lot of shipments for normal game activities like leveling up. I must say they balanced it very well, by making it in a way that if someone spends money on it, they will not have an unfair advantage. In my opinion this is one of the need for speed ever made?

    • Thomas Magut:

      Prohit marker 6 maybe

    • KingAtakan65:

      Prohit marker seems like they removed the good things and tried to improve the bad things lmao

    • Prohit marker:

      KingAtakan65 yeah ikr it’s starting to feel like they removed everything that was good from NFS 2015 -_-

    • KingAtakan65:

      Prohit marker I just checked too, can‘t find anything. Would make sense if they would add this function afterwards though, even the 2015 NFS had it

  4. Merky Beam:

    I have no more enthusiasm for any E.A related games anymore. I know that gameplay is going to be spoilt by micro transaction / loot box greediness.

    • BobbyAlienKiller 248:

      Casper Röseby I will probably buy it soon, the only car game I play is horizon 3 and it will be amazing to finally «be back» playing a need for speed game. My favorite is still undercover

    • Casper Röseby:

      I think its great, customization is fantastic, handling is very fun and and improved compared to the last game (coming from someone used to forza handling) and the open world is really big and seems like it has alot to offer. My only complaint would be that there isnt cops in free roam but i feel like this will be added in a future update knowing ghost games history. All and all this a great step in the right direction and truly feels like a modernised version of the good old nfs games. Progression is extremely good compared to what is availble today!

      The main complaints i see seems to be microtransactions (previously adressed this^^), the handling and the story. Handling is obviously subjective but i find it fun. The story is exactly like you would expect it to be not great (so far, im only 1 chapter in) but better than last game. Basicly everyone is mad about EA putting their name on the game but know nothing about it.

    • BobbyAlienKiller 248:

      Casper Röseby is the game good?

    • Casper Röseby:

      The Infamous The shipment are as easy to get as spins in forza horizon, besides they dont really include anything signifigant (small ammounts of cash, horns, colored nos, colored smoke etc). And these are the ONLY microtransactions in the game as far as i can tell.

      Source: 7 hours of playing the game.

    • PolarPunda:

      The Infamous lmao speed points are in game currency

  5. Jayden Hussey:

    I prefer playing as an unknown character that I can name this makes me me feel like i have been going from city to city trying to become the worlds most wanted


    All i wanted was a new skate 4

  7. Clorox Bleach:

    I’m really hyped! Hope it’s good.

  8. NonkungSPYDER:


  9. BlackPanthaa:

    Says Rivals was enjoyable, click off lol

  10. blksmith351:

    No! It’s dead because they don’t listen. We want Most wanted (2005) with new cars, updated graphics with Underground’s customizing

  11. Hamako64:


    Jesse- «What up guys. Thank you for having me, EA. If you guys on’t know who I am, my name is Jesse Wellens and I’m a Youtube creator…..Sooo….I’m here…..tooooo……talk about……Need For Speed…..Ummmm……Payback…..Uhhh…..if you guys didn’t know Nee for Speed Payback…….I’m bah umm………(wait for audience applause)……..Yes great game! But, alright……All said aside…….I’m a Youtube creator, Neefspeed Payback, scomin out. I got my boi Marcus exekative producer here. He is… the producer of the game. Thank you (now call him Nih to disarm the audience) for havin me.

  12. PC Techbot:

    3 playable characters — Inspired from GTA V


    Can’t believe that, in a way or the other, the developers of NFS managed to make games until 2015 without putting a day/night cycle in a single game lol. Didn’t Rivals have one? Most Wanted 2012?

  14. TheSco415city:


  15. Keyaan Mystic:

    I disagree with several of your points. Need for speed is not at it’s best when it’s in open world. That has nothing to do with how good a game is. The story and the game play itself is a huge factor along with game mechanics and even online made the game pretty solid and enjoyable as a whole. Again, a large map has nothing to do with how fun/playable a game is.

    A day and night cycle also has nothing to do with how good or playable a game is. Need for speed had always focused on the cars and the racing and various other missions you could take part in.

    I had a need for speed game that had a mode where you could drive around without anything to do and I found that quite enjoyable. It was nice for me to just drive around in free mode, listening to some nice songs that I liked.

    • theangryemonerd:

      He meant open world as of racing. Which I do agree. Back in the day we had underground 2 and midnight club 3 as the only open world racers. Nfs still continues with that so obviously its one of the few racing games that has open world so yes. He isn’t lying

    • Jonathan Wrisley:

      It’s obvious you have no idea what youre talking about, and are not apart of the core NFS community.

    • Mason J.:

      Ornstein the DragonSlayer considering I’m an Xbox player I haven’t played either of those

  16. Vanix Z Productions:

    Dude… Did you even do your research?! Dissapointed. You got so many points wrong. Cop chases are only activated by crates, there’s was day/night cycles In 2012 and rivals, open world doesn’t mean the game is at its best, some of the best need for speed games to date were closed tracks and that opinion is based on the true fans of the game. Just because the map is big doesn’t mean it will be fun. Sure, it most likely will be if they have tons of activities but as much as a need for speed fan as I am, I think you’re over-hyping it.

    • Affro Mac:

      diamondheat9 They’re barely even worth to mention about the game.

    • diamondheat9:

      +Affro Mac I won’t deny the chases were bad but they were chases so the presenter is still wrong for saying they were absent

    • Affro Mac:

      diamondheat9 They might as well be absent. If your car was going fast enough, the chase literally lasts like 10 seconds.

    • Suractul 31:

      Hey…i know this is ur opinion…but….its his aswell

    • Vanix Z Productions:

      Alinea Euros agreed. I read up on the physics of the drifting and it turns out that it was described as being «magnatized» so when drifting, you wearnt gripping to the street, you were gripping to an invisible force that connected to the walls which explains why if you used the handbrake on the middle of a drift, it would swerve you into the opposite wall because the game assumes you want to drift the other way causing the physic «magnets» to connect you to the opposite side. Dissapointed

  17. BrechtXT:

    Day and night cycle for the first time? MW12 and Rivals were good games? Police chases were excluded from NFS15? Story is the last thing a racing game needs? Really?

    • theangryemonerd:

      BrechtXT its kinda true. There hasn’t been a game with a depth story. The crew? It was awful. Underground 1 was just based on making it to the top next to 2 and most wanted. Racing games truly dont need a story.

  18. Devin Goodson:

    They forgot to add big boobs and girls
    They forgot the Lexus ISF , LFA , RCF

    • SuperSonic Swift:

      Lexus and Toyota’s won’t be added because of licensing issues. If you saw a car that looks like Toyota 86, it is Subaru BRZ.

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